Monday, January 07, 2008

You’re my favorite waste of time

Does anyone remember that song from the 80s? I don’t know who sings it but I loved it at the time.

First of all, thank you all for commiserating and offering support. I'll respond to comments later. I did appreciate them, just forced myself to stay out of personal email and (mostly) off-line except for researching things I needed.

So I got done what I needed to, but with an inordinate amount of caffeine, stress and angst. I vowed to change things next time. But by this age, I am pretty certain I’m lying to myself.

I realize that this will be astoundingly unhelpful for those of you who suffer from the same fuckaroundiness and angst that I do. But hey, if you’re going to waste time in tiny increments, each moment intending to actually turn to the task you’re supposed to be focusing on, why not waste those moments on fun?

To that end, here are some of my faves:
Shopbop - Spendy, trendy, endless fun. And no tax and free shipping!
What dog are you? - Go to the site and click Game in the top left to figure out what dog you’d be. I'd be an Italian Greyhound. They were bred as Roman lap dogs. And yes, I think that suits me just fine.
Test your reflexes – I finally got up to 10 seconds and was thrilled. My biggest issue seems to be crashing into the walls in panic. Why approaching squares would cause panic I do not know.

Have fun! And if you do the dog thing, buy a spendy treat, or get really good at the reflex test, please let me know! Unless any of these cause you to miss a deadline. I have plenty of my own guilt to contend with.


  1. Holy Crap! The dog I was given is the mascot from my school. Weird!

  2. I HATE you for linking me to that reflexes thing. God. OBSESSION. But I'm terrible. How did you EVER get to TEN seconds?!

    Why am I yelling at you? Sorry, haha.

  3. The original artist: Marshall Crenshaw.

  4. Jeez. Did I miss something? Let me read back.

    Hi, though.

  5. 11.406 seconds! Woot!

    And I'm a pug. Charming, intelligent, and tolerant :)

  6. Holy.hell.

    I came up as a Saluki. From *IRAN*.

  7. I'm a Leonberger. (Wikipedia link)

    Apparently that means that I don't drool and am good with children.

  8. HIN - That IS weird! Hopefully a dog you like.

    Nicole - You'll get there if you, like me, do it over and over and over. And I can't blame you for yelling. It's a time suck.

    Anon - Huh?

    Rich - Just procrastination, nothing big.

    Valerie - Ugh! I can't get past 10 with lots of effort!

    Justin - Wow - that's so you! I have to look up this dog.

    VVK - Both of those things are definitely true. Plus that looks like a really nice dog!

  9. I was a keeshond, a.k.a., the fat pomeranian (seriously. This is what the game told me). I think I take offense, not only to being likened to a squeaky looking fluff ball of a dog, but the a fat version of such. Though, i think they do look cuddly.

  10. Ooh, Moosie, that would annoy me! I'd re-take it and change my answers slightly. Because I'm like that.

  11. Glad you got your work done!

    Chloe loved your procrasination post. She told me that she read it three times she needed to procrastinate so badly.


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