Friday, February 27, 2009

Week 16 tummy + big news!

I really wanted to draw this week's baby for you. I was, however, hampered by my (lack of) talent and some of the details.

This week, week 16, it's an avocado. And it has toenails.

Which is to say, my attempts at a drawing mostly looked like those toe fungus commercial cartoons.

The envisioning of which in my uterus makes me completely grossed out. Plus it's just not how I want to promote my progeny.

Also, in big news, it has a penis. Because, turns out, it's a boy!

I mean, of course, big news on the gender front. Because I don't suppose one actually has any idea how big until, well, when? Puberty?

I'm already embarrassing him. I'm sure of it.

But in any case.

This would make my drawing a slightly pornographic toenail-having avocado.

Not suitable for work at all.


  1. Congrats. You look great.
    Pregnant women are so sexy.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad he wasn't one of those shy babies that refuse to let you determine gender until they're born. You'll have the handsomest little avocado ever! I don't suppose you'll create a poll on possible baby names, where we can vote? Nah, I wouldn't either. Have a good weekend, and thanks for sharing the news.

  3. I think I might have to call him Avo until he's born.

    Also, what a lovely baby house. :o)

  4. Ronald - Thanks!

    Susan - Thank you! He might be shy, but all his little chromosomes got checked out, so he really had no choice.:)

    As for a poll, goodness. While it actually sounds like fun to me, I have to think about that one.

  5. Dagny - I'm OK with that. I've been trying to figure out how to refer to him. And thanks.:) I realize with each pic I seem to have less and less torso.

  6. A boy baby!! Congratulations Lisa!
    Isn't it fun to say "him" instead of "it"? Yay!!

  7. Not suitable for work?

    And the anal-raisin scenario was???

    Or are you telling us your co-workers only read LG for the pictures?

    I think you should solicit names from your readers that we think best reflect the ethos of the blog. Of course, it is highly unlikely any of them would be suitable for actual use, but it might be fun nonetheless...

  8. It's a boy! Yay! Very exciting news. I can't honestly say I want to see the drawing you described but I'm sure it would have turned out better than you thought and would be worth a giggle :)

  9. Yay for little boys! Congrats again!

  10. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!! so exciting!!

    and avacados are very fatty so it totally makes sense (but damn is guacamole good!)

  11. Beach Bum - Thanks!:)

    A.S. - Thank you! And I haven't really gotten to "him" yet - poor little dude is still an "it" in my mind and conversation.

    Cheryl - Um. You make a very good point. Consistency is definitely one of my weak points.

    And I LOVE this idea. They do something like this at Nick's work for every baby, and it's always hilarious.

    HKW - Considering my abilities, I don't know if that's the case. The idea does make me laugh, though.

    Kate - Thank you!

    notsojenny - Ha - thanks! The bit about avocados being very fatty and so making sense totally made me giggle.

  12. Congratulations. We have one of each. Life as you know it is done. For instance, we used to say, "who wants to do happy hour in Reston? I'm not driving to Ohio to drink." Now we complain loudly, "we need a bigger house... but it has to be close to good schools... this whole thing effing sucks."

  13. Yay, Avo! I'm so excited. :)

  14. An avocado! With toenail! And a wee-wee!

    CONGRATS, lady! Now we need to start thinking of names!

  15. (And by we, of course I mean you and Nick... with a little innerweb help... you know, if you want it.)

  16. Anonymous - Yah, sigh, I have heard this from several sources. Live is never the same again, and while there may be new fun, you never the same kind of fun again.

    mysterygirl! - Thank you, lovely! :)

    Sarah - Aaaaah! You had to go there! I am OK with the growing of a penis, even though the idea is kind of weird. But I can't head any farther down the road than that without getting twitchy.

    LiLu - I know - thanks! All those little bits! As for names, I really do love the idea of input from the Internets. No matter what, it will be funny.

  17. How exciting!

    And a tiny bit disturbing, with all the imagery... but mostly exciting!

  18. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I'm in Toronto right now visiting MY baby boy(who is 21 years old). My husband and I both desperately wanted a girl the first time around, but we were SO very pleasantly surprised with our beautiful, funny, delightful baby boy. As I'm sure you will be, too.

  19. Yay! Yippy! :-)

    I'm so excited!

  20. Congratulations!!

  21. Aw, congrats!!!! That's so exciting :)

  22. Woo hoo! A baby boy avocado!

  23. AWESOME !!! Congrats. Maybe your little guy can ask Priya out some day ?!?!

  24. first, you look great! second, congratulations on the baby boy!


    i LOVE boys!!! :)

    and i promise Rock and Zen will be on good behavior and not be a bad influence on him.

    well maybe just a little... ;)

    happy boy baby day!!!

  26. Sarah - Ah, yah. I am working on that part.

    Maiden Metallurgist - The imagery is really quite creepy all put together. But mostly exciting. Thanks!

    LJ - All my friends who wanted girls and got boys just love the tar out of them. So I believe I'll be the same. And wow! Your son is 21!

    Hillary - Thank you!

    VVK - :) Thanks my friend!

    Cheryl S - Thank you!

    moosie - Thanks! I forgot to ask about the cookie flavor, though.

    JoLee - Yes! My little...well, I was going to call him a vegetable boy. But avocados are fruit, right?

    Alisa - Ha - Tejal mentioned this. And I suggested she wait and see if he's cute or not.

    mrsmac - Oh, thank you. Every time I feel like I look shorter because the middle is so much wider! And thanks on the boy.

    xuxE - Thank you for being so enthusiastic! I know nothing about boys. As for Rock and Zen, they can totally be a bad influence. :) I just want him to turn out to be an interesting human being.

  27. YAY for a boy! My youngest (10 weeks old) is my only boy and it's such a special bond! You won't even remember how annoying pregnancy was when he smiles at you, it almost makes me want to have another...almost. But not quite enough. :-)

  28. Congratulations!! And now I'm going to ask the most annoying question ever... got any names picked out?

  29. Hooray for team blue! Me and my papaya congratulate you and your avocado. :)

    Have you heard back yet on the results for all the other things the amnio was searching for? Crossing my fingers that news is just as good.

  30. Yay! Congrats! If you need names NOT to name your boy (because they end up being shits at school), let me know. I'm your girl!

  31. Katie - People who have both have told me it's completely different and really lovely having a boy. It is so hard for me to imagine forgetting how annoying this all is - but I would be soooo delighted!

    Brett - Not annoying at all. We have thoughts. I was much firmer on girl name, though.

    Luna - Oooh, I love papaya! Thank you both for your congrats.:)

    And yes, all preliminary (Downs and the Trisomy ones) results looked good and they said the chance of them not looking fine when fully cultured out was virtually nonexistent. I don't know what all else they'll tell us with full culture...I think Spina Bifida is maybe the only big worry left?

    Jules - Oh, thank you! This is a spectacular offer. I would love to know the shits at school, if even just to laugh.

  32. Oh, Lisa!!!

    I know what you were hoping for, but I have to tell you - having a son is fun in ways I never imagined.

    And the older The Actor gets, the more fun he is to hang out with.

    Congrats to you and Nick!

  33. congratulation! Baby boy...great

  34. Yay for Baby Belly Boy!!

  35. Dude, little boys are the freaking best. I love rough housing with my cousin and playing Wii. Sure, I knocked his tooth out the last time we were wrestling, but he didn't cry. A little girl would have. I rest my case.

    Seriously though--so glad things look healthy and good and I am so happy for you.

  36. Congrats - and I take it this means all looks good on the healthy front? Good news all around :)

  37. If only I were 30+ years younger, I'd try to date that kid. He's going to be amazing!

  38. Boys are really fun. I was thinking that this time around, I'd want a little girl, but I'm kind of hoping it's another boy. congratulations!!


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