Monday, October 13, 2008

Rehearsal dinner! Edifices (Edifi?)! Cocktails! Fruit by the Foot!

I know this picture is from a distance, but hopefully you can make out the white chocolate replica of the Capitol building that Nick is handing to his friend.

On a side bar, I'm just going to begin at the beginning. I was thinking about beginning with the trip and working back, but didn't want to be hampered by the effect of living backwards.

Plus, the wedding weekend was honest-to-God the funnest weekend of my entire life. I've been aching to relive it.

I'm sure everyone feels this way, but I just had the best time. Our friends are so hilarious, and interesting, and entertaining. With this group, your face hurts after a couple hours, you laugh so much.

So, the chocolate Capitol was our prize for the people who traveled the furthest. We giggled every time we thought about it. We couldn't wait to give this prize.

They said they got it all the way back to Warsaw intact, which really is quite impressive.

We got all our prizes at Costco,and they were all some kind of candy. The one in the following picture is a chocolate Pentagon. Costco turns out to have all these fantastic molded chocolates. We're going to make sure to go around President's Day so we can get busts of George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

I'm not kidding.

So, we gave this dark chocolate Pentagon out for "most unusual profession" - which went to Nick's friend who is an opera singer. He has an extraordinary voice - really deep - and sang a couple songs with the band at our wedding. Amazing.
We gave out two prizes for the people with the same wedding anniversary. Maude and Dan, and Jordan and his wife (who couldn't come, and so he brought his incredibly beautiful, poised, amazing oldest daughter, who is just such an utter delight).
We gave a prize for the couple who had been married the longest - which turned out to be our old family friend (and Internet minister) and his wife - 52 years!

He also won the prize for "most recently ordained Internet minister" - but only by a couple months. It turns out Maude's dad had become one to officiate at a wedding a couple months prior.

We also gave our fabulous friend Jen the "most likely to have a cocktail named after her" prize. The prize was a huge box of five million packs of gum. I don't have a picture of her graciously accepting.

And last, but hardly least, we gave a "most toes" prize. This was Nick's idea. Most toes. No explanation. During our Costco foray we happened across a ginormous box of fruit roll-ups called "Fruit by the Foot" and we had our prize.He didn't know it was coming, and we don't know how many times he had to explain that he really only has ten toes. And no, he never had surgery. Born with ten. Really.



  1. Yay! Photos! I can't wait to hear/see the rest of everything!

  2. Everyone looks so pretty! Candy is such a great gift, molded chocolate? Even better.

  3. Who is it that had ten toes? You didn't tell us his name!

  4. great gifts! (i just saw in teh store yesterday that they have Frankenberry & Booberry fruit by the foot now... SO AWESOME!)

    can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Rachel - Thanks! There are lots and lots (and lots) more photos!

    HKW - Thank you! :) They were so fun to give out.

    Simple Scholar - Dave. Ten Toed Dave. :)

    notsojenny - Yikes - this was my first intro to Fruit by the Foot and it was a bit too much for me. Funny, though.

  6. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

    And OMG, what wouldn't I do for that huge box of Fruit by the Foot??

  7. I heart fruit by the foot.

    and toes.

  8. Glad you had an amazing time--that's what your wedding time is supposed to be all about!! (And didn't I tell you it would be stressful, but that everything would get done and it would be wonderful?)

    Can't wait for more pics and stories!

  9. I am disturbed by the fact that you sound like you've never had Fruit by the Foot.

    Seriously? Fruit by the Foot is SO GOOD!

    What? I'm an adult. I swear.

  10. Huh. I had never heard of Fruit by the Foot until now. Maybe it hasn't made it up to the PNW yet. It does sound a little bit alarming.

    I am so excited to hear your wedding story from the beginning to the end! And omg, you look so lovely in that dress! :)

  11. LivitLuvit - Yay - there definitely are more to come! And I wish we had given you that Fruit by the Foot prize - he was amused but opened it and was all, "Ick" (and I had to agree)!

    Slightly Disorganized - Hmm, this is something we do not have in common. Fine on the toes, but not on the Fruit by the Foot.

    Sarah - You were so EXACTLY right! So stressful up to it! So perfect and fantastic and fun once it all started!

    Nicole - I had it that night for the first time. The guy was British, and he seemed pretty alarmed by it as well. But I'd never heard of it before buying that box!

    A.S. - It is really, really sweet, and I personally found it alarming, but that's just me (clearly).

    Thank you! I'm so excited about ALL of it! :)

  12. What fantastic prizes!! That was such a good idea. Next I want to hear about the bridesmaids gifts! =-) How did they turn out?

  13. That was a magic night. F & I snuck into the library and took pictures. Also, I'm very proud of my magnificent daughter, but having someone else notice just lit up my day. I'll have more pics today. What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful night that was.

  14. Ryane - They were great - they loved them! Pictures coming!

    Jordaan - I adore her. She's one of these people who just sparkles and glows. And she's so beautiful but doesn't walk around all, "I'm so beautiful" - just is lovely to be with.


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