Monday, May 06, 2013

Which might formerly have been called, oh, Tuesday. If remarked upon at all.

Typically our weekend nights are much like our weeknights, and we're in bed by 10 or 10:30 because dear God, sleep is precious. And the wee savages are relentless.

But every once in a while, you just have to throw caution to the wind and go ahead and carpe the diem  - or noctem (I looked it up) - as the case may be.

Last Friday, we had a glass of wine after dinner (uh, not so much on the 15-day experiment...but there were extenuating circumstances like children and the Kentucky Derby and the deliciousness of mint juleps, which we may have Cinco de Mayo'd with as well. I do, however plan to try it of these sometime soons.) We sat outside, as it was lovely and clear - Nick in shorts and a t-shirt (Oh! The delightful briskness!) and me in jeans and a down jacket (Brr! It's fucking May motherweatherfuckers!) and then alas, it was  somewhere past 10 pm, which, as I said, is pumpkin time.

Except! Nick made the bold and unexpected proposal of television! He suggested it somewhat furtively, as if proposing we skulk off to do something dirty.

Incautiously, I said, yes, oh, yes! Television. I miss you so.

So we went upstairs and turned on the TV and there on the Netflix screen was the Hunger Games! Do you know how long I've been waiting to see it and haven't because my TV-watching companion AKA husband is never interested? But Nick was amenable!

(And I know this is now such old news, but Peeta was so much cuter when I read the books.)

So suddenly and inexplicably it was midnight(!) and I suggested we finish the movie another time and Nick said, "Let's keep watching. I'll get up with the kids."

The odds were ever in my favor!

It was the parently crazy late hour of 12:30 by the time we were crawling in bed...and then, then although this is not that kind of blog, there was some S-E-X, which I only mention because this was how wild and crazy our night was.

And then it was insanely late and I was all, now that we've been this insanely careless with our sleep, I feel like we should totally inject heroine into our eyeballs.


  1. hahahahaaaa...... this post deserved every single "h" and "a".

  2. Well, it sounds perfect! You've got all week to catch up on the lost sleep now!!

    1. Yes, during the week is the perfect time to do so. :)

  3. You're going to inject heroine? Well, make sure you choose a good one, and not, like, Bella Swan or something.

    Sorry. I couldn't resist.

    1. Oh, rats! I meant to look that up as well. Clearly I don't know enough about heroin. Especially because I always want to spell it herion. Or heroine.

      But thank you for clearing this up. Seriously. I suspect I'll remember now.

      And no, not Bella. Katniss is on my mind. Maybe Thursday Next?

  4. Ha ha! Love it. TV AND S-E-X? Did you pull out the tassles and go-go boots? Sadly it doesn't necessaily improve. Last night we had the wine fix, and then at 9:45 agreed that although this would be a perfect moment for further drugs and sex, we collapsed, snoring, into bed. Wild middle aged times, eh?!!!

    1. Alas, I do not own tassles OR go-go boots. Surely this is further indication of what might be wrong with my life...

      I like my life, and I am happier (read: less teen-angsty) than I was in high school, but I would give almost anything for one brief gin-soaked evening dancing at the Gung with you and the rest of our AESers! I wish I still had that awesome mixed tape of Vikas's.

  5. I have it! I have it! and alas, I have no tape player!!! But the tape is stored safely and as soon as I get a tape player I will burn a copy for you!


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