Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Conversations with my four-year old

Out of the blue:

"I don't like Daddy."

"You don't like Daddy? Why not?"

"His poops are really stinky!"

Stuck in traffic:

"It's taking a very long time to get there! Is this traffic?"

"This is terrible traffic."

"Well. This is really irritating."

At the DMV:

"Mama, this isn't a disgusting stinky bathroom like you said was going to happen."

"You are right. It's clean."

"It's clean!  Are you going to poop?"

Dressing for success:

"If I open my bead necklaces and connect them, I can make a belt!"

"You certainly can."

"Look! I'm putting on my belt! It's purple! And gold! And red!!"

"It's beautiful! What a colorful belt!"

"And now I'm going to go to work!"



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