Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding hair, or the lengths to which one goes

I got up extra early this morning to choose an outfit and do my makeup.

Those who know me know I rarely wear makeup to work, and I don't spend a lot of time on my outfits. Half the time I choose the nearest, cleanest thing and sprint out the door. OK, more than half the time.

I do if I have big meetings or am going out for lunch or going out after work. But usually I don't bother. It's a combination of rolling out of bed as late as possible, the fact that my workplace is not dressy.

So this morning, when I actually went to the effort of putting on concealer and eyeliner and mascara, Nick was all, "Wow! You changed your makeup! It looks great!"

When actually the change was makeup. And a cute outfit.

So my boss also complimented me on how I look today, and asked if I'm going out tonight. Do I have an event?

Absolutely I have an event. I'm getting my hair done. I am terrified of winding up with frumpy hair. You have to look as cute as possible when you go to the salon. I have said this before and it's endlessly true.

They do your hair the way they think you are. Frumpy? They'll frump your hair. Trendy? Cute trendy hair.


Also, I want him to think my opinion can be trusted. That I have taste that shouldn't be overridden. Because this happens, you know.

I get really nervous on salon days. Some people find it relaxing. I find it very stressful. I have wound up with some crazy-ass short hair. With surprise bangs. With color I hated.

I invariably wind up with it at least a little shorter than I want. Usually this is fine with me. But not always, and not right now.

So the last time I went to the salon a friend had given me the following advice: "Say you want wedding hair. Nobody fucks around with wedding hair."

I said, "Hey! Big news! I got engaged!"

He was the first person to say out loud, "Wow, that was really fast."

So after we discussed the fastness of it I said, "So I'm getting married in September. And I want wedding hair."

He knew exactly what I was talking about.

He trimmed it as little as possible, and gave me conservative blonde highlights.

It turns out wedding hair = long hair. And it seems to be true - nobody fucks around with wedding hair.

So "wedding hair" is my phrase of the afternoon. And I'm going to touch up my makeup before I go.

Fingers crossed.


  1. wedding hair, love that. usually means long, natural hair, right? i've found newlywed hair is short and easy to take care of. something to look forward too.

  2. Oh, mrsmac, I love you. I am going to grow it as long as possible and then I really would like to chop it super short - like, boy short, after the wedding. Either that or dye it platinum. Some drastic change, because I'm getting kind of tired of the conservative blonde bob.

  3. I always wear too much make-up to get my hair done. You know after they shampoo you and comb it out and you are sitting there like a drowned rat dripping slightly... that is terrifying when one is fresh faced and make-up free. Bad for the self esteem.

    I have a good pal who is getting married in a few months, and her stylist who used to screw her hair up on a shockingly semi-annual basis has been ever so careful since she announced her engagement.

  4. funny. everyone seems to grow their hair out for their wedding and then chop it off afterwards. it's like the pre-wedding hair, and then the post-wedding, newly wed hair. wonder why that is...

  5. do it lisa! one of my friends had her hair down to her ass for her wedding. the week after the honeymoon, chin length. while mine wasn't as long, i chopped at least 5 inches off of mine after the honeymoon and added some fun highlights. freedom!

  6. Maiden Metallurgist - You are exactly right - you sit there dripping like a drowned rat, feeling so unattractive. It is amazing - I think it must be that people are afraid of brides-to-be freaking out.

    h - I had no idea this was a phenomenon. But it makes sense to me now!

    mrsmac - Wow - that's a huge change! I wouldn't be doing anything I haven't done before. Might post pics of platinum and boy short and see what people think...

  7. There is so much true about this post! Hip outfit does equal hip hair (I followed that advice when you first gave it) and asking for wedding hair does equal long- the hairdresser stopped longing for my old pixie when I was engaged (to expensive to keep up with all of the other money stuff).
    I'm not sure how to break the "pregnant" thing to him- I'm worried about "mom hair", that's a straight cut bob or something equally practical.

  8. I can't believe I'm about to opine here, but:

    I think that "wedding" = long because more often than not, women end up with their hair (or some portion of it) on top of their heads, which is easier to do/manage/decorate when the hair is long. Long means options, which is usually desirable.

    While I definitely think you are among the relatively small portion of women who could rock the very-short hair, I feel compelled to mention that you're pretty darn cute with the conservative blonde bob, so don't hate on it too much. Although platinum would certainly be interesting.

    All I'm saying is: pictures.

  9. Women and their hair... weird. I'm not sure I'm meant to understand it.

    I'd ask the guy who cuts my hair... but I'd look funny talking to myself about women's hair.

  10. I'm going to have to pretend to be engaged from here on out. I went in for a trim last night and came out with a chop.

  11. Mary - The fact that you are fretting about breaking "pregnant" to your stylist makes me laugh. I'd be wondering the same thing. Mine is now long enough for a straight cut bob, which he did last night. I like it, and I'd be ok with this as mom hair.

    WiB - Hey, thanks! I do like the bob, I'm just kid of bored. I will dig them up. They aren't digital. As for options - yes, that's what I'd like for the wedding. If I want to pull it back and stick flowers in, I'd like to be able to, which I certainly can't do now.

    VVK - Heh heh, please ask him! You could be all, dude, what is it with women and hair? And then you could put the electric razor down and reply, um, I dunno.

    FreckledK - Owie - I hate those surprises. I bet you look really cute, though.


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