Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Having nothing to do with the election and everything to do with thigh-high boots

Although I do feel the need to start out by saying that if your intention is to vote for Obama - go vote!

I vote in DC (although as soon as we got married I should've switched my vote to VA where it actually matters) so I'll be heading up there mid-day and hoping for not-terrible lines.

So back to the issue at hand.

This past weekend I went to Zappos to buy running shoes - very practical running shoes.

And in the process, I got distracted. By a link that said "thigh high boots."

Nobody needs thigh-high boots. Or anyway, nobody who doesn't take her clothes off for money.

Which I don't.

They were an impulse purchase, and a spendy one at that. But free shipping! both ways enticed me. I could try them on and return them without losing anything on the shipping.

They arrived last night - fast fast!

I kind of love them. They come a couple inches above the knee in front. So they're more above-the-knee than thigh-high.

And while they're very high, they're not tarty. Although I do wear that pair of tarty boots I got last year way more than ever expected. Your encouragement emboldened me, and I love them. I even wear them to the office with a conservative but fitted skirt suit, or a pencil skirt and sweater.

So these boots, they're more biker-y tough than tarty. In my sheltered little urban world of what I consider biker, I mean. Because if I ever had to be one, I'd be like, I don't know, the Strawberry Shortcake of bikers or something.

I would so get my ass kicked.

But anyway.

The real question is, can I actually pull off boots like this? And what kind of outfit would look good with them?


  1. those are hawt! no idea what outfit to wear them with. guessing a skirt? i never wear boots, can rarely find any to fit.

    rock on with your bad self though- they are fun!

  2. Hell yes you can wear them over skinny jeans or with a sweater dress. Hot!

  3. MrsMac - I was first thinking a skirt - I have a short black one - but then thinking that might look too tarty - like I'm trying too hard to be sexy?? As for boots - I usually have a really hard time fitting my calf, but these do!

    Maiden Metallurgist - I love that idea but don't have skinny jeans! I don't have the legs for them! Sweater dress, however, would rock.

    Ryane - Heh heh. I would LOVE to look like I could kick someone's ass. :)

  4. Ooooh, as R. Zoe says, "I die."

    I would wear those boots every day. In a bathing suit, in a sundress, a parka, long johns.

    I'd imagine you can pair them with just about anything....even a gold tuxedo jacket!

  5. Ah, FK, I knew I could count on you for some normal, everyday-wear kind of suggestions! :)

  6. I second sweater dress. Also, I disagree regarding you adn skinny jeans...if you don't like them with "regular" shoes., these boots over them may change your mind.

  7. Welllll, I love the idea, so maybe I could bring them with me to try on some skinny jeans...Very afraid of them, though.

  8. Now I want some. My jealousy knows no bounds.

  9. Black opaque tights, short A-line miniskirt in wool or some kind of funky tweed, perhaps even houndstooth, longish sweater, possibly belted. An ass-kicker of an outfit.

  10. Kate - Needless jealousy! Zappos.com! :)

    Nicole - You have no idea how much I want to be kick-ass.

    Wendy - Hey, thanks for the head-to-toe idea! That sounds like a super-cute outfit!

  11. if you wear these in the hallway with just your underpants while screenprinting, you'll be my own personal hero.

  12. Keep the boots. Whatever you do - keep the boots. Wendy has the right idea.

    A sweater dress with a chunky cowl neck thing would be fun too.

  13. As someone who actually saw them on you....ABSOLUTELY you can pull these off with or without an outfit! :) - MPD

  14. Second/third/fourth the many sweater dress recommendations! That would be totally hawt. And YES, yes you can pull it off!

  15. You people have been making me furtively search the Internets for sweater dresses all afternoon!!!

    Slightly Disorganized - Much as I would LOVE to be your personal hero, these would be really annoying to wear for screenprinting at my house. Over-the-knee, terrible for squatting on the floor.

    DCup - OK, will keep. I really, really want to.

    MPD - This made me laugh out loud.

    LiLu - Thank you for the vote of confidence. :)

  16. My answers to your last question:

    Yes. Anything.

  17. oh wow, those are fab. I'm seeing them over skinny jeans (not too dark), shirt, long sweater jacket belted.


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