Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Number nine will put you on the spot. Number nine will tie you up, oh, in a knot.

Dear India,
You are nine whole months of deliciousness and delight, all wrapped up in a crawling, standing, squealing-in-excitement and covered in flowers and frills kind of beaming little package.

It's practically impossible to look at you and not smile. You emanate joy.

And fact, you are one of the biggest sources of joy in my life. And also the reason that I drag around limply, all haggard and tired.

I thought your brother was busy with the business of busy, but holy cow, girl. (Not holy cowgirl. Although I kind of love the image of a woman on horseback with a halo and lasso. Holy cowgirl!)

Last weekend you felt crummy with a cold, and so you were content to chill out on your dad, which never - never! - happens. It was the sweetest little scene. It's now so hard to believe I used to sit in the red chair with you nursing and curled up on me all day long.

ANYway. A number of people told me that little girls were easier than boys - that they were calmer, that they liked to sit in place and hang out. Easier in the kid years, hell in the teen years, is what people seem to say.

Not so much you. If you are awake, you are moving at full speed, racing to explore and gobble up the world. I see a high probability of you being a hellion in your teen years as well, but a sweet one.

Plus I have some hope that your first-born-rule-follower brother will dissuade you from some of your worse ideas. Because they are inevitable in your teen years 20s 30s uh, let's just say inevitable.

But you've got us, and we will always have your back, and I feel certain that you will be more daring than me, and in fact, I intend to encourage you to leap and to fly.

So far, you leave no accessible crack, crevice, stray Cheerio, etc. unturned. You see the desired object, and you do a quick grab as soon as it's within reach. Hey, look, a baby!
You currently crawl like a soldier with one wounded leg, but you're remarkably agile. It makes me feel like you'll do fine if you're ever in Civil War style combat.

Your new trick is standing, and you are oh so proud of yourself. As you should be. It's no small thing.

When I sit down and think about how you've been out in this world for as long as you were inside me, it's astounding how much you can do and how much of a whole, personality-ful person you are!

Sometimes I wish you were more cooperative, but I truly love who you are. You are beautiful inside and out. 

Stubborn, nooo more bites!, blueberrybananayogurtface and all.

I love you love you love you.



  1. Girls are DEFINITLEY not easier than boys. My firstborn (now nearing 3) is a girl, who is GO GO GO GO GO all the time. My 9 month old son is just like india in the joyous happy nature, and while he's a busy boy, he's nowhere as raucous as his sister!

    1. Yes, go go go no stopping stopping is terrible don't even stop to punctuate let's keep going go go go! Exhausting.

  2. She is a total peach, that little gal. I can't believe she's already 9 months. I am of the opinion that girls are THREE MILLION times more difficult than boys!

    1. I can't either - this year has flown! And argh! Three million is a lot! I was all prepared for the girl to be calmer and easier.

  3. The pictures in this post are amazing!!!!!

  4. Aww, I love her expression in the last one! What an adorable little (future) hellion!

  5. that made me laugh and tear up at the same time. It all goes by so fast. The notes to the kids at each milestone are so fantastic. They won't get a better gift ever. She's just gorgeous, blueberries, yogurt and all.

  6. Nine months? Are you kidding me? She was just a little smoosh-faced newborn, I swear it.


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