Monday, November 10, 2008

Why indeed?

"Hey, Lis?"


"What's going on in this picture?"

"We're cutting the cake."


"I know. . .But why are you doing that?"

Pause. . .

"I guess because it's the kind of thing I do."


  1. The question isn't why are you doing that. The real question, as I see it, is why isn't HE??!!!?

  2. OR, another question: Why WOULDN'T you do this?

  3. I love it!!! By the way, I saw your beautiful gerber daisies, which I'm also thinking about using. How did they hold up?

  4. Of course you did. This is one of the many reasons why I want to become the second wife!

  5. Aww, so sweet and unique! Love the cake - very, very pretty and elegant and fun.

  6. what a Kick-A picture. I love it.

  7. Because now it is a great picture with a ton of personality. Duh, Nick!

  8. Jessica - Ha! If I thought faster, that's exactly I would have said!

    Lemmonex - Precisely. It would never occur to me NOT to!

    Yankee - Thank you! I hope you do! They held up really, really well. I know gerbers aren't particularly unusual, but I absolutely love the boldness of color and shape.

    Beach Bum - The cake rocked. It was so pretty and so delicious.

    FreckledK - I love you, I do!

    HKW - Ah, thanks! I had no idea what her interpretation of my requests would turn out like, but I absolutely loved the end product.

    Ryane - Thanks! This one really makes me laugh. I love it, too.

    MrsMac - The good part is, things like this are precisely why he is so crazy about me.:)

  9. Because OMG CAKE YUMS!!! Obviously.

  10. LUUURVE that picture! Especially how he's posing for the camera, and you're posing for the camera, but in totally opposite ways. I can see you guys are good for each other though!

  11. LiLu - Yeah, because OMG CAKE YUMS! Hahaha!

    Sarah - You make a very good point! Completely right - we have very different focuses!

  12. You are just SO fabulous! Totally the sort of thing you might do. Love you!

  13. He's *almost* grabbing your boob here.

    And he looks pretty happy about it.

  14. Boo Boo's Mom - I love YOU!

    Slightly Disorganized - He is *always* happy about it.


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