Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And now all kinds of things sound like normal conversation to me

I now say all kinds of things that would never, ever have occurred to me.

Like, "We have to put on clothes if we're going to go outside. Everyone wears clothes outside."

And, "Wow, what a big poo! Good job!"

Also, "Look what I have for you! A BIG spatula!"

And, "We don't drive cars on the food, remember? We can park our cars next to the plate, but no driving on the food."

That one I say all the time. Jordan tends to eat more if he can have his cars with him. The cars, they go everywhere. He almost always has at least two clutched in his little hands.

In Charlottesville, Nick kept putting on his shoes and then wincing and saying, "OW!" Because he'd stepped into a car.

I didn't fess up to it at the time, but it was my fault. Because Jordan kept trying to park his cars in his little crocs or in my sneakers and then they'd get stuck and he'd scream.

So I started saying, "Jordan's shoes are too small. Mama's shoes are too small. We park the cars in Daddy's shoes." I probably said this 54 times an hour.

Uh, sorry Nick.


  1. lmao!

    the weirdest thing i've ever said (and unfortunately, twice, once to each kid) is:

    Honey, please do not play with your boogers on the window.

  2. Hilarious! And it's true having kids presents us with all sorts of new and interesting opportunities for combining words in weird ways.

  3. Hahaaa thanks for another great story, hilarious pic too, keep that for Jordan when he's a teenager!

  4. ohh mine was ,honey..please what did you do with daddy's keys??

    found under the griller in the stove..after said daddy got a lift to work.....
    apparantly 18 month old was making pizza,as that's what he said "pizza"when I finally found them lol

  5. my favorite: "we park our cars next to the plate."
    yes, we have these same ridiculous conversations in our house.
    very, very funny.

  6. Hahahaha

    poor Nick :D

    Oh, and LG, the cars just get bigger as they get older.... Wait till he can get his DL.

  7. mrsmac - "Honey, please do not play with your boogers on the window." Hahahahaha!

    Lisa - No kidding, huh? Things that would never, ever have occurred before.

    frugalveganmom - :)

    IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY - Oh, god, the keys, the keys. Thankfully, your son was talking! I try to keep them away from him! And fortunately, we don't drive to work.

    Dana - The things that become normal are just so weird, aren't they?

    That gentleman's lady - Oh, shudder! The good thing is, he's a city kid. So there's not going to be a lot of need to drive, and particularly during his teen years, I'd like to keep it that way.

  8. Poor Nick!

    Oh, and hahahahahahaha!


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