Monday, March 05, 2007

Don't Be A Team Player! Play With Me!

Oh, goodness. I have to admit that I actually just said that to one of my friends at a work reception.

We had two receptions, at the first of which I got tipsy on one glass of wine. And so, when colleagues who were obligated to go to the second reception were pressuring Steve with, "C'mon! Be a team player!" I burst out with...

"Don't be a team player! Play with me!"

OK, so the truth is, I have had too many nice glasses of California Cabernet, and not enough sleep, nor enough to eat. And so I am blogging without my wits about me. It's probably not judicious, but yay - I have both Internet access and middle of the night, uninterrupted time! And so here I am!

I'm still in San Diego. Coronado, actually. We have another half day of conference and then I fly out tomorrow.

I had totally forgotten how exquisitely beautiful it is here. The sun is glorious. The water is gorgeous. The vegetation is weird and tropical, like that of my childhood. And the men - oh, yum. I've been out running in the mornings, and so have they. All these fit, clean cut, and did I say fit?, Navy men.

Soon I will have pics of the super fun flowerdy toenails. And my thoughts on my favorite differences between San Diego and DC. And the scoop on seeing Axel and his Teutonic family.

But for now, I'm exhausted and tipsy and must sleep, so this is all I've got. I'm well but tired. These conferences make me kind of hate people. I'm out of patience. I'm not a team player. When I drink too much wine I have no filter. And I am willing to run farther than my fitness level just to follow hot (hot!) men.

But I bet you knew that already.


  1. Run, Lisa, Run!

  2. It's not called "America's Finest City" for nuthin'!! :) Enjoy those Navy men! They're hot!!

  3. That's a phrase I would never be opposed to hearing from a pretty girl like yourself. ;-)

  4. Fitness level be damned! Navy men are worth it. Sneak a peek for me. You make me laugh.


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