Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Il faut cultiver notre jardin.

How could I not share the shocking extravaganza of pinkness, flowers, and butterflies that is me today?

I couldn't. Because seriously, it's one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen, much less owned.

We are going to a fundraiser for a Senator tonight. Nick is wearing this beautiful, conservative, navy pinstripe suit with a nice crispy shirt, tie, and sedate cuff links. Which is the kind of thing I imagine most people will be wearing.

I'd like to assure you that I have along a pink shawl and red purse to wear with above outfit.

Short? Yes. Subtle? Um.

My last day in Amsterdam, Maude and I wandered into a store filled with swirly, whimsical color. She got a number of delicious dresses and skirts. As it was not a maternity store, I got this dress, which will fit for a bit, and another raspberry one, in which I look like a true and utter snausage. But it'll be fantastic sometime in the future.

So in the interest of sharing the happy pink garden of glee frock, I asked Nick to take pictures. And immediately was all, "Do I actually look like that?!?"

Of course he was all, "Sweetie, you look great!"

And then I had to harass him. Like, am I actually that big? Is my face that full? What about my ass? Look! Look at my ass!

He reluctantly confirmed that yes, they all are. Yes, my ass does this jiggle thing that it didn't do before. He was forced to say this, while I was poking vehemently at my butt cheeks, to alarming effect.

"Basically, Lis, you're very pregnant."


But with all that said, with those self-criticisms aired, I cannot resist sharing the pinkstravaganza. I believe Colleen would be proud.

Here's a front view. I like the accidental setup of the picture. Like I'm closing the door on the past and gazing forward, all Scarlett, into the hope and promise of a new day, one filled with fuchsia delights.

Also, I think you can see the crocheting around the neck and hem better in this one.

Or something like that.

Also, you please note the fabulously, fortuitously, matchalicious shoes.

They were purchased last year with the utterly lovely and shoe-shopping-enable-y Dagny Taggart. I loved them but was doubtful; she was highly encouraging of them. The practical shoes that I bought on that DSW spree? Rubbed my toes. I passed them on to Maude.

The fuchsia mules? Indispensable, it turns out.

Here they are as peered down on from above. By me.


  1. You are just too adorable! And the shoes are just cute as can be too. I had no idea pregnant could look so put together and fun.

  2. Il faut cultiver notre collection des chausseures.

    I am positively gleeful that the fuschia shoes worked out! And what a lovely dress!

    Why on EARTH is Nick not wearing The Jacket tonight? It seems like the perfect occasion.

  3. love it, love it, love it! the colors *scream* "India" to me . . . have fun schmoozing with the politicos . . .

  4. You are so freaking cute and tiny! No worries, my dear. Plus I love the "view from the top (ie above the belly)" picture of the shoes :)

  5. Susan - Although I love all the pink more than is reasonable, I don't feel that way, but I do appreciate it!

    Dagny - And we do, we do! I am gleeful too! So happy you backed me on getting them.

    As for the jacket, I have NO IDEA why neither of us thought about it this morning...

    LJ - You are so right! All the color glory of Rajasthan! India has the best color, and it's just everywhere.

    prettylittletangents - Oh, thank you! And I realized, peering over the belly, that I really needed a shot of how I see my feet (with effort)!

  6. you make an adorable pregnant lady! have fun tonight! and please tell me where this store is, i want to check it out!

  7. Oh, yay for finding clothes that are comfortable *and* utterly awesome! I've just ordered a few things online and now I'm in limbo until they get here... will they fit? Who knows anymore! I throw up my hands.

    I tried wearing heels last week and it did not work out very well. Too off balance. I commend you!

  8. you are a tiny little momma! the belly is the only preggers-thing about you!

  9. LOVE. The minute I saw the picture, I thought, "And the shoes match! score!"

    You look absolutely wonderful. Skinny, skinny except you seem to have swallowed a beach ball.

    Have fun!

  10. So wonderfully lovely. Pinstripes are for suckers.

  11. Love love LOVE the dress! I've had the hardest time fiding cute maternity dresses that have color in them (besides pastel and roses, of course -- as if that's all pregnant women like to wear).

    Anyway, you look GREAT!

  12. oh yay! you look so fresh and springy and vibrant!!

    i was actually just reading an article at the salon today talking about post-pregnancy getting back into shape issues. i had no idea the butt was one of those! i guess i should have read your post first, then i wouldn't have been all slack-jawed in my pedi-chair : )

  13. The dress is lovely, you're beautiful! The shoes are the best part :) Have a great time tonight!

  14. The dress is adorable. You are adorable.

    Have a blast tonight :)

  15. That last pic is about my favorite ever. Squeee!

  16. aw, you look great! love that dress- you rock it well!

  17. You are probably the hottest pregnant broad I know. Mazel.

  18. mrsmac - As soon as I find the info, I will email!

    A.S. - The limbo, it's a sucky place to be. I totally empathize.

    And the heels, I'm mincing about the office in them, but wearing clogs for commuting. I'm nearing the end of my heel days, though.

    feisty - It's an illusion, I promise!

    Cheryl S - You know how delighted I am that these shoes totally happen to match. It's like a present!

    And I SO do not feel that way, but it's so nice to hear.

    Fearless - Haha - thanks! I will definitely pass along the pinstripe opinion.

    Janelle - I know! What is wrong with maternity clothes makers?! It makes me want to design some. Because if it's a cute style, it's in an ugly fabric. And so many stupid ties in the back, even if you don't need one. Why? What makes them think that people with reduced agility really want something extra to tie?

    notsojenny - Truly, I hadn't given any thought to my butt going all to hell, but it certainly has. It's going to take a lot of work.

    HKW - You are sweet! And the shoes, oh, how I love them.

    browneyedgirlie - Ahh, thank you! :)

    LiLu - I love it too, I really do. Even if I can't see my feet without peering over my belly anymore.

    brookem - Thank you! I loooove this dress.

    FreckledK - You are so kind, lovely!

  19. This is the kind of outfit I wear in my dreams. LOVE IT.

  20. Big? I hope I look like that non-pregnant! You're straight up adorable!

  21. You are very pregnant and SUPER adorable! I love it!

  22. Wow! I love that dress! You look adorable!

  23. That dress is fabulous. And you look great! The shoes are to die for.

    I hope you had a great time!

  24. I love it, love it, love it. Vous etes tres chic et belle!

    (And if that isn't the rustiest & worst French on the block, your shoes aren't pink!! But hey, I felt compelled to try so I'm going with it.) ;-)

  25. My guess is you made all the other women wish they were pregnant so they could be as cute.

  26. Colleen LOVES it!!! ;) xoxo, M


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