Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And yet...

I'm fantastic in a crisis. I procrastinate like nobody's business when I have a large and tedious task.

I'm good at getting the laundry done. I suck at folding and putting it away.

I sing along to radio when I'm driving. I have to have complete silence when I park.

I'm good at unloading the dishwasher. I avoid running it - get hung up on figuring out how to fit in those last few mugs.

I love sweaters and boots. I loathe winter.

I return email promptly most of the time. I'm not great at returning phone calls.

I believe kindness is extremely important. When I'm furious, my mean streak is vicious.

I'm great at articulating my feelings. I'm often unable to bite my tongue when it would be better to hold them in.

I absolutely love the children of close friends. I will never, ever be all ooey gooey over some random baby.

I always work out with my iPod. I rarely turn on music or TV when I'm home.

I forgive very easily if you hurt my feelings. I hold an endless, bottomless grudge if you hurt someone dear to me.

I love NPR. I hate call-in shows.


  1. Of course you suck at putting away the laundry. That's the hard part. I suck at that, too.

    And phone and email are not the same at all. Some people are strong phone people, others strong email people. Makes perfect sense.

  2. I love call-in shows! Especially the late night one that I used to listen to on the way home from my job waiting tables once upon a time.

    Listening to the crazies call in with their abduction stories and conspiracy theories made me feel better about myself as a person.

  3. lacochran - You rock. The way you put that, it all does make perfect sense.

    saratogajean - Argh! Those people go on and on and make me crazy! I hate the people who ostensibly call in with a question but really just want to talk about themselves for as much time as possible leading up to the question.

  4. I am so with you on babies. I cannot, will not, make faces at kids at the grocery store. I don't know them--what do I care? But seeing beautiful offshoots of my pals? That I can get behind.

    For a long time I thought I didn't want kids because I am not a "baby person". Then my cousin was born (he is almost 7 now) and I lost my top for him. I realized I would adore my own child and just because I don't want to abduct every baby I see doesn't mean I am a bad person.

  5. We really are meant for one another. You sound so much like me - except for the television thing. I'm a prisoner to the DVR.

  6. I actually can't exercise without my iPod - I will turn around and go home.

    But I can most relate to the mean streak - When I'm finally driven to that point, I pull no punches. I rather like how certain I am that we're on each other's good side, ;o)

  7. I am a turn the other cheek person too (or at least I don't hold a grudge and look to find ways to forgive,) but harm a friend and I will reign down fury like thunderbolts from the hand of Zeus himself.

  8. I wonder if there is actually ANYONE out there who likes to fold and put away laundry. It truly is beyond tedious . . .

  9. Hoo boy, was I nodding along with many of these.

  10. How fun! Lovely list Lisa :) You're so good at organizing thoughts and telling stories for your blog.

    I hate to do laundry. LOVE to fold and put away. Clean laundry smells so good. Dirty laundry, well, doesn't.

  11. Even friends' babies... I dunno, I'm just not a baby person. Once they hit 1 or 2 and can talk, I'm all about it.

    For, ya know, 10 minutes or so.

  12. This irrational need for silence when parking is strange. I need silence when looking for an address or checking directions.

  13. Many of these sound very, very familiar. Although, I'm with Tino on the whole silence-while-looking-for-an-address thing.

    Also, still mad I missed the fun at the end of LiLu's b-day party.

  14. I love doing laundry in the winter-- all warm and clean-smelling (!!), and I even love to iron... but I totally suck at the putting-away, too.

    Also, I can't stand the taste and texture of tomatoes, yet I love chunky salsa.

  15. I don't really listen to music either, which lots of people think is weird.

  16. The crisis, and laundry, and the radio when I'm driving and oh, hell, all of them are like me. I'm just a lurker and know I couldn't know you from somewhere in real life. A past life? Because that list is just too eerily similar.

  17. Folding and putting away the laundry is a big problem for me, too. My dear, dear husband is trying to ween me from my comfortable basket of clean, but wrinkled clothes.

    I love sweaters and boots, but I hate that it hardly ever gets cold enough to wear them in Dallas. :(

    And I love cold weather, but I hate dry skin and putting on lotion. Weird, eh?

  18. Lemmonex - I'm the same way as you. I thought I just hated kids - because until recently I had no personal connections to any of them. And then I met some I adore the crap out of. Not literally.

    FreckledK - I know - so much the same...except your love of truly terrible TV!

    Jessica - It makes a huuge difference, the music. And we will always be on each other's good sides. :)

    RestaurantRefugee - Yes!! It's that extreme! Intense and hateful and boundless.

    Paula - I was going to say no...and then HKW commented!

    DCup - Hugs, my friend.

    HKW - You are adorable. Clean laundry smells so good...but it's so annoying to fold and cram into drawers! This, I think, is an indication of how organized you are...and how organized I would like to, but probably never will, be.

    LiLu - I definitely got a lot more baby-friendly in the last several years. My entire twenties were pretty full of baby-loathing, quite honestly.

    Arjewtino - I need quiet for these as well. Too much going on otherwise.

    FoggyDew - In agreement with both of you. And LiLu's b-day party sounded like a ton of fun.

    Aimee - I love getting them washed, and I love pulling them out of the dryer...but if it weren't for Nick, they'd sit in a big pile in the chair for weeks on end.

    Nicole - I know - most people play music. I don't usually want the distraction.

    lizzledinwizzle - Hmm...I dunno! I'm glad to know I'm not alone in these, though.

    Jo - I've discovered that if you stick to knits, the wrinkles hang out pretty well while you wear them. I think I'd trade warm weather for sweaters and boots. As for lotion, sometimes it's just too cold - I want to get dressed right after I shower rather than dilly dallying with the lotion.

  19. It's good to have intriguing habits. I especially applaud the not putting away laundry one.

  20. Yeah! Laundry? Clean and dirty belong in baskets. As for thriving in a crisis, I function so well in a crisis that I'm trying to figure out how I can turn that into a career . . . we have so many things in common, *except* I will go gaga over what my son's girlfriend refers to as "fresh baby" even if it is a stranger's . . .


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