Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Showers of the wedding and the ablution variety

Before launching into the soap and water shower topic, which was prompted by a comment FreckledK left on yesterday's post, I feel the need to update you on The Shower issue.

Because as you know, I was feeling like a bitter little lemon.

Nick called older sister and said he had to be very candid, and that the shower was turning into a big issue when it didn't need to be. He said that my friends and I are just not traditional shower people, and while I appreciate their generous offer, the girly shower just doesn't fit my personality.

And she said the younger sister is going through crazy pregnancy hormone shifts, and so the "just suck it up you don't know what you're talking about" can be dismissed. And that really, they just want to do something nice for me, and have time to get to know each other.

So now we are going to figure out what we'd like to do together, and I am looking forward to spending time with them.

Yay for straightforwardness! Straightforwardidity? Straightforwardocity?

As for soap and water showers: I am all about the efficiency and not about the romance.

I love showers, and prefer them to baths, but I really don't like to share. I know some people think showering together is romantic, or like having someone else wash their hair or soap them up.

Not me. I like to wash my own hair and scrub my own bits.

Some of this is temperature. I like my water scalding hot, hotter than any man can ever bear. I don't want to compromise and take a tepid shower, which you have to do if it's too hot for the other person.

I get cold if I'm out of the shower stream, which you invariably are at some point if you're sharing. Nick is a whole foot taller than me, so we can actually share the shower and both be mostly under the stream of water, but it means that I'm squinting and snorfling water up my nose the whole time.

Plus I have an order in which I do things. Shampoo, conditioner, face stuff - I love Never a Dull Moment from Origins, soap up my body, rinse everything off. I like to get in, let the products that need to sit stay on for the appropriate amount of time, rinse off, get out, and get dry.

No malingering, no la la la this is so fun! Let's stay in here till we prune! Not for me!


  1. woot! woot! yay about the shower update!

    as for regular showers, i'm with you. it's my me time. :-)

  2. Phew, big relief on the compromise. I shall take my dislike of the sisters.

    And the showering with another person? I've obviously done it, but I'm like you, all "it's cold out here waiting for you to wash your business." The only way this would work is if I had one of those wonderful, double headed showers. Although then I'd probably just be a selfish little brat and want both shower heads on me at once with no second person...

  3. I think this is why they invented those shower stalls with nozzles on opposite walls. Either that, or they are for people who are too lazy to turn around to rinse off their back.

  4. That's a good expl. I was a little worried about the in-laws. Those pregnancy hormones are killer, I almost jumped out of a car in the middle of nowhere because "we'd been driving too long". I'm up to about 1 crying fit a month (this is my 4th month) and they are embarrasing and wierd.
    I'm a bath girl, hot as it goes. With a book and a neck pillow. I've forgotten to wash my hair before the water goes tepid sometimes.

  5. mrsmac - I know! Relief!

    Nicole - Hahaha "it's cold out here waiting for you to wash your business!"

    HIN - I guess that makes sense. I've never been in one.

    Mary - Holy cow! Seriously, almost jumped out of the car? There are so many body things I fret about with pregnancy, but I had no idea the hormonal piece was so extreme. I am certain I will be completely nutso. Wow. Good luck with the next five months!

  6. OH- I'm exagerating a bit, I was in tears saying "pull over, I'm tired of being in the car" while going through the middle of cold Eastern Washington desert. So no, I wasn't going for the doorhandle. I didn't know I was pregnant yet, so I didn't have any understanding of what the hell was going on either, I was just miserable.
    Mostly my day to day my emotions are more even - just, sometimes, shit goes south. Physically I'm fantastic, probably because I'm eating better than ever and the lack of booze in my life (Oh red wine- how I miss you).

  7. Um, so Straightforwardidity worked? Really? Yay. Congrats! This might be a world record for the least drama associated with the first potential in-law dispute. Seriously. Did that make sense?

    Anyway, I'm so glad you don't have to go and do something for YOUR wedding that isn't you!

  8. Mary - I'm a big fan of exaggeration for dramatic effect, so I liked your first version better. :) I am glad to hear things are going really well!

    Canaan - Thanks, but there was a LOT of back-end drama before I wrote about the shower the first time. . .And we'll see how this actually pans out. But for now, I'm hopeful!

  9. I'm inspiring. Yay.

    My last boyfriend wanted to shower with me, until he pulled back the shower curtain and saw that I had a smallish tub/shower combo and little in the way of water pressure. Twas not conducive to getting clean or getting dirty.

  10. I love scalding hot showers. I HATE anyone asking me to share.


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