Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aargh! and a question

So here's the thing. My cell phone died on Friday, or anyway, I thought it did. The screen went white, and that was that.

Which is annoying. It just got tired, really.

Now, I could probably get a PDA with my new job, and that's a conversation I'll have Monday, so I didn't immediately rush out to replace it. But then this morning I started thinking. . .Do I really want to encourage people to think I'm accessible at any moment? Do I want to have all my personal calls and texts on a work PDA?

And even though I'm not dialing phone porn or anything, the answer to both was no.

Then I thought, maybe it's just the battery. So I stopped at AT&T today. They put in a new battery, and determined that actually, it's just that, my screen is dead. Because when they turned it on, the chime saying I had new text messages rang. I just couldn't see them.

I do occasionally have a screen, but only for maybe a minute here and there. And when a screen shows up and my phone is closed, it appears both upside down and backwards.

Once they figured out it's just my screen, I tried calling one of the few numbers I actually know - and it worked. I can call out, and I can get calls. The problem here is that I only really know three people's phone numbers at this point in my life. It's shocking, you know? I barely know my own number.

So here's where I am. At least I have a phone if I have an emergency, and now I'm trying to figure out what kind of phone to buy. I've had several Nokia phones, and stuck with them because I know the interface and I really just need a basic phone. And knowing I can just pick up another Nokia phone and know how to use it without screwing around with it for 37 minutes to figure it out is kind of nice.

That said, I'd kind of love a pink one - and I don't think they make pink ones. Plus there are cuter phones. But I don't actually need a cute phone, and nor do I need a phone that's also a GPS and a karaoke machine. I just need to call out, get calls, and text. I could just stick with very basic, whatever you get for as close to free. But I kind of don't want to.

Do any of you have cute, not super complicated phone recommendation? If so, I'd love to hear them. I realize this isn't the biggest decision of my life, but I hate trying to choose technology.


  1. Um, all I do is sit around and fantasize about having an iPhone. No, seriously. Okay okay, I also eat and work and socialize, but the fantasizing about getting an iPhone is way up there in the "things that constantly occupy my mind" category. I'm fully aware of the fact that my comment in no way helps you, but I just thought I'd let you know that I think having a pink phone is totally necessary :)

  2. I like my LG flip phone. It's got my initials on it for one thing. The Baby has a cool red Samsung that she likes very much.

    My phone is the typical grey and black, but I like the shape of it and it's held up to the beating it takes.

  3. A phone is something you keep for a few years... so 37 min or whatever it takes to get used to a new phone really doesn't amount to much amortized out.

    Personally, any time I need to get a new phone, I also consider switching carriers... especially now that you can keep your phone number if/when you switch. In DC, I'm kind of tied to Verizon because of the whole Metro thing.

    Personally, I've had pretty good luck with both Motorola and LG phones... beyond that, I go with the cheapest phone that fits well in my hands. Cute, I don't really care about...

  4. I am having a sordid affair with my Black Cherry Chocolate, by LG. Don't know how available they are for AT&T users, but I think the Strawberry Chocolate might be just the shade of pink you were looking for. :o)

  5. Nicole - Hahaha! I appreciate the moral support on the pink phone business. I think an iPhone would carry immense guilt for me - I don't need it and they're spendy. Even though they're ohsocool.

    DCup - I was going to say if The Baby can figure it out, I can too, but I know that's not necessarily true. I'm sure she's more technologically savvy than me. Even though she's what, all of 9?

    VVK - Oh, you make a good point. I will have it for a while. Which is also the reason I'm twitchy about getting something new. What if I don't like it? I hadn't thought about switching, either...Argh - more to think about!

    Dag - Those phones sound so delicious. I buy wine because of cute animals on the bottle, so I can't say I wouldn't buy a phone because of it's flavor...

  6. for what it's worth, my current phone is a black LG Chocolate from Verizon. I got it because it was the cheapest non-flip phone that wasn't really crappy. The only thing I don't like about the Chocolate is that the buttons are a tad small for my big fingers... but I don't think that'll be a problem for you.

  7. *random commenter*
    I actually just had to replace my phone over Christmas, and if you shop online for the actual phone, it's typically free, if you're starting a new plan or are willing to add on to a current plan.
    My old phone was an LG that they don't even make anymore and I had to get it replaced twice in a year and a half.
    My new one is a Samsung Black Stripe that I found on T-mobile (and it was free online - and free overnight shipping - when I switched my number over for new service) that I like very much.

  8. I have the iPhone. I've had it for a few months now and I have to say, my guilt about it is fading away quite nicely. Though I have now fallen into the "always reachable by phone and email" category with friends and work and school, I've discovered that just because I can check my email while I'm walking down the street doesn't mean I have to respond to it. It was an important lesson for me to learn.

    Also, Apple makes a lovely pink case for the iPhone. I'm just sayin'. :-)

  9. Don't get the Razr. THey look good but the menus aren't very intuitive and who has time to read the whole manual?

    I got one and have been stuck with it for almost two years (contract almost up). Also, I paid almost $300 when I got it and now they are free I think, which doesn't make me very happy. It makes me want to punch Bill Gates in the nuts. I know he's Microsoft, not Motorola, but I'd still like to nut-punch him.

  10. I have to say, I totally get the whole "Do I really want to encourage people to think I'm accessible at any moment?" This is sooo something to consider!!

    Due to a previous job, I really did have to be accessible all the time, so I bought a Blackberry Pearl. The first few days, I loved the little beep when I had a new email, etc. But, it was like it was hanging over me by week two. It seemed I always had to check it - and it got to be kinda like I couldn't be involved w/ what was actually going on around me b/c I had to check my dang email all the time.

    I have a basic Samsung now that I really like. Granted, the Pearl broke week 3 - dropped it once and it hasn't turned on since. But, I like the freedom of being away from a computer!!

  11. Oh yeah...I totally get the cute pink-ness requirement, and for the same reason, wanted the red Razr. I'm kind of disappointed that HIN's comment above was negative on the phone. My personal pet peeve with cell phones is the antenna. They're just not necessary, and get stuck and/or bent in my purse. Functional or cute? Tough call.

  12. I have an LG 8600 and I love it.

    Do NOT, whatever you do, purchase a Motorola!

  13. Yeah, I got my last two cell phones off Just look for a cell phone listed for sale in your area. You can usually get a good one for a decent price. Just make sure it's compatible with your sim card.

  14. VVK - Yah - our fingers are vastly different sizes. If that's your only issue, then it's a good recommendation.

    Undercoverelizabeth - Online is a very good idea. I just looked and prices seem to be better (or free!)

    Peace Turkey - Unhelpful! So tempting! I didn't need to know about the pink case! :)

    HIN - I'm OK with you punching him in the nuts, if that's what you really want to do. Although violence is bad karma, isn't it? I do need an intuitive menu, which is what I like about Nokia.

    Canaan - It's a huge concern of mine, particularly since I tend to jump when work people ask, even if it's not urgent.

    Susan - The pink Razr is a phone I had in mind. I'm not sure what to think - people either seem to love or hate them - no ambivalence.

    Valerie - OK. Thanks for the input!

    Amisare - Hmm. I've bought tons of things on secondhand but it would never occur to me to not get a phone from a store! But that's totally an option!

  15. I am pretty partial to my Blackberry, but I got the 8700 and it doesn't have a lot of cute accessories. The Curve, on the other hand, has an orange case that I am dying to get so that I can justify trading up for a Curve.

    Of course, I'm also hearing impaired so texting/e-mail is my biggest method of communication. As far as being always reachable? Doesn't happen. I can choose to reply or not reply and quite often, I choose not.

  16. Get a cheap Verizon tosser for a personal phone for texts, and phone porn if curiosity gets the best of you one Sunday afternoon when the Post isn't doing it's job, with unlimited minutes. AND USE THE PDA JUST FOR WORK. I meant to shout that as one who HAS BEEN BROUGHT LOW BY A NAUGHTY TEXTS INADVERTANTLY SENT TO A CO WORKER.

    Congrats on the new gig! @>-----

  17. I had a Samsung which was the tiniest model out there at the time (and I thought "light in my handbag", right?) Hated it. A bitch to text on. I also had a Palm Pilot. This summer my hard drive fried out on the home computer, and I lost all of my data, including the PP stuff, and I thought, "That's it." Hello new computer and iPhone. I love the iPhone. I had done my homework and read these things about lousy connections and dropped calls, but frankly I haven't experienced it anymore than another cell phone, and it is so great for so many things and has such easy to use features. I can't recommend it enough.

    P.S. I am so done with PDA's.

  18. if you haven't gotten a phone yet, i would highly recommend the sony w580i. its pink, cute, light, and a lovely design, right down to the cute little lites along the side of the phone. i have it in black. the only disadvantage i've found is that if you keep your nails long... then the top row of keys (1,2,3) might be irritating to text with. i adapted to it quickly.


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