Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alone! All alone!

It's Saturday night and I'm unreasonably excited to be home alone.

I took a hothothot shower and put on fleece. I'm scooping peppers into homemade guacamole, and when I get to the bottom of the bowl, I'm going to get the last bits with my fingers. I might even lick the sides. And I have an enormous bowl of popcorn - popped in a pan with lots of oil.

I love popcorn for dinner. I love not having to have a sensible meal.

Nick, he is out on a man-date with a foreign service guy we met on the plane on our way home from Turkey. I was invited to join, and he's an interesting character, but the truth is, I'm over-peopled.

I think what it comes down to is that I'm a very social introvert. I have been out practically every night for the last two weeks. And today I hit a wall.

I love people. I love seeing my friends. There were weeks leading up to the wedding where I didn't have time to be social. And I've been making up for it with a vengeance.

But when I spend too long with no alone time, I get peopled out. I start to lose it.

I got to a point where I was just so tired. Cranky. I absolutely couldn't bear the thought of going out and talking to anyone. And I must add, with some guilt, I was so looking forward to a few hours entirely alone. Alone alone. No Nick. Nobody.

I was practically shoving Nick out the door tonight as he was lingering, kissing me goodbye. "You'll be late! Bye! Have fun!"

He asked how I knew he and our new friend wouldn't be on the town flirting with women and going wild without me.

"Honey, I trust you."

God love the man who can ask you that while wearing an outfit that includes his favorite black felt clogs.

He'll be home by ten.


  1. Oh I so feel you. Sometimes you just need an evening to yourself, with wine, guacamole, and some great DVDs. Hey, it's cold out, so whatcha gonna do anyway?

  2. I know - it's such a good night to be all warm and comfy inside!

  3. Blissfully alone. I miss my alone time now that I actually go to an office every day.

    Hope you enjoyed the solitude.

  4. I would have too much alone time if I didn't go to an office, but I could use a little more than I get.

  5. Last night was also spent on our couch in fleece and blankets and with unsensible chips and salsa/hotdogs for dinner. It was PERFECT.

  6. Apparently last night was DC Blogger stay in the house night. There was Thai food delivery, a particularly spicy Zinfandel, and books at my place.

  7. I, on the other hand, went out with my hubby and friends for the first time in FOREVER!

  8. Sometimes, after a long shift at Williams Sonoma where all I do is talk talk talk to everyone, I can't wait for a night of silence. The extrovert-ey job is making me such a homebody.

  9. Sounds just what you needed! And, I'm all about the black felt clogs!

  10. Sounds just what you needed! And, I'm all about the black felt clogs!


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