Monday, May 11, 2009

If I could solicit your opinions on baby stuff stuff stuff

So Betty and I spent a chunk of Mother's Day at Babies R Us. Which I firmly believe to be one of the most overwhelming, dreadful places in the universe.

We left exhausted.

Maude's mom is very kindly going to throw a shower for me, and so, before invitations are sent, I need to register. This is all going to happen soonsoon, and Betty was up for going yesterday, so we did.

Plus on Friday one of my colleagues was all, "What do you mean you haven't already ordered your crib and matching furniture and don't you know you need to do that 12 weeks in advance and oh, honey, have you really not done anything about registering?"

I get all deer in headlights in that kind of situation. I just shook my head no. And thought, oh, clearly I'm the most disorganized pre-mother on this planet and crap do I need to get on the ball.

I slunk back to my desk feeling all bad about myself.

And then I remembered - I don't even want a fucking matching bedroom set! For the boy or myself or anywhere!

Really, I just need, well, what I need. But how to figure that out?

So back to Babies R Us.

If you've never been in one of these places, it's just this big, enormous, huge (yes, redundancies abound) store filled with scads and scads of baby stuff. There are 54 different kinds of everything. You cannot actually need one of each of these.

So I'd look to my mother. And Betty kept shrugging, saying, "Well, when you were a baby in India, we had a crib - the only crib we could get, and cloth diapers, and some clothes."

So she has no idea either.

And so you wander, zombie-like, from aisle to aisle.

And you're all, do we need this? I don't know, what do you think? Maybe. Sure. So, then, what kind? How many?

We were like this in aisle after aisle after aisle.

I want a BabyBjorn, that I know. But then they have four different kinds. Which one of those do I want? Dunno.

Same with diaper bags.

Same with strollers.

And practically everything.


It was a total relief when we happened across bedding. Sheets? Sure, we need sheets! Straightforward! Finally!

Tejal gave me a copy of Baby Bargains, and I've read a couple sections. But it's the kind of thing that overwhelms me as well. So much information. And I forgot to bring it yesterday.

So we made some choices, figuring everything can be changed, and I can add whatever online.

And then we fled.

Then this morning I realized that I have a spectacular resource available!

A number of you have had babies. You know what you liked, what you loved, what worked, what was just a total waste of money.

So what I was hoping was that you'd be willing to weigh in on things you think are absolutely essential, and brands that you've loved, and features of things you've loved. And what you think is absolutely pointless.

And things of that nature. And any other thoughts you feel like sharing.

If you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. great link:

    also, I remember another website that rated everything ,but will need to track it down. don't sweat it ok? will work on it, hugs, sophie

  2. i heard the baby bjorn only works for newborns, and you might be better off with an Ergo baby carrier (last and fit longer).

    stroller: if you are doing any off-roading, or want to jog/bike w/ the baby, Chariot Cougar stroller.

  3. Sadly, I have no advice for you as to the usefulness of the stuff. But I did help my single-mom friend register last summer, and it was an exhausting ordeal. I feel your pain (and confusion).

    Actually, I do have advice. Buy way more of those sheets (and clothes than you think you will ever need). My friend is constantly complaining about the amount of laundry she is doing.

    On second thought, maybe you just need to hire a handsome, strapping young lad to do your laundry.

  4. I know that my sister *loved* her pack-n-play, but didn't use the changing table that attaches to it.

    She also wound up buying extra onesies that would accommodate the umbilical/bellybutton area - extra long-sleeved ones, because the babies were more easily chilled than she thought they'd be.

    I think the best advice that I could offer, based on my observations, is that you don't want to register for too many specific things. Gift cards are a blessing, once the baby gets home and you begin to figure out what you really want. And since you'll have plenty o' volunteers to run out and fetch things for you... that's probably a good way to go. :o)

  5. try this.

    the one thing I would recommend is cloth diapers, they even have services if you don't want to do the washing yourself.

    are you transit or always car? if transit, use a cheap stroller, smaller can fit in spaces better and easier to carry up the stairs in case elevator is out. the monster SUV Hummer stroller is only useful for walking around the block. may be difficult to fit in car trunk also.

  6. No, no, no! Don't buy more clothes than you think you'll need! I always hear how babies outgrow their clothes so fast, they never get to wear all their outfits.

    Also, clothes should be bought bigger than you think you'll need. You're much better off loading up on stuff for 6 months size than for newborns. (Again, they grow fast, and some babies are born already past the newborn size.)

    My sister swears by this: it gave her hours of free time since the baby could just entertain himself jumping jumping jumping (I have 3 nephews), while she cooked dinner, etc.

    A lot of moms swears by those baby bouncers to put babies to sleep (I think they vibrate).

    A Diaper Genie is another must-have.

    Ok, this is the limit of my baby experience :)

  7. Oh, the Boppy is another thing I've heard people swear by.

    And I agree about the "SUV" strollers -- my sister had one and she used it once. The cheap no frills one is the one she used all the time since it was easy putting in and out of the car, not as heavy to move around when carrying the baby, etc.

  8. I would highly recommend a diaper bag from Lands End. Extra spacious, sturdy, and lots of pockets. I was able to put my stuff and baby's stuff in it which meant I didn't have to juggle a purse AND diaper bag. They come with a changing pad so if you are in public you don't have to lay the baby down on a germy surface. They also have a plastic pouch for wet or dirty clothes.

  9. I scored most of my baby gear from a friend who was leaving Oahu -- she sold me her crib, stroller, baby swing, tons of blankets and sheets, crib bedding, etc. I didn't have matching furniture or a "theme" for the nursery, and miraculously, Zeke survived.

    I used a Graco travel system stroller. Bought the stroller second hand, but bought the car seat that clicks in new, because those have expirations dates. I still use the stroller (only Zeke doesn't ride in the car seat attachment anymore, he's too big), and I'll use it plus the car seat when the Joey is born.

    Diaper Genie is a must, I agree with previous commenter.

    Cloth diapers are perfect burp cloths, and also wipe up spit up, poop, and whatever else baby produces.

    Tons of people gave me crib mobiles, and I found them to be useless and annoying. Better to invest in a white noise machine -- Zeke still sleeps to the sound of the ocean or a babbling brook.

    I would get a baby swing -- babies find it soothing. Zeke would nap for hours in his.

    I have no brand loyalty when it comes to stuff like butt paste -- zinc oxide is zinc oxide, no matter the packaging. Same with wipes. I buy the generic Target brand.

    Get a baby monitor -- I think audio is sufficient. Some people get the kind that has a camera/video monitor, but I never found that necessary.

    If baby has bad diaper rash, here's a recipe for magic butt paste that cures all:

    1 part regular diaper cream
    1 part lotrimin (anti-fungal) cream
    1 part hydrocortisone cream

    mix and apply liberally to baby tushy.

    I would also get a glider (one of those rocking chairs that glide back and forth with matching ottoman). Jason or I would rock Zeke to sleep every night, and we still use it for reading to him or for just sitting with him when he's upset and needs to calm down. I think I got one for $100 at KMart, and then recovered the cushions with fabric that I picked out at a sewing store.

    For bath, you can get one of those foam pads for baby to lie on that keeps him from sliding around. Normal towels dry babies off as well as baby towels.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

  10. My hubby and I did everything we could to NOT register at babies r us. But, unfortunately everyone around us scared the hell outta us for thinking we could get away w/ not registering there. It is hell on earth. It's like going to Wal Mart in a po-dunk town. Where do the people come from? I recommend going on a Sunday morning right when they open. It makes it bearable!!

    I've had to get a lot of advice on what to get, but the one thing I took on myself and spent entirely too much time researching were strollers. I wanted one stroller - not 2 or 3. It just seemed so silly/wasteful to have so many. I wanted one that I could jog w/, put the car seat in when she's a newborn and one that was compact. I found one that met all that criteria, had the best reviews around from normal people and you can even add a little thingy under it for a 2nd child so if you have kiddos close together you don't have to have a ginormous twin stroller. It's the Phil & Ted's Sport.

    That's all I got - I'm selfishing excited about this post. Can't wait to read all the advice!

  11. I don't have a baby, but apparently they like these:

    Bumbos are supposed to be "it"

  12. I used, used, used cloth diapers as durping clothes, spitup clothes. I had one slung over my shoulder or bag at all times! You can never have too many.

  13. I don't have a baby, but apparently they like these:

    Bumbos are supposed to be "it"

  14. This really helped me with my little man (some have already been listed):

    loads of burp cloths (they spit. a lot lot lot.)

    a baby carrier (we had a sling-like german thingy, but the ergo carrier worked well for a friend of mine and you can use it for a long time)

    lots of comfy clothes, specifically onesies, long sleeved because they do get really cold, and yes, please buy the big sizes. one: they look so cute in big clothes and two: they grow so quickly in the beginning. The pretty outfits you will get as gifts from famly and friends, hold off on those things.

    I can highly recommend a bassinet (next to the usual crib/bed) so you can push the wee one around the apt to where you are at the moment, including the bathroom when you need to shower but want to have an eye on him. This was my experience. Don't get a huge one so it fits through the doorways.

    Diaper Genie ist a perfect choice as well.

    We also chose a changing table that's high enough to accomodate both of us, otherwise you will be crunching down the whole time when changing and hurt your back. We had the board along the height of the belly button so you could change very comfortably without having to bend over.

    We had a lot of "Moltont├╝cher" (which apparently translates to molleton or hush/silence cloth) in which we wrapped the baby tightly so he would feel as if he was still in the womb. Worked well for him going to sleep. Blankets work as well.

    Hats. Many cute little woolen hats. Babies get so cold when they are suddenly out of the belly, the hats keep the warmth in.

    nursing pillow, not only for nursing (if you choose to) but to position the baby while sleeping, keep him from rolling off beds/sofas (it happens, trust me) and such. And it's really comfy toward the end of your pregnancy, you can put the belly on top when sleeping on the side, throw your legs on top when your feet are swollen and so on...

    Hope I was able to help, I know there are a million helpful things and items you simply must have, but it really depends on your baby and your needs, I am sure you will have everything you need.

  15. i have no baby of my own but i'm a tremendously involved aunt to many a baby (blood or not). i also didn't read the comments left above but one of the things i've seen people get, not having a clue they'd ever need it, is this little net thing. you can put bananas in it and the kids can eat them without a choking hazard... it's called "baby safe feeder". of course they can't use this right away but it'll be VERY handy around 6 months.
    the other things i've seen that were totally used until they couldn't be used any more are bottle brushes, the dishwasher baskets (for all those little parts that need to be cleaned) and the baby sling... i know most people use the Bjorn but the sling is really awesome too! especially for infants, they can curl right up in there and sleep all warm and snug while you shop or clean around the house of whatever... i can't wait to need one!

  16. okay here ges!

    carseat. i liked the graco snugride with base. after that i recommend the britax marathon or the fisher price safe voyage (cheaper version of the marathon).

    strollers. i recommend the snugrider to go with the infant carseat at first. do not get a travel system. then i recommend a maclaren umbrella stroller- those are so worth the money. i think the techno can be used from infancy. i have the quest sport. and finally, since you like to run, a nice jogging stroller. in my experience, the nice brands (that tend to be a little more money) are well worth it. i love my maclaren- get one!

    swings, bouncers, etc. marion loved the fisher price aquarium swing. betti loves the FP newborn to toddler rocker with vibration. we had it all with marion (swing, small swing, bouncer) but are easily making do with one movement accessory with betti. at the very least i suggest a bouncer. oh hell, since it is a registry, throw a swing on there.

    carriers. i didnt like bjorn. it was limited weight wise. i've heard great things about the beco butterfly and the babyhawk i love my new hotsling so far with betti.

    diaper bags. i went with a huge diaper ba with marion. i slowly leaned towards the less is more end. i prefer a small bag now- i love the skip hop dash.

    pack and play. get one (with a bassinet)! great for travel. right now i use it to have betti in our room with us, she isnt in her crib yet. they are also great to keep as a playyard in a room other than the nursery.

    don't register for clothes- people will get you what they want. also, you will most likely get a ton of blankets so i wouldnt register for a lot of those. same goes for stuffed animals, toys, and books.

    these are great too:

    if you have any questions, just email! that's all i can think of off the top of my head :-)

  17. oh and go with teh diaper champ, not the genie. the genie requires specialty bags; you can use any bags with the champ.

  18. i should have read the comments first...

    ditto the cloth diapers as burp cloths and the foam pad for baths. we never used that big bath tub, i found it to be a pain.

  19. Sophie's link was interesting! I liked especially reading about the diy mobiles, think I might have to try that. But one thing in the article made me go hmmmm... the part about electronic toys. Even if you never pick any out for your boy, other people will. And I have to say, one statement he makes is a little bit too accusatory and hmm, what's the word? Douchey?

    He says: "Your child needs to learn how to self-stimulate and not be dependent on artificial, electronic baby sitters."

    Self-stimulation: well, duh. But dependent? And the attitude? Criminy. Relax. Electronic toys are not going to damage your kid.

    Ahem! Where'd that come from? Getting off *my* high horse now :)

    I vote yes for a jumping toy. We had the jumperoo, and it was awesome. I wish she hadn't outgrown it! And yes to diaper service, looks like there is at least one in your area. Oh and, one of those stationary entertainers -- M. called ours the Command Center because the baby was so busy running the world from in there. We had this one:

    Do let us know as soon as you do the registry! Or, let us know if you'd rather have a gift card! We can't wait to shower you!!

  20. - lots of onesies. general rule of thumb is to double age of baby (if baby is 3 to 6 months, buy 6 to 9) until 2 years old.
    - carseat and stroller. definitely pick up the carseat at the store and feel for the weight/handles! they are not all made equally.
    - lots of burp clothes & bibs
    - bouncer seat or swing
    - diaper pail (a trash can with a closing lid is just as effective as a diaper genie)
    - wipes
    - diapers (register for size 1 and up. babies don't stay in newborn sizes very long)
    - bottles
    - extra nipples
    - diaper bag
    - baby monitor (I am registering for a vibrating one because I'm deaf but no frills works just fine)
    - play pen
    - sleep clothes
    - rocking chair
    - diaper bag
    - sling
    - bottle brush
    - breast pump (if you are planning to nurse. you can also rent from the hospital.)
    - pacifiers if you plan to use them
    - baby motrin and gas drops

    a bassinet isn't really necessary, imo. you can put a baby in a bouncer in any room you're in and they take up very little space. if baby is sleeping, a monitor works fine for keeping tabs on him. I am all about limiting things for baby to sleep in. it helps later with making sure he'll sleep in his bed.

    really, I would register for the big things & things you know you need (such as car seat, stroller, onesies, diapers, wipes, etc). there will always be someone who buys a bunch of the little stuff and makes a "baby basket" out of it as a gift.

  21. A Baby swing for certain. . It might just save your sanity in the first few months. They really do sooth
    infants back to sleep. A bumbo seat at about 4/6 months when they just start to sit up - very sturdy and can't tip it over at that age. Cloth diapers are great for spit up cloths/etc BUT only an outright masochist would use them for diapers anymore- the "landfill" argument can easily be countered with the "save the water" argument - all those chemicals to bleach and sterilize the cloth diapers going into our water supply.
    Buy a pack and play, keep it set up and use it as a "playpen" right from the start so he gets used to it. Not for long periods of time - 15/20 minutes or so - Believe me once they start crawling you will give anything to be able to have a safe place for a few minutes while life is swirling around you - but if you don't accustom him to it from the strt - too late when is is mobile - will scream his head off.
    Too much info I'm sure - I'll go now.

  22. Ok so I'm not a mom but I am an aunt to ten so I think that buys me some street cred. I cannot recommend a Maclaren stroller enough. Both my brothers have them - Todd used the same for all three kids, nine years in Russia, at least 18 countries! They are simple, hearty and made for travel and adventure. Best yet - they totally grow with your kid - they can use them from being just a few months old until they outgrow strollers all together.,en/

    My other brother and his wife (along with many friends) also swear by their moby. The bjorn is actually supposed to have some support issues for the baby and the moby is simply amazing for allowing the best of snuggles and great mobility to the parent (along with many different ways to wear it.
    (yes, you have to be willing to look like a bay area hippy - but comfort and a happy baby are worth it I think :)

  23. Babies R Us (and Toys R Us, actually) is totally overwhelming. At least you were pregnant upon entering, in my experience non-pregnant shoppers are very out of place. So, I typically give a collection of children's books at baby showers. It's a personal gift but not in a "picking out clothes for someone else's child" or "breast-pump" sort of way. Hope this is helpful!

  24. And you thought Toys R us was overwhelming! Hee!

    Here's list of the basics:
    Swing [Saved my LIFE in the beginning.)
    Pack and play
    Some sort of play mat (Jess liked the baby Einstein one)
    stroller/car seat (easier if it comes as a system. Go as expensive as you dare, there really is a difference and try them out at the store. If you can't figure out how to fold it up there, you'll never do it in the middle of a parking lot!)
    Cute room stuff (if you're intereset in that)
    Diapers (cloth or regular.I was a Pampers mom myself!)
    Diaper bag (I really liked the backpack and the messenger style because then both hands are free to wrangle the baby)

    Things that were useless (to me)
    Bjorn (Jessica's legs turned purple every time she was in it,the little fatty)
    Diaper genie [A pail with lid and dumping the trash often worked fine]
    Swaddle blankets [Jessica HATED being swaddled. She could break any swaddle out there. As my mom said after trying everything to get Jessica swaddled "you gave birth to fucking houdini!"]
    Wipe warmer (Why? Hold it in your hand for a minute!)

    Hope this helps!

  25. You all are so wonderful. I KNEW you would have great suggestions!! I am going to print this all out and look all these things up and narrow down.

    Sophie - Those are *great* links. And totally something to think about in terms of metro/car. We'll be in car more, I think.

    Feisty - Oh, people have such varying opinions! One friend hated the Ergo. Another disliked the Bjorn...And yes, I believe I will wind up jogging with baby. Thank you!

    Fearless - I believe that the extra sheets/clothoes suggestion is a very, very good one. Apparently you are constantly washing stuff that gets poo/spit up on it. I cringe as I type this, knowing full well it's going to be my world in three months.

    As for the handsome, strapping lad to do my laundry...What I wouldn't give for one of those even now. It'd make Nick pretty bitter, though. Alas.

    Dagny - One of my colleagues just said the same thing about not using the changing table on the Pack and Play.

    And long sleeved onesies! That makes sense. Betty and I were worrying about him being out in the cold world. Even in August. I'm always cold, so I'm totally cold vigilant.

    And so you don't think it's awful to register for gift cards? I don't want to offend people, but it would be pretty awesome to have gift cards to spend down the road.

    Beach Bum - Those are fantastic suggestions, and I really appreciate them. And I love the idea of a fun jump jump jump thing. I could use one myself, really.:)

    And Boppy! I just heard about this! Definitely!

    Justme - One of my friends read your comment and said, "Absolutely! Best diaper bag!" Thank you!

    Wendy - Thanks for all the great, and specific, information. Really helpful.

    Yah, I definitely won't have a theme. I am thinking of painting huge blue or green leaves on the wall.

    I like the idea of the car seat that clicks in. Tejal has one of those and loves it.

    And I've decided I REALLY want one of those gliders - they seem like the best thing ever.

    Canaan - It really is a horrendous piece of hell, isn't it? I am with you - I would like one, just one, if I can manage, although I do not know that this will be the case. I've been told that the jogger part is going to be hard - in terms of getting one that will fit both me and my giant husband. That may have to come later. I am a sucky researcher, though - I get bored and glaze over. I'm totally grateful to benefit from your research. :)

    Sarah - Yes - apparently these are GREAT. And I may be able to borrow one...

    Carolyn - There seems to be lots of support for cloth diapers as everythign cloths! A friend of mine said she got a bunch of car cloths and used them in the same way and they were great. I realize I'm totally underprepared (in every way, particularly mentally, for how much puke, poo, etc there's going to be).

    Nina - Thank you thank you for all the suggestions, and especially the reminder about big sizes.

    I think the "Moltont├╝cher" is a swaddling cloth - for wrapping them up tight. Maude did that with Benj, especially when he was fussing, and it totally calmed him down. It was amazing.

    I love hats so much. I can't wait to put a whole bunch of cutie cute baby hats on the boy. Oooooh fun!

    mrsmac - Thank you thank you for the awesome list and your opinions on brands. I love it. I will *definitely* email you with questions.

    And after a number of people including you weighed in on the Diaper Champ, that seems absolutely the way to go.

    A.S. - Sophie always has really interesting ideas and information. Always.

    It is annoying the way he put it, but I think the sentiment was good. It's sort of along the lines of parents who only park their kids in front of the TV and never interact with them, I'd think. I am certain you are right that an electronic toy is not going to damage your kid.

    And seriously, jumping toys just look like fun. They really do.

    As for the Command Center - holy cow is that a lot going on! I could see how you'd feel you were running the world.

    And you are so lovely, but absolutely no need for showering me! I feel totally grateful for all the amazing suport and kindess I get here. I feel funny about showers - for wedding and now. It just makes me twitchy to ask people to get me stuff.

    Jenn - That's a totally helpful calculation. Thank you. And thank you for the detailed list. And the reminder to register for big stuff - of course you're right that we will get smaller stuff in the mix.

    Anonymous - No, not too much info! I appreciate it all, I really do! And sanity-saving suggestions are always fantastic.

    As for cloth, I just don't think I can handle it. I realize any way you look at diapers - landfills vs tons of water and bleach - they are terrible for the environment. I think I have to be a landfiller in this case, though, I really do. I've been thinking about how to offset this - buying local for produce, not driving a whole get my drift.

    Mood Indigo - You most definitely have street cred. And thank you for the brand suggestions. Those MacLaren strollers look great, and there's a lot of support for them. It's so much money that it's so hard to pick! I mean, we're going to be urban people and use the stroller a's just choosing. The Moby! I hadn't seen that before. Yes, you definitely have to be willing to look like a bay area hippy. :) But it does seem like it would keep baby very close and comfy.

    HKW - I know! I had to go into one several years ago for a shower gift, and after that, ONLY ordered online. So terrible! And books, books are so much fun as presents. I love kids books.

    Cheryl S - YES - totally helpful! I am so glad to hear the things you/Jess hated. And I am sure this kid will be a little brute, and Bjorn does sound limited...

    As for stroller - I hadn't given any thought to putting it together, but duh, of course it has to be easy in the store, otherwise will be impossible elsewhere! Thank you!

  26. I'm an aunt and I can tell you what my sisters loved.

    The vibrating baby chair. Do not overuse this, save it for when they're extra cranky or you need 5 extra minutes of peace.

    Hooter Hider or Bebe au Lait: It's a nursing cover that makes a little tent so you have privacy but can see your baby. Also worked for the baby who didn't like to be covered because there was some air circulation.

    Basics no one will think to buy you: hypoallergenic washes, diapers, diaper cream, gripe water, etc.

    Instead of a traditional diaper bag, a backpack style on with straps to hook onto the stroller.

    Make sure you test several strollers before choosing one and research them on the internet. You want one that you feel comfortable pushing, folding up and lifting in and out of cars.

    Both sisters needed formula to top up because they couldn't keep up with milk supply for different reasons. You may want to have some bottles and formula even if you're going to breastfeed, just in case.

  27. Oh mercy, you asked for it.

    One of those bath things that fits in your sink for the first few months so you don't drop the baby in the tub. Also you need q-tips and alcohol for belly button care early on.

    A boppy pillow. If you get one and don't know what to do with it, call me. You need one.

    If you are going to breastfeed, you want lanolin.

    cloth diapers to use as blurp cloths.

    I loved my baby bjorn.

    One of those bouncey seats that sits on the floor.

    The one unusual thing we did was to forgo the crib and use a crib mattress on the floor. We completely baby-proofed her room, so the whole room was essentially a crib. It's a Montessori thing and we loved it. So did both kids.

    Okay I'll stop now.

  28. I'll make this quick-
    Cute outfits- don't bother, people have different taste, and people who like to buy cute outfits with buy them at cute baby clothing places.
    Ask for the footie pajama sleep and plays, it keeps them nice and cozy and if they are the zipper kind they are way easier to change diapers with. Also- my babysitter loves them too. So much easier for the both of us to keep track of.
    I like the Bjorn, but I bought it second hand for $30 so if she grows out of it soon, I'm okay. I'm looking into and Ergo right now.
    I don't have a changing table. I planned on buying a nice dresser and then putting a pad on top, but then she was born and I heard horror stories of babies falling off of them, so I change her on the floor or in her crib (on a pad)
    I would have liked a co-sleeper. Especially when they're so freshly born and you want them right next to you. And it's good for nursing in your sleep.
    If you're going to nurse register for a pump, the rental rates are CRAZY- unless your insurance gives you a good deal.
    I have a baby bathtub, but I only used it a few times- in the beginning they don't want you to get the belly button wet, and then I just started taking baths with her since it was killing my back to bend over the sink.
    The clothing I wasted is what I feel most guilty about, she grew so darn fast.

  29. So much to go over.

    For registry get clothes for 6 month, 9 month and 12 month....first few months they wear the same few things and you are not taking them out all that much anyway.

    Things you need:Good stroller and car seat...recommend Peg Perego (Skate is awesome)
    Good diaper bag (you can get one all pretty and colorful, but get Nick one
    Pack and Play
    Lots of sheet sets - get jersey cotton (as in t-shirt not "new")
    A good play mat with lots of hanging toys
    Comfortable chair with ottoma (Dutailer)
    Tons of burp cloths (cloth diapers cut into pieces work great)

    Things you don't need:Baby wipe warmer
    Changing table
    Lots of baby shoes (until they are 6 months socks do the trick)

    And just remember....I am only 10 feet away.

  30. okay thought of some more :-)

    miracle blanket- only swaddling blanket my girls were not able to break out of. unfortunately not available at BRU (babies r us).

    breast pads- i preferred the lansinoh brand. but basically you'll want something with lanolin.

    breast pump- i recommend renting a breast pump from the hospital until you are sure you are going to breast feed. they are also stronger than the pumps on the market so they help in getting your supply up. but still register for a pump (a double electric pump). you'll need it if you breastfeed and pump at work.

    breast milk storage bags- great and easy for storage and organization in the freezer.

    bottles- we liked the dr browns bottles. we decided to go with these at first to avoid gassiness before it started. wide necks if you are breastfeeding to avoid nipple confusion. big thing now is BPA free bottles. i'd get those since you are getting new ones.

    pacifiers- i LOVE the soothie brands. you should get some in the hospital but they are also available at BRU.

    i also second the hooter hider. loved mine and it was essential with marion, she had a hard time latching.

    monitor- we had this one.
    loved it because it had a setting where it only picked up noises instead of constant static. loved that feature, i can't find it anywhere here.

    don't bother with the sterilizers or wipe warmers. you can sterilize bottles using boiling water or those microwave bags from medela. we also put bottles in the dishwasher. wipe warmers, pfft. i figured i wouldn't have a wipe warmer at the store so my kid should get used to cold wipes!

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  32. all the above stuff is great, so all i have to offer is this: while your baby is small, hold him as much as possible. there is no such thing as "spoiling" a baby.

  33. Since I haven't had mine yet, I am in the same boat with guessing what I will need. I will tell you though, and my friends say the same thing, if you are only registering at Babys r us, cool, but if you are registering at say, Target too, NO ONE will go to B r Us. We registered at both and had 40 people at the shower. ONE person went to babys r us, the rest bought from my Target registery...

  34. My thoughts to add to your novel:

    Before you register for a specific car seat, take the floor sample out to your car and try to install it. Some models just do not fit securely in some cars. (Yes, Babies R Us should let you do this. If they say no, pitch a fit.)

    I had a wipe warmer. I wouldn't have bought it, but got it as a gift. I kept it in the nursery, so the warmed wipes were mostly used at night. After all, if someone stuck a cold cloth on your butt at 2 am, would you be able to go back to sleep? Tip if you do use one: Every time you use a wipe, flip the stack over. The heating element is on the bottom, so the bottom-most wipes dry out faster. Flipping it every change keeps you from ending up with a stack of dry wipes.

    The only bedding you need is crib sheets. Baby will kick off light blankets and heavy ones are a smothering hazard.

    Footed onesies are your friend.

    Don't be afraid to register for things you know you won't use for a year.

    When you choose a high chair, think "ease of cleaning." Cloth covers look lovely, but have to be washed and dried. Vinyl covers can be wiped down after every meal. Don't fall for "dishwasher safe" high chair trays; you will never have room in your dishwasher for a high chair tray.

    I was a disposable diaper momma, too. You can still never have enough cloth diapers. They make excellent burp cloths, lap pads, emergency blankets, etc, etc.


    Grocery cart seat cover. (I can't remember what they call these, but it's a cloth "seat" that covers the seat of the grocery cart -- including the handle -- so you can sit a baby/toddler in there and you don't have to worry about when that thing was last cleaned.)

    I never had a jumper, because my husband was irrationally afraid that our child would manage to launch at an angle and shatter is skull on the door frame. (No, they cannot do this, don't worry.) My kids jumped in their exersaucer and loved it.

    Not too much newborn sized clothes, til you know how big the baby is. (My firstborn outgrew "newborn" by the end of week one.) If you get a lot of it, just leave the tags on and you can do an exchange later.

    Long handled baby spoons.

    Boppy (or something like it).

    Bouncy seat is a godsend (only thing all 3 of mine loved from day one).

  35. These are things I found invaluable (I didn't read the rest of the comments, so forgive me if I am repeating what anyone else said). If you doubt your ability to swaddle well, get a miracle blanket- they saved us, especially in the middle of the night. I prefer the Beco carrier over the Ergo, more stylish, but you can easily wait until the babe is born before you get one of these kinds of things. Diaper Genie II is great, the "II elite" is terrible, go figure. If you plan to breastfeed try the My Breast Friend (worst name ever) but I used it for hours and hours and hours- it was fantastic and better than the boppy in my view. Also, babiesrus gets less overwhelming the second/third times, and hopefully avoidable after that.

  36. Okay, so here are my thoughts:

    Since the babe will be sleeping in your room for a while, don't stress on the getting his room perfectly'll have a little time to do that after he gets home - unless of course you can't stand having him in your room - then sheets and crib - that's all you'll need

    I loved, love, and will always love my glider/rocker with ottoman - my life save with the every 2 hour feedings

    I liked having a changing station upstairs in the baby room and downstairs - but some people don't need that - my stairs are steep and at the beginning, it hurt too much to climb up and down...

    footies with snaps all the way down - that way you only have to undo the bottom half to change a diaper and don't need to struggle with taking babies clothes on and off.

    onesies and footies that are kimono style - at least for the beginning month or two - babies don't like having things pulled over their heads :-)

    register for a bunch of different bottles and nipples - 1 of never know what the baby will take too and you don't want to be running out late a night to find the right nipple/bottle, etc. Once you find something the baby likes, then you can buy more of them - same goes with pacifiers - one word of advice, try not to let the hospital give the baby a pacifier if you are going to breastfeed - but we can talk about that off line

    i prefer the diaper champ vs the diaper genie b/c you can use regular kitchen trash bags

    Costco diapers and wipes are awesome and affordable - but at the beginning the papmpers swaddlers sensitive are cool b/c they have a line that changes color when baby wets his diaper - that helps when you are sleep deprived

    Happiest Baby on the Block - the dvd is worth watching - at least then you feel like you have something in your back pocket to use if baby is freaking out :-)

    i guess for you lots of washcloths or peepee-teepee's - you'll see lots of pee fountain's with the little guy :-) especially while you are changing out, they have great aim

    of course, lots of great blankets to cuddle with, spit up on, etc., burp clothes (substantial ones) not teeny tiny one's they do you no good...oh, and you should take the blankets that they swaddle the baby in at the hospital - they work well and are big enough to work with - I still use them :-)

    as for strollers, i know you like to run, so go with the Bob or the Baby Jogger - both have a few options, but you can't go wrong with either brand

    okay, that is all for now - big hugs!

  37. O.k., my baby is now 12, but the best thing was that my mom bought a bunch of flannel material [in whatever pattern you like] and sewed the edges to make amazingly large baby blankets. WAY better than the tiny baby blankets stores sell. And your baby will use them longer, because they are so cozy - my daughter kept hers until she was 5 or 6.

    Also, Lands End makes great diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags. I've used our large one for overnight trips and it still shows no sign of wear.

    I think one of the best things you can register for is a waterproof mattress liner [or two] for your crib. It's a lifesaver, because babies love to pee through diapers. LOVE IT.

    Now I've just looked over this, and realized most of this is not for sale at Babys R Us. Hope it's helpful anyway!

  38. I don't know if anyone else suggested, but you'd probably love to have the HotSling (comes with great directions & how-to DVD). We got ours when our baby was about 6 months old but here she is at 19 months and I'm still using it - she loves to ride on my back. Great for hands-free & breastfeeding too (if you go that route).

    And really, who needs an official changing table as almost any available surface (save dining areas - gross) will suffice.

    Best wishes!


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