Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In which we have pints at Biddy's, hug random youths in Dupont Circle, and take a lot of pictures of people we do not know

We headed to Biddy's after the reception ended. Because what's better at the end of the night than Guinness? Full of B vitamins and trace amounts of protein! Keeps you strong!Jen and I used to go there often when she lived here, and I'd had spent so many happy hours there, it just felt like the perfect place to go. And it was.My dress had been stepped on 37 million times, so it wasn't like I was going to get it dirtier. So I put on flip flops, pulled up my dress so it wouldn't drag, and walked over. Here I am with my two Janes.

Nick was still wearing the gold jacket.
This gold jacket, coupled with the big white wedding dress, sent a lot of random attention our way. Some of that attention came in the form of pints from the bar and tequila shots from a group of guys.
One of tequila shot-senders had gotten married the month prior. He loved Nick's jacket. So we took a picture of him wearing it. I assured him Nick had not gotten married in it. The guy's wife showed up a little later, and she and I had a good talk about the not getting married in a gold paisley jacket.

We left Biddy's around 2:00 am, and Dupont Circle was empty, so we headed over there to take pictures.
A group of (what we learned from chatting with them were) GW students happened along. They were so young and cute and all, "Hey, a bride! Hi, bride!"

They offered to take our picture. And then, one by one, joined us in photos.
We hugged some of them. In fact, we probably hugged them all. I don't remember, but I'm likely to have done so.
Eventually, we posed with all.


  1. How I wish I had been in Dupont that night! I'm going to settle for sending you virtual hugs instead.

  2. how fun!!

    you look lovely, even at 2am! lucky you.

  3. you went drinking after your wedding??? I'm SO IMPRESSED!!! and guinness too, my drink of choice. let me guess, another rule of the club? One must only have controlled fun until 10pm and if such fun gets too loud, then the wedding party and guests must vacate the premises immediately...

    Love the candids, always my favorite!

  4. I am DEFINITELY going out drinking after my wedding.

  5. FreckledK - Would have been awesome to run into you in Dupont and have you join the party!

    notsojenny - Thank you! I got shiny, but there was so much hairspray in my hair, it wasn't going much of anywhere.

    Sophie - We were just having such a good time, we wanted to continue! And yes, you called it - house rules, had to be out by 11!

    Nicole - It was fantastic, because all the formal stuff was over and we could just hang out.

    LJ - Thank you! :)

  6. Yeah, everything about those photos is just wonderful. What fantastic memories. =-)

  7. crinoline and pints?


  8. wandered over on hillary's suggestion, and i'm SO GLAD i did! i have been having a blast reading about your wedding... and i'm bummed i wasn't in dupont myself that night (who knows?! i probably was!) :-)

  9. I'm happy to find out that I'm not the only bride who headed to the bar in her gown post-reception. We had a blast at the bar we'd all been drinking at all week, and there was local music and dancing. Plus, in the previous week, we'd become good friends with the bartender, which made for a lovely, if hazy, night. Ah, fun times.

  10. Ryane - Thank you! So fun!!!

    Slightly Disorganized - Yes! Turns out it's really fun to wear a wedding dress to a bar, actually!

    Alice - Hi! Welcome! Apparently there were two brides out and about that night. One woman said she'd just seen a bride a little earlier on the other side of the circle.

    Sarah - It was the best way to just chill out post-wedding, wasn't it? And, although I am not sure why, I was delighted to go to this very familiar, casual place all dressed up.

  11. In addition to the your prince will come lesson and the remember that the wedding is just a party with some words lesson, you have taught everyone a great drinking lesson...

    forget about light beer. Guinness has fewer calories and a lower alcohol content than most light beers, therefore after partying for a few hours, Guinness is good for ya.

  12. I knew it had a lot fewer calories than one would expect, but I didn't know how it contrasted to light beer (which I hate anyway). Absolutely right! Guinness is good for ya!


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