Sunday, August 26, 2007

If you say it, you have to do it

So if you say you are going to call me tomorrow - tomorrow being today, Sunday, which, at the moment, we are almost at the end of, and you don't. . .Then I have to think either: 1. You're not that into me; and/or 2. You're unreliable; and/or 3. Actually, those are the only options I can think of. Unless you got hit by a bus. Which I bet you didn't.

So, when you contact me later in the week, which I imagine you'll do, because we get along really well and your friends like me. And why would you introduce me to your friends immediately if you didn't like me? And why do I actually care, when I barely know you? And what's the point? I don't know.

I mean, I sort of know. And I sort of don't. Because my friend had a rooftop party which I went to this evening. And it was fun. And I spent a good portion of the evening flirting. And maybe drinking these crazy infused vodkas that he'd experimented with. Note: mango - excellent. Watermelon - refreshing. Lavender - much like drinking the sachet in your grandmother's closet. Best avoided.

But anyway, I assumed that when I checked my messages on my way out, there would be one. And there was not.

So at that point, whenever it is, meaning the point of contacting me, if I've lost you at this point. . .At that point, I will have to say that I have come to the conclusion that guys who disappoint me very early on will only really disappoint me later.

Even though I am pretty certain you're a good guy. And so we can be friends, because you're cool and you make me laugh and I didn't actually know what I thought - which is why I wouldn't really do much more than kiss you - but I thought I could probably like you. Like, a lot more than I would tend to admit to. So we can be friends.

Or we can be nothing. But not in a bad way. Since, really, we are not so much in each others' lives. At all.

Because seriously. Texting me right after I see you is cute. But superfluous. You never have to say, "I'll call you tomorrow." But if you say it, you have to do it.

Don't you think?


  1. I agree. you say you'll call at a certain time, then i expect you to call at that time. if you say tomorrow, i expedct tomorrow. this week, thats flexible and therefore you could call tomorrow or wednesday. but set expectations that you intend to maintain. that's all i want.

  2. In a word. Yes. Call. Even if yu can't talk long, call and say "Hi" and make an excuse.

  3. Yes. Absolutely. I can't stand it when ANYONE doesn't do what they say. Reliability builds trust.

  4. "I have come to the conclusion that guys who disappoint me very early on will only really disappoint me later."

    I wish I thought of things like this more often. And yes, if you say it, you have to do it.

  5. SL - Exactly. That's all I want as well.

    DCup - Right. We don't need to talk for more than a minute. You just have to call if you say you will.

    PJ - I didn't think about that, but that's what it comes down to.

    Dagny - It's a recent realization. But I think it's always the case.

    Jojo - Thanks.

  6. I have a friend who was dealing with this all week. He finally called on Saturday - and then geto another call and said he'd call right back, and didn't until the following night. She spent all weekend worried about it. I knew he'd call eventually - but still - he set her up! SO not cool.

  7. you are funny, lady. funny cuz its true.

    this reminded me of that part in When Harry met Sally where he keeps calling her (on her landline, omg pre-cellphones!) but she won't pick up:

    If you're there please pick up the phone, I really want to talk to you. The fact that you're not answering leads me to believe that you're a) Not at home. b) Home, but don't want to talk to me. Or c) Home, desperately want to talk to me, but trapped under something heavy. If it's either a) or c) call me back.

  8. MI - No, so not cool. That's such impolite behavior. To me the implication is that he doesn't particularly respect her.

    kate.d - Thanks! SUCH a great quote! And such a great movie!

  9. Absolutely,sweetie!
    Guys, friends, it goes for everyone.


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