Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm pretty sure this goes in the Men Are From Mars category

Let me just start by saying that I love a man with power tools just as much as the next person. Maybe even more.

Just so you know.

We got our invitations from the printer on Friday.

I will definitely take pics to post. I have to say, these invitations are really cool. I feel like I can say this because Maria designed them. I can't take any credit.

Each invitation is three layers, like a little booklet. To bind them, you need to poke holes and then sew thread through.

I paid for the design and printing, knowing that I could put them together nicely with the help of a couple friends.

Friday night I devoted to hole punching. I don't know if you've ever punched little holes into three layers of card stock? Two holes per invitation, 80 invitations, so. . .160 holes?

I have a great one-hole punch. It's strong and works well. (And yes, I realize how dorky that just sounded. I have a great one-hole punch? I carried a watermelon.)

But anyway. Much lining up of the cards. Much precise hole punching. Super tedious.

Nick was out of town when the invitations arrived, and so when we were talking that evening I told him about the hole-punching task that lay ahead of me.

"Sweetie! You don't need to do that. I know a much better way to do this!"

Nick's suggestion?

To clamp them all together. And then drill though them. He has a great power drill! It would be so quick! He could use a small bit! Two holes drilled and then done! So much time saved!

Drill holes. Through our wedding invitations.


Because, just, no.


  1. I carried a watermelon. That is hysterical...I love it.

    I think you should drill away. At some point, it will be one of the great wedding stories that will get passed down from generation to generation. Sorta like my Dad stopping to take pictures of the snow on the way to the hospital when my mother was in labor with me. Umm...what?

  2. I silently screamed No! No, no, no! while reading. Sweet of Nick to offer a solution. But, I'm with you. No.

    Thank heavens for your whole-punch Lisa. The invitations sound lovely.

  3. hahahahaha
    your fiance is hilarious

    and the watermelon comment? i don't get it. i've reread that line like 10 times now and i just don't get it. i've come to the conclusion that it's either an inside joke or i've got a mental block on in and just keep reading it wrong over and over. oh well.

  4. Ryane - Hahahaha - your dad did NOT stop to take pictures of the snow on the way!

    Too late for the drill. They're all punched. Maria said a drill would chew them. She was really worried when I told her about his idea.

    HKW - Thank you for your silent screaming support. Can you imagine? No no and more no. And I'm so excited to show them to you guys! They are pretty! Maria did an amazing job.

    notsojenny - He really is. :) and the carried a watermelon is from Dirty Dancing, if you've ever seen it. Jennifer Grey goes to this party and on the way she's given a watermelon to carry up the steps. She sees Patrick Swayze and gets all nervous and blurts out "I carried a watermelon." - thus demonstrating how completely not cool she is. I rarely know movie lines but it's one of the ones that stuck.

  5. Just the thought of the drill and all those invitations made me suck in my breath. But, you gotta love the manly fix-it powers at work.

  6. Quoting the obscure lines from movies is way more fun than quoting the ones everyone knows. My best friend is always finding ways to use, "Was your face burned by acid or something?" which goes to show you, there still are a few lines in Princess Bride nobody knows.

    I also have to say that you and Nick actually seem to come from the same planet because each of you is totally proud that you have the just the right tool for the job. In your own minds, at least...

  7. yea, my face looked super confused when i read drilling. i like tools as much as the next enginerd but certainly not on wedding invitations!!! thank god he wasn't there are the beginning of the process!

  8. What you need here is not simply the proper drill bit but the pneumatic clamp with the interlocking drill functionality. The more power tools the better.

    (not for you, Lisa, but for the humor impaired, yes I am kidding)

  9. Oh, boys. They do mean well.

    And I love you for the Dirty Dancing reference.

  10. I love Nick!

    But you're absolutely right. No.

  11. I was right there with notsojenny, all huh? whu? watermelon?? And I've seen that movie! More than once! So thank you for the explanation. :)
    And, oh man, the drilling -- I can just see the sad mangled invitations. Any clamp strong enough to make it work would no doubt leave a mark.. still, how sweet of him to want to save you some time!

  12. I think the drill would have worked, as long as the bit was sharpened enough. Though you would have needed some powerful clamping to keep the paper from slipping against each other.

    That said, instead of a drill, I would have suggested another magical tool... the Two Hole Punch... or even more awesome in its leveraging hole punching action, the adjustable, heavy-duty multi-hole punch. Who doesn't want one of these:
    Swingline Lever-Handle Heavy-Duty Hole Punch

  13. I carried a watermelon!


    So awesome.

  14. eleanorstrousers - I know - all that chewed paper. Ha, yes, I do love the manly fix-it powers!

    Alex - Hahaha! Yes! And you nailed it - we are both very proud of our respective approaches to the job.

    mrsmac - I think I'm a secret enginerd (a term I've never heard but love) except without the math skills.

    RestaurantRefugee - I adore you! More tools! With fancycomplicated names!

    Lemmonex - Thank you! :)

    DCup - I love him, too! And no. Just no.

    A.S. - I love how you put that - "sad mangled invitations" - and yes, imagine the clamp marks. Sweet thought, but no.

    VVK - You have NO idea how much I like stuff like this. Awesome.

    Slightly Disorganized - Thanks :)!

  15. Loved the I carried a watermelon reference! And the No. Because, just, no.


  16. LOL!!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUS

    Drilled invites. Nice. At least he was trying to help.

  17. Yeah, I probably would have been like "okay! yay! do it!"

    And then I would have cried when they looked awful.

    ps- yours is the only blog that when I've been a little absent from blogging, I go back and read through every single post.


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