Friday, May 17, 2013

Touch to believe, 80's delight, and my Midwestern roots

  1. I came across this bra at Target. I didn't quite know how to think about it. I'm going to assume that the invitation "touch to believe"is aimed at the potential purchaser.  Like, reach over, touch this on the hanger, and then try it on and be all thrilled that it's that comfortable and strapless or whatever.

    Because I'm fairly cavalier about my breasts, such as they are, and even so I wouldn't walk around with that kind of open invitation.
  2. A friend of mine gave me this fabulous spiky bracelet, which the teenager inside of me jumped up and down and screamed over. Do you know how hard I would've loved that in the 80s? With my Cyndi Lauper shaved hair and my neon green Relax shirt and my Billy Idol sneer (which I can still do, in case you're wondering)?

    Do you know how much my son loves it? So much. Sometimes he wears it, and sometimes he just kind of caries it around like his Precioussssss.

    And sometimes he adds it a tower of his today-favorite things:
  3. In the favorite things category, I got new sneaks for the Out of Darkness walk, which at this point is two weeks(!) away.
    I'm working my way through thank-you notes. I'm still overwhelmed and so very touched by the incredibly generous and kind response I've gotten. I mean, I upped my goal to $6,000, and I've almost hit it, which I find incredible.

    I've also received notes from people who are not in a position to give money, and have written to offer emotional support. It makes my heart happy. People are beautiful and amazing.

    A friend asked me the other day about how I'm training for it, and I was all, "Training? Huh." It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to walk 18 miles, overnight or no.

    Basically, I'm operating on the assumption that my general fitness level and my extreme Midwestern-Scandinavian stubbornness will carry me through.


  1. You are TOTALLY FIt for 18 miles. I am sure you can do it with no training!xxx

    1. Super huge hugs to you! I think so, too. I mean, really. One foot in front of the other. It's not a race.

  2. 18 miles ? piece of cake. Oh! Pretend there is cake at the end. There, you're trained.

    1. Lynn: Haha! You made me laugh! Thank you!
      And Lisa: LOVE that bracelet. You and Jordan have excellent taste.

    2. Lynn: Thank you! I'm trained! And cake! Yes, cake!
      Laura: Why, thank you. My friend at work had a bracelet like that and I coveted it and the next time she came across one, she got it for me. I love love love it, although it is actually a little pokey. Hard to cross your arms. But I feel totally tough in it. :)

  3. I can totally do the Billy Idol sneer still too. But, to be fair, it's just a modified Elvis lip. . . .


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