Friday, January 25, 2013

Well then, that's settled

In the morning Jordan gets to watch a video while Nick showers.

And so of late, Jordan has been watching this Welsh TV show called Fireman Sam.

It's done two things: One, make him hyper-aware of all of our smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and the possibility of fire. We have to talk about them every day. At least 37 times.

Also, he's started calling me Mom, but pronounced more like "mam" - which I know he gets from this show. It's fairly annoying to be called Mam. Mainly because it's not just Mam.

It's more like "Mam! Mam! Mam! Look at this! Mam! Can I have a treat? Mam! Mammammamamamamamamama!"

Head. Melts.

So today I thought I'd find out what he prefers to call me, and promote that. Because in the beginning it was Mama, then more Mommy, sometimes Mom, and now this new Mam.

He alternates, though, so I know it's not fixed.

So I asked, "Jordan, what do you like to call me? Do you like to call me Mama, or Mommy, or Mom?"

"I like to call you Sophie."


  1. ah, sophie. at least, it's not your 'real' name; i tell declan my 'real' name is 'mommy', as i do not wish him to call me coleen, lol. jordan is a laugh riot, can't wait to (potentially) meet him in august!

    1. He knows my name is Lisa, and occasionally he calls me that. Or rather, Litha. Yes, if you are here, we will meet!

  2. of ... course.... he... does....

  3. Hahaha, awesome! Here in the Philippines everyone calls me ma'am, except it sounds like mom. So everywhere I go is "mom" this "mom" that. Totally weird!

  4. Hilarious! You know who this is going to make very happy, don't you?

    1. Oh, yes! When you send her to live with us, this could become confusing. :)

  5. Ha! He's a funny one that boy of yours! Wish I could meet him!

  6. So there you go then, Sophie :P


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