Friday, May 08, 2009

Week 26 tummy

This past week he started kicking and flipping and just generally making his presence felt more more more.

He's still kind of uncooperative, and so when I'd say he was kicking and Maude or her mom would put a hand on my belly, he'd stop. I think also their hands are so nice and warm that he probably got all soothed.

One night we stayed up ridiculously late, and I was lying on my side on the couch. It's my sleep position, the one that makes him riverdance just as I'm starting to drowse. And so he was thump thump thumping away, and I told Maude, who hurried over, kneeled on the floor, and slid her hands flat under my tummy.

And sure enough, there he was, all dancy-pantsing on her hands. We just giggled.

This is how her mom stumbled across us, past midnight, all jet lagged, as she wandered past the living room to use the bathroom.

She didn't even blink.

Another thing that's happened is that my belly button is becoming less and less, well, belly buttonish. I'm terrified it's going to become an outie. You can see the hint of this in the top picture.

Nick is sure it is, and my horror of the idea delights him. So this morning said he was trying to get a good silhouette that showed the sticky-outy nature of what used to be my cute little innie.

And here I am trying to block this image.Maude said hers never stuck out, just got to the point where it was pretty much flat.

"Basically," she said, "it looked like a cat asshole."

I'm pretty sure cat asshole is where I'm headed with this one as well.


  1. Don't know sweetie, if you look at the top picture, it's actually casting a shadow. On you, though, I'm sure it's adorable.

  2. Oh - that's the skin at the top. Like, the part you pierce (if the idea of piercing my belly button didn't make me all cringy and icked out). It's started to stick out, which is what makes Nick sure the innie bits are not that far behind.

    Maude said it was exactly like this for her. And I'm crossing my everything that flat is as far as it goes.

  3. i thought they all eventually popped out, you know, like a turkey timer

  4. I'm sure it will flatten out.

    I'm randomly reminded of a can of spaghetti-os my aunt had, that had been specially labeled as a joke. The label read:

    "100% natural GOOSE ASSHOLES... in aspic"

    And now I'm all giggly.

  5. I hope you don't get an outie! That's been one of my big pregnancy fears, too (33 weeks, and mine is flat, thank goodness)! I'm pretty sure they make special band-aid type things especially for covering outties of pregnant ladies so they don't show under your shirts... Hopefully you won't need that.

  6. Oh, I'm LOVING the belly shots - keep 'em coming! You look great, Lisa - I hope you're enjoying all these new wonderful moments as they unfold.

    Although, I'm secretly even more excited to see pictures of the little man when he arrives.

    Happy Friday - enjoy the beautiful weather :)

  7. You have the cutest belly! My belly button went flat with all 3, but now that I am not's like a crater! There was actually a mole in there I had never seen before!

  8. Ahhhh, that is so funny that you say that. I feel the same way you do about getting an outie so I am thrilled that at 36 weeks, it is still not there!

    But my has come close enough to the surface, so that my boyfriend says it looks like a "Pippi butt".

    Yes, Pippi is our kitten. So there you have it.

  9. Wendy - Maude always makes me laugh.

    notsojenny - Some but not all. Like a turkey timer. Ha!

    Dagny - I love that so much. GOOSE ASSHOLES... in aspic!!! Hahaha!

    Luna - I know they make the covers, but it's not that I don't want the outside world to see, it's that it just grosses me out so tremendously. I won't want to see it, feel it, know about it. Ickickick.

    And 33 weeks! You are so close! Awesome!

    browneyedgirlie - Oh, you are so sweet! And yes, I am kind of reveling in the moments.

    And I'm so excited to see the little man. You know I will be taking and posting 45 million pictures.

    Happy Friday to you!

    Katie - Why, thank you! And as for the crater...two of my friends have said this same thing, and one of them showed me her new belly button. It's a pretty dramatic change.

    KerryLee - I would imagine that if it hasn't at this point, it won't, right?

    And as for Pippi butt - hahahahaha!

    LiLu - Nope, I do not, not one bit. I want my old cute belly button back.

  10. Mine went flat last time, too -- I used to have a cute, and, it turned out, *deep* belly button. There was a little mole way down in there. Now that mole is next to my belly button! I imagine it might retreat back in there if I, you know, did some exercise ever. After this next one comes out anyway.

    And yay for kicking! I'm still only getting a few kicks and nudges per day. Really looking forward to the kick parade.

  11. Happy Mother's Day, Lisa!! :)

  12. Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you got to spend a nice day with your family, and that Nick spoiled you just a little?


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