Monday, January 28, 2008

I have no idea

My dreams are always weird, but this one stands out for the oddity of content.

And here's why. I had this dream that I slept with this high school boy. Most of my friends in high school were having sex, and I just happened to be a big prude, so high school kids having sex is neither news to me nor shocking. What's shocking is that I never slept with anyone in high school while I was in high school.

And, I mean, I still haven't. Except in this weird dream.

I cannot even begin to remember how the dream started, or where I'd meet a random high school boy, or how a conversation or anything else would ever get to the point where he'd be like, you know, I'd really like to lose my virginity. And I'd be all, OK! That sounds great!

Because nothing about that sounds great. No matter how cute some teenage boy might be, he's just that - a boy. A kid.


I don't even think the dream included anything about meeting him, and actually, it wasn't even about sex. The focus, rather, was this. I slept over at his house. Or rather, his parents' house. Yes, that's right - his parents' house. Because he was in high school.

And in the morning, I had to face his parents. Really, I only had to face his mother. His dad was all kinds of thrilled for him and delighted with me.

But his mom? She was very upset. Not surprisingly. And so I had this long conversation with her, in her living room, about how I could completely understand why she was so upset. I would absolutely feel the same way she did. She had every right to be. Because it was totally unreasonable, and really, made no sense at all.

And during this entire conversation, the dad was sitting in his living room chair, beaming, pleased as all hell.

It's twisted and pervy and makes me feel dirty.

What? The? Hell?


  1. OMG, which boy? I dreamt last night that I was 9 months pregnant and had a baby girl. I woke up thinking What? The? Hell? too.

  2. Your description of dream dad reminded me of a thought I have every time I hear about some poor teenage boy hooking up with(i.e., "being sexually abused by") an older woman. I'm no therapist . . . and I'm sure there are some reasons it's illegal . . . and I realize up front that I have a double standard and am instantly troubled by stories of teen girls hooking up with much older men . . . but I struggle to imagine a teen boy who's not in heaven when he hooks up with an older woman. I'm on the same page with dream dad on this one. What's dream mom so upset about? How did she explain her angst in the dream? Surely she knows her dream son loved every instant he spent with you!

  3. That's a strange dream! I'd just ignore it as a blip on your psyche's screen.

    But then, if I had that dream about somone specific, like The Dancer's really cute male friends who are 16-19, I'd be totally skeezed out.

    That dad thing seems quite realistic, though. Yikes!

  4. Have you recently watched Birth (Kidman) or Notes on a Scandal (Blanchett)? In the past I've had dreams reminiscent of movie scenes or characters.

  5. Wow.



    Nothin'. I got nothin'.

  6. I'm dying laughing over here. Check out: to analyze it. I don't know you well enough to go look it up for you. I think it might be crossing some kind of boundry. I don't know what boundry, but I know it's there.

  7. I've had more weird sex dreams than I can count -- the kinds where you wake up and wonder, "geez, where did THAT come from? What is WRONG with me?" The truth is, I think deep down, we're all twisted and pervy and dirty.

  8. DD'sD - Ha - nobody I've ever actually know! And wow - I was going to ask if you wanted to have another kid, but then I realized that would be like you asking if I wanted to sleep with teenagers.

    FRM - I don't know. I wonder if most men would agree with you? As a woman, though, I think both are equally upsetting and creepy. I just don't understand these teachers who do this, and I feel like it's predatory behavior, no matter what the gender.

    DCup - Yikes all around. The good news is, I don't know any teenagers, and this one was totally fictional.

    HKW - No, neither, although a friend of mine asked that after I told her about this dream as well! I do want to see Notes on a Scandal.

    Rich - Yeah, I know. Creepy.

    Canaan - I will definitely spend some time reading! Thanks!

    Wendy - Well, that certainly makes me feel better. Because I really do wake up feeling aberrant.

  9. I'm confident that most men would agree with me . . . but many would be ashamed to admit their double-standard for "abuse" of boys vs. girls. I've had countless conversations with guy friends, usually around the time that a new story breaks on a teen boy hooking up with an older female, where we were all like "Oh, poor, poor, poor 14 yr. old boy . . . being forced to bang his super-hot 28 yr. old teacher!"

    I'm not a father, but I suspect that if I was, I'd be furious and devastated if an adult messed with my daughter . . . but I'd probably feel much the same way as your dream dad with respect to my son, so long as the adult was of my son's preferred gender. I'd be upset by a woman messing with my son if he were gay . . . and I'd be upset with a guy messing with my son if my son were straight. But otherwise, I'd probably be happy for my son's stud-liness! I know, I'm sort-of messed up . . . but I'm not alone in my mess . . . .

  10. Haha, while I get why this dream is a little pervy, it definitely made me laugh. I'm really close friends with one of the guys who works for me at my day camp and he's still in high school (I'm only 22 though, which is still an unlikely friendship, but we're not sleeping together so it doesn't fall under creep-tastc haha), and this post totally made me think of his dad, who I'm sure really would be thrilled if something happened between us.


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