Thursday, October 23, 2008

I do, however, feel like this must be a metaphor for something

This is not germane to anything. Just so you know.

Nick asked me to hand him the scissors the other day.

And I know the proper way to pass a pair of scissors. You close them. You turn the blades toward you. And you hand them to the person handle first.

I know this. I do.

And yet, somehow, I thought it would be helpful to open then, and hand them to him, blades splayed apart, me gripping the handles. Like he'd be able to cut the box open faster this way or something.

Honestly. I gave this conscious thought. And went out of my way to open them first.

He was, not surprisingly, all, "Why are you doing that?"

"To be help...ful?"

Also, I had to try approximately 72 times to draw a pair of scissors that didn't look like testicles with two penises splayed in opposing directions. The drawing skills, they are lacking. In me.


  1. Yes, the skills are lacking Lisa. Couldn't you at least have made your bob blond in the picture? Because you as a black hair stick person, sans stick person skirt, is weirding me out.

  2. Also, this sounds EXACTLY like something you WOULD do... So I am not surprised, just promise that once you procreate, you'll remember that scissors stay closed when handing them to people.

  3. SD, my darling, Here is the thing. I was drawing furtively in my cube using Photoshop. I felt like there should be a picture, but that was the best I could do before someone dropped in all WTF? about the childish stick figures on my screen.

    And I promise. I do.

  4. heh.


    And the mental image of you furtively photoshopping this picture while peeking up out of your cube, wearing your glasses, and looking around to make sure no one sees you engaged in illicit work activities is hilarious. In fact, I imagine that there was probably some Get Smart-esque spy music playing in the background.

    I'm still chuckling about it.

  5. i love that you made him so much taller than you ever as a stick couple

  6. SD - That's exactly what I would like it to be like! And I wait until they've lined up the music just right!

    notsojenny - Ah, even in my stick figure lameness I am aiming for accuracy. :)

  7. As someone who was - I swear to Christ - stabbed in the eye with scissors, I found your illustration to be terrifying.

    Hold me.

  8. Yikes. That is truly terrible. Jeez.

  9. I know, right?

    I'm waiting for the day when I shoot my eye out.

  10. Nonono! I don't even want to think about it, honestly!

  11. It looks like he's calling you "Money", like "g-money", which I think could possibly be the best nickname for you ever.

    Also, are you wearing FLATS in that picture? Hmph!


  12. How about L-money? Can I be L-money?

    As for flats, I was actually barefoot. Otherwise, very high wedges, for sure!

  13. I love how you drew him so much taller than you.

  14. Ha! I just realized that I only gave him one arm, though. Oops.


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