Saturday, August 11, 2007

Breakfast of champions

Is starting a random Saturday with coffee and Cool Ranch Doritos categorically a bad thing? I dunno.


  1. The Doritos are fine, as long as they aren't one of the crazy new flavors like 'Wild White Nacho' or 'X-13D'.

    Coffee on the other hand...


  2. Not categorically. And you can repair the damage with the magical health effects of M&Ms.

  3. Not necessarily. I think that all depends on what else resided in your fridge at the time. Did you choose the best possible breakfast of champions? Or did you forgo eating licorice and a bloody mary in favor of your choice. It's all realtive, but personally I think that leftover pizza and a latte constitutes my own personal breakfast of runner-ups.

  4. VVK - Wild White Nacho sounds intriguing, actually. And I'm about to head for a little more coffee. :)

    DCup - Oh, thank you for reminding me of the magical properties of M&Ms!

    SL - My fridge is appalling. Lots of alcohol, OJ, a stalk of broccoli, almond milk, and some condiments. If I'd had cold pizza I would've been delighted.

  5. considering when I was in high school, my breakfast of champions was a cheese roll and a dr. pepper, I think your breakfast choice is excellent!

  6. what are doritos made of? corn. what are cornflames made of? corn.
    what is in cool ranch? sour cream, a dairy product.
    what do you pour over your corn flakes? milk, a diary product.

    you have simply consolidated everything into a single salty bite.

  7. i meant cornflakes!

  8. Are you doing the Pepto-Bismol dance yet?

  9. No, it's not.

    In fact, it's .00547% of one's breakfasts are supposed to be exactly that.

    Rock ON.

  10. Cool Ranch Doritos?!?

    You write about these nice little eateries in DC, and I'm like, "Cool, must be a foodie." And now Doritos?

    Can I turn in my Lemon Gloria membership in for a refund?

  11. AT - Cheese roll and Dr. Pepper scares me a little.

    JWM - Thank you for enabling me! And cornflames sound more interesting than corn flakes, actually.

    G&D - Shockingly, I felt good all day!

    Rich - Thanks!

    ES - Sorry to say I have very prosaic taste in food. Yes, I'll give you a full refund.


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