Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sheep go to heaven

Betty has all these nativity sets from around the world.

There's one from Peru that's made of carved stone, with a million little white and black stone animals - mainly myriad sheep and llamas. Jordan saw them and immediately appropriated them ALL. He needed the entire flock.

Baby Jesus? Not of remote interest. Sheep! Llamas! NEEEEEED.

As with most things Jordan wants, Betty was fine with it. They're now his own personal stone herd.

We find these animals everywhere. He loads them into his backhoe. He puts them in bags and carries them around. He slips them into pocket - his and everyone else's. He transfers them from basket to boat to dump truck and back again.

This morning I had to dump a number of them out of my commuting sneakers before I could put them on.

I said to Nick, "He sure loves those animals."

"I wouldn't necessarily say he loves them. I'd say he has a creche on them."


  1. HAHAHAHAA.....MAN!! Nick is hilarious...I just burst out laughing...thank you!

  2. I'm not coordinated enough to laugh this hard and roll my eyes this hard simultaneously :o)

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! love. this!!!


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