Thursday, February 05, 2009

Various and sundry items


The leggings have taken up far more time and energy than I believe they merit.

The first outfit I put on, leggings with the only long sweater I have and boots, Nick said I looked like I was on ski vacation. Definitely not professional enough for the office.

The other leggings outfit I came up with - this super cute graphic sort-of T-shirtish top but longer and fitted, with different boots - was also no. He said I looked like a Japanese teenager.

I took that as a compliment, and will definitely try it on a weekend.

So I am wearing them under a dress in lieu of tights. Tights would look better, but the ones I have strangulate my belly. As leggings, though, I don't see the point.

Please bear in mind that I'm feeling all pregnanty fat and bitter.

Health update/public service announcement for the day

Because I don't know if you've read this totally random and tragic story about the Brazilian model who started out with a UTI, which turned into a blood infection. She wound up having to have her hands and feet amputated. And ultimately she died.

I'd read about the amputations, and thought man, I wonder if someone that young and beautiful, whose career is entirely based on her looks, would want to live with no hands and feet. Even not that young and beautiful, with no modeling career, it's hard for me to imagine that I would want to.

And then if you go Googling, it turns out that septicaemia, or blood poisoning, as it's apparently commonly called, is not actually that uncommon. Fret material.

Your mother was right when she told you not to hold it. Also, remember to pee after you have sex.

The cocksucking cold

I know this only feels like the longest winter of my life. I have had longer, I know I have. There have been ice storms in April. But man, I just feel like is this one ever going to end?

And if it's not, when the fuck is the pregnancy increased temperature going to start? Do you know how fucking tired I am of being cold all the time?

The Twilights - and if you have not read book four, skip this one

Holy crap! I'm in the middle of Breaking Dawn, and she's pulling it together so nicely! I love it! If I could stay up later or didn't have to go to work, I'd be long finished.

Also, I still love Jacob.

And finally, however much I do not love being preg, I am very thankful I'm not having a monster half-vampire baby.


  1. Re: The cocksucking cold winter. No, it's never going to end. I'm convinced of it. It will be 8 degrees every day of my life from here on out.

  2. heh. Yes, she does kind of pull all the threads together in that last book.

    Plus, Bella becomes a stronger character in this book, I finally feel like she's not always being rescued by velvet voiced Edward and his silver horse, errrr, Volvo. She kind of comes into her own, so that's good.

    And Septicemia is scary shit!

    Rock the legging while you can. You're cute enough that leggings look cute on you, they look ridiculous on me, like I'm some eighties Jazzercise reject.

    Also, my boss got some contraption called a bella band that helped her wear her pants longer. :)

  3. Kate - I belive that is possible, I really do.

    Sarah - Yah, she does. Although I was really mad at Rosalie in the beginning. And I like the fact that it makes Bella so mad that Jacob imprinted on the baby, who has an idiotic name.

    And once again, I can't believe I'm talking about them like they're people.

    As for the Bella Band, I haven't gotten one yet, although I plan to. But the shockingly fast expansion of my thighal-assal area prevents the old pants from working - it's not that I can just leave them unzipped and banded and all is well and good.

  4. Extra note about the UTIs from someone who's had 20 something of them in her life...


    You would not believe how many girls this comes as "news" to when I tell them...

  5. oh my god, i always pee after... mostly because there's some part of me that is convinced (no matter how many years i've been on the pill)that dropping those lil' suckers into the toilet will keep me from getting pregnant... who knew i was preventing something else : )

    and this winter has been stupid because it keeps coming and going. i don't know about up the road where you are but it's supposed to be mid 60's this weekend for us... car washing weather! enjoy it!

  6. I did follow the Brazilian model's story, heartbreaking. The visual from the legging outfits are priceless, as well as Nick's commentary - thanks for sharing!

  7. After I mustered up the courage to ask "Wife Number One" what happened in her Twighlight pamplets, she informed me that the girl had a half-vampire baby. "Are you kidding me? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard... a half vampire baby. How's that work? When you're hungry, you just snack on yourself?" She replies, "yah... kinda like how you actually own all those football players in that fantasy league." Well, half vampire babies never won me $350. Double true dat.

  8. LiLu - Oh, wow. Yes, front to back always. I find it so surprising that it's news to people.

    And 20 UTIs??? Noooo! It's one of the worst things ever ever ever.

    notsojenny - It's really helpful to do so, although I don't think so much in terms of shaking those little suckers loose.

    And I did hear we are supposed to have 50s this weekend. Yay!

    HKW - Heartbreaking and so shocking. As for the leggings, I think I make it all more complicated than it needs to be.

    Anonymous - Well, yah. We all have our stupid. I thought fantasy football was one of the most idiotic things I'd ever heard of, and here I am explaining the relationship between "normal" werewolves and vampires vs the one in the book, plus the half-vampire baby...

  9. hmmm... more of the ridiculous conversation:
    me: "So what you're telling me is that this Edward guy makes love to esentially his version of a pizza? Doesn't he get hungry half way through and say, 'ah, it's lunchtime?'"
    wife: "he loves her."
    me: "She's still a pepperoni and sausage pizza to him... also, he's dead. How's that going to look during the sonogram? 'Oh pardon me, is the father alive?'"

  10. hmmm... more of the ridiculous conversation:
    me: "So what you're telling me is that this Edward guy makes love to esentially his version of a pizza? Doesn't he get hungry half way through and say, 'ah, it's lunchtime?'"
    wife: "he loves her."
    me: "She's still a pepperoni and sausage pizza to him... also, he's dead. How's that going to look during the sonogram? 'Oh pardon me, is the father alive?'"

  11. I know it's stupid, I know! My best comparison is to the pleasure of eating a can of frosting; you know there's nothing redeeming about it, but it's such a delight.

    And I hope she told you that the sonogram can't penetrate the vampire skin around the baby. Duh.

  12. You know, that's something to keep in mind if you find yourself craving something you'd normally never eat. Like (for me, anyway) liver. Or some other organ meat.

    "Well, at least I don't have to drink blood for my half-vampire baby"

    I read them, and might re-read them because I do like the story, but I feel the need to brush my teeth after I'm done. Like I've eaten cotton candy.

  13. I had to try really really hard not to read your Twilight paragraph or all the Twilight comments. I ordered the last two books 10 days ago and they are now on back order until the 9th- BOO!

  14. hi hi
    congrats on your marriage and the baby =)

    re: the leggings. it's really popular here in korea. women wear then under skirts or long sweaters (not baggy, just long) or a long shirt with heels and it's a very cute look. i love the leather ones you posted. i wear my leggings with a long knit sweater dress and knee high boots.

    you could also do this look with them (cropped jacket and shirt):

    the heels (boots or pumps) are key to the look, imo.

    anyway, your bump is tiny so rock your clothes as much as you can before you get really big =) congrats again!

  15. So glad to hear that your baby won't be half-vampire! You can also console yourself that at least you are not having EIGHT babies, even though you don't have a JOB, or a HUSBAND, and when you ALREADY HAVE SIX OTHER KIDS AT HOME. Me? judgemental? nah!

  16. Ok-- TOTALLY thought that whole 'the cocksucking cold' thing was gonna go a completely different direction...

    I was thinking "Wow, her parents read this. I'd like to be at the next family dinner!"


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