Thursday, January 03, 2013

These boobs were made for talking...

While looking through 2012 photos to make a calendar, I realized the following: I have a lot of photos of my nipples.

Always one boob at a time. I clearly spent a lot of my maternity leave taking pictures of India in milk-drunk bliss, right off the boob. Also, I clearly spent that same time sitting in the red chair with at least one breast exposed at all times.

None of those made the calendar, in case you're wondering. It's not that kind of calendar.

So by this point, India has an old friend kind of relationship with her cafeteria staff.

She'll be nursing, and then she'll pull back, and chat to my nipple. She'll pat my breast, all, "Good job! I'm a big fan of today's flavor! What is that? Peppermint and chocolate? Good stuff!"

She might look up at me - although not with the same surprise that Jordan did - and give me a hello or a smile or something. I mean, she's glad I'm there, generally.

And then she'll turn back to eating and hanging out with her friends.


  1. Lol, you always make me laugh. At least India's a friendly baby and not a biter of her..."friends."

  2. How you make me laugh! This is a most excellent post!

  3. I always appreciate the comic relief, lol! Great post. Happy new year!

  4. My newest little one is good friends with the boob too. She is 10 weeks old today and just loves petting them. It's adorable when she gets so excited and her hands and arms are everywhere.

    She doesn't much notice or care about me actually being there, but if I'm on the phone while she nurses endlessly, she definitely side-eyes it and gets possessive like it's going to swoop in and take her milk.

  5. Oh I love this! G does a similar thing - he'll kind of pat my boob and say "ba ba" in this reverential tone. I kind of love it :)

  6. Haha! My friend's one year old is constantly just grabbing one of her boobs, as if just to check that her food source is still there... and she's not even really getting breast-fed anymore!


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