Monday, January 21, 2008

Man cold

Maude and Dan directed me to this piece of British comedy and I think it's hilarious. So did Betty. My dad, not so much.

I have a feeling that women will find this funnier than men. . .And this is not to say that this behavior is restricted to men. I might have to admit to being a little high-maintenance when ailing.

Anyway, hope you are all staying warm on this cold cold MLK day.


  1. Haha... that is funny... I want that sort of treatment for my 'man cold'.


  2. Oh, so do I. I'm feeling crummy and I really want a bell to ring and someone to say "poor little bunny" to me.

  3. Lisie, I just wanted to let you know that Walker found this really funny, and I didn't. Maybe not a gender thing? (though, maybe?) I never get British humor (humour?), really. The poor little bunny comment even made me kinda squirm. Ew.


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