Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday non-stalker kind of poll

So, if you were shopping at Costco and you saw a woman who you were quite sure was the wife of your most significant ex-person, what would you do?

Would you:
  1. Surreptitiously follow her around, because actually, you were already heading down the same aisles, noting how she was dressed (casually), what was in her cart (more chocolate than one would have expected), how she behaved with the sample people (politely), etc? 
  2. Do nothing – you’re glad he has found his person, but you don’t really need to know details.
  3. Introduce yourself with, “This might sound weird, but are you Signifcantex-boyfriend’s wife?”
  4. If C, would you explain how you knew that? Or just let it hang awkwardly? 
  5. Other: _____________________
 Just wondering.


  1. A. (Obviously.) I would also judge her and then come home and tell The Lawyer about how much more awesome I am than her.

  2. A, probably. Maybe a little E, as well (reassure myself that this is perfectly natural and not at all creepy curiosity, and contemplate giving my therapist a ring).

    What did you do?

    1. A, C, and then asked her some friendly questions so it would be less awkward. Which of course didn't really make it less awkward.

  3. A, possibly with a side of C in the event my stalking was not as surreptitious as I'd hoped (me + attempted stalking = recipe for epic fail).

  4. A whoooole lot of A, but I'd probably start off with E (get a hot dog).

  5. A for sure. What's a little stalking among strangers?

  6. Definitely A. And I would text my BFF and tell her all about it.

  7. id have introduced myself..i have this weird thing...where i dont think of ex's mine or his as anything other than old friends... and trust me folks find it weird... and it gets me in trouble...alllll the time.. :-)

  8. A. Everyone would go with A, whether they admit it or not.


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