Monday, May 12, 2008

The National Cathedral: four thousand and a few words

We, like much of DC, trekked up to the National Cathedral on Friday night to see the work of Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter.

I was ready to be all, "Sure, whatever, a slide show on the side of a building."

But it was really amazing. I particularly liked the way the trees got all trippy in the swirly colored light. And that's all I've got to say about that.


  1. wow, that looks amazing! no idea that was going on. is it a traveling show or a special occasion thing for the cathedral?

  2. That is so cool!

  3. Oh! I'm sorry I missed this....I'm so out of the loop, culturally. But it looks like it was amazing.

  4. This is pretty cool. Oh, and I really, really want to go to DC.

  5. MrsMac - I don't know much about him, but this page talks about him and his work and gives a link to his site, which has very cool pics of monuments around the world:

    Ex-DCup - I know!

    FreckledK - It really was. We went last minute and I'm so glad we did.

    Nicole - Come visit!

  6. Oh, wow, how crazy cool. You lucky duck! Thank you for taking pictures, it must have been hard to take your eyes off the show.

    Really beautiful.


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