Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So if you see me with a dark brown, crumbly mustache, would you please call me out on it?

I was recently reacquainted with Oreos.

How had I entirely forgotten my deep and abiding love of these little round circles of delight?

(And on a side note, my dad used to absolutely love Hydrox cookies. I liked them but didn't have a preference. Do any of you remember Hydrox?)

A few months ago I'd bought those peanut butter Girl Scout cookies from my friend Marta's daughter, and Jordan gobbled them up. And ever after, in his mind, cookies have to have two sides.

I've since given him sham one-sided cookies (read: cookies) and he immediately calls them out as imposters.


So I was at the store and saw Oreos - two sided! Stuff in the middle! and bought them. And then I came home and ate most of them.

Honestly. I've been on this appalling Oreo kick. I've practically been mainlining them. Yikes. That's a terrible vision. I can't even watch when I have blood taken. I definitely woudn't be able to inject Oreos.

But anyway, I have been on this Oreo bender, and it has to stop. I bought them for Jordan and I think he had maybe 10 of them total.

(I initially typed "toadal" instead of "total" and then was all amused with myself. He had to eat them in his hated frog costume and croak in between each one. Toadally. And I do realize frogs and toads are different. Although I don't know how.)


I bought another package, because he kept asking for them and I kept telling him we were out, which was embarrassing but true.

So now Jordan and I share an adoration of Oreos (because who doesn't?), and last night, when he was getting a post-dinner treat, we decided to blow India's mind and introduce her to Oreos.

We gave her one. She looked at it. She turned it over and around. She patted it. It took her a while to decide to pull it apart.

And here I'd like to ask how you eat your Oreos, if you do.

Because they both immediately scraped the white stuff out of the middle and ate that. In fact, India was not much interested in the cookies. We've held off on sweet stuff for her, so I think she sees cookies as kind of a novelty.

I don't remember scraping the white stuff out as a kid, although I think that's what kids do in the commercials. Do most kids do this?

Me, I have never been particularly interested in the white stuff, and the idea of Double Stuff cookies grosses me out.  Actually, mostly I scrape out the white stuff and get rid of it and just eat the cookie. I like to dip it in tea.

I am, however, going on an Oreo detox shortly. Because this is ridiculous.


  1. i adore oreos too and tend to just shovel them in my mouth three or four at a time. The kids are so adorable but I mostly love your comment to your poor hubby: MOVE YOUR BIG HAND. ha ha!

    1. Hahahahaha! I was wondering if anyone would notice that!

  2. I am addicted to whole foods oreos, which are called something lame like "creme circles" but they are divine. If I only loved the cookie part, I'd be fine, but I loooove the filling. Plus, the WF ones, come in oreo and then vanilla chocolate combo, so you can enjoy so many combinations....vanilla cookie, chocolate cookie, each half with filing, whole cookie together. Repeat. I had a Newman's Own oreo last week and spit it in the trash. My tastebuds aren't even that discerning, they were just awful.

    1. I tried to reply to this several times earlier and it wouldn't give me the comment box. Grr!

      I LOVE vanilla cookies. I so appreciate the recommendation. Yum yum yum! And I love Newman's stuff, so I also appreciate the warning. Oh, Paul. Sigh.

  3. The video is precious! India and Jordan are so sweet, aww.

    I love Oreos, they are the only store-bought cookies I will eat. Chips Ahoy? Kiebler? Imposters! I have a strict home-baked or Oreo cookie only consumption policy. I don't buy Oreos often but when I do, I go to Walgreens because they sell Oreos one sleeve at a time versus and entire package (3 rows of cookies). As a single lady, this is helpful and prevents me from eating ab entire package of Oreo's over time.

    As a kid and adult, I only eat Oreos with milk. You're right - on the commercials the kiddos would lick the white filling. Double-stuff Oreos, ew, too much of a good thing. The trick to a perfectly saturated Oreo - not too crunchy and not so soaked that it breaks and falls into the milk - is to dip the cookie all the way into the milk and watch the bubbles. When the bubbles subside, your oreo is ready to eat. Well, at least with 2% cow's milk which is the only milk I drink. So, you need to start with the right glass so you can dip the cookie in the milk properly.

    It may be scary how much information I was able to share about Oreos just now. But I love them, delightful cookies. Enjoy. Thanks for sharing the video of your sweet kids - warms my heart!

    1. I love that you have a cookie policy. Love! We don't buy a lot of cookies - mostly Fig Newtons, really. I will remember the single sleeve - thanks!

      And since we didn't grow up with milk (or rather, we had powdered milk) we weren't really dippers. I love dipping things in sweet, milky tea, but that's about it. But I also love that you have a protocol for dipping so as to get the optimal bites.

      Love you, Heather!

  4. As kids, my brother and I used to pierce our Oreos through the middle with a fork and then dunk them in milk.

  5. oh! i looooved hydrox; particularly the ones with the little dot of strawberry icing within the icing-icing. the filling of oreos is way too sweet for me, even as a kid. hence the hydrox love. declan gets the "who nu" brand of 'chocolate sandwich cookie', as they claim to have nutrients and such. i'm not sure why i'm sharing all of this. i'll see myself out...

    1. Ohh! Never had the ones with a dot of strawberry icing! My dad always got the regular ones. Yes, the Oreo filling is very sweet. And kind of greasy.

      Who Nu? With nutrients? Huh! Will check it out!

      Avoid the dolphins!

  6. OMG, I want an OREO. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
    And, Hydrox are just not the same...my mom used to buy them, too...we used to call her out on it! :)

  7. We've lived in our current house almost 2 years now. 1-3 times per week, the air around our house smells like fresh baked cookies. I finally remembered to ask a neighbor about it last week, and she told it me it IS cookies. I guess the Nabisco plant is very near my house, and I'm smelling freshly baked Oreos! Now to get to taste a freshly made Oreo... :)

  8. Loved this video. Your children are so cute and so polite!!

  9. 1) I twist them apart, and try to keep all the cream intact on one cookie.
    2) I then eat the non-creamed cookie
    3) I then try to eat the cookie out from underneath the cream, if at all possible maintaining the cream in one piece.
    4) Then I eat the cream.

    This is easier with double stuf.

    Also, FYI, Differences between frogs and toads: http://allaboutfrogs.org/weird/general/frogtoad.html



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