Thursday, February 12, 2009

The flashing game

It's been a while since I participated in TMI Thursday. Today seemed like as good a day as any.

And Dad, better you skipped this one. You won't be happy.

Maude made up the flashing game years ago.

We found it highly entertaining throughout our 20s. And maybe a little beyond. Truth is, I can't promise we've matured to the point where we wouldn't still do it, but now we live continents apart.

She's the person who used to push me into the most ridiculousness. I miss that in my life, I really do.

The main skills you need are the following. Wait, first of all, you need breasts - which I realize aren't skills. They don't need to be big - our little cupcakes worked fine. But you need some.

Starting there, then you need lightening quick reflexes, and the ability to scan a room in an instant. Or anyway, I imagine they'd be helpful.

Because if you lack those, you really just need the ability to shrug at the noticer and laugh at yourself.

The game is simple. You catch the eye of your friend. You then look around the room, waiting for the moment where nobody else is looking at you. And when that moment happens, you flash - shirt, bra, all up - the other person. Very quickly.

You then return to normal, pick up your drink, do whatever you were doing before. As if nothing out of the ordinary had every happened.

And here I should mention that we would do this at parties. Around adults. Not, like, at the mall on a Sunday.

You're winning if you're the last person who flashed. You're really winning if it's a crowded crowd and you get away with it.

Although you are not competing for anything, you feel slightly smug if you went last and suddenly the situation gets difficult.


It's about getting away with something in public. Something that can really shock other people. I suppose, if it comes down to it, it's about exhibitionism (me?). But if nobody catches you, you're not really exposing yourself.

There is, however, always the danger that someone will. I learned that guys tend to find it hilarious and women tend to disapprove. I did once apologize to the friend of a boyfriend, who really wasn't supposed to see me, and who looked so shaken I really felt the need to.

Years later I got to know him and was able to harass him. Because really? Who has to apologize to a straight guy for showing him her boob?

I'd say the only time I was really embarrassed was when a woman at a party caught me, and then said, loudly enough for the whole room to hear, "WHY did you do that?"

My shirt was back down before the whole room turned and looked at me.

I don't remember what I did, besides cringe.

But really. What kind of response can be appropriate in that situation?


  1. you should continue this game forever. You and Maude can be the old ladies who still flash people at Bingo or Bacci Ball or something.

  2. "WhhhHY didn't you?" (said, of course, in the most Caterpillar-on-a-mushroom-from-Alice-in-Wonderland voice you can muster).

    I'm starting to suspect that you might benefit from the presence of a zealous advocate at all times, just in case these responses don't come to you as quickly as they ought.

  3. YAY flashing!! WHY NOT??? :)

  4. "why not?" with a shrug :-)

    this sounds like a great fun game! i would never do it now though, i would have to apologize to anyone that got a glimpse!

  5. Sarah - It is likely something like this will continue forever. We will definitely be shocking old women.

    Dagny - I can never think of those kinds of responses in them moment. Yes, I need a zealous advocate. Maude is usually laughing too hard at the misfortune.

    xuxE - Exactly - why not?!?From this vantage point, why not is easy. Then, I couldn't muster it. Alas!

    mrsmac - Ah, I hear this about the post-preg. Maybe I should get a lot of flashing in beforehand.

  6. I think the best response would have been a look of wide-eyed innocence and "Do what?" I think you could have carried it off.
    And this game is definitely tamer than the let's-moon-the-State-Troopers thing my friends used to do.

  7. You did that last night, didn't you?

    Can you keep a secret? So did I.

  8. This is priceless! I am SO getting you next time we hang out.

    It's like "Waiting" for the ladies!

  9. Six months from now you'll be able to do it all you want and it'll be socially acceptable to boot. Oh, and the next time we're out with LiLu, I'll be standing next to you all night long.

  10. Now I must try this. Thank you, Miss Lisa.

  11. See, there is one problem with your instructions -- you don't need boobs. You need small boobs. Because with my breasts, there is no way in hell I can lift my bra up and expect that it would contain things if I put it back down quickly. You need to move things around or you end up with a bra halfway across your nipples. And no one wants to stare at a quadruple boobage.

  12. am i the only one who is impressed that you were so good at this you could show 1 boob? because that, to me, is the awesome part.

    and of course the response to the appalled lady would be "what?!?" then treat her like she's batty and you have NO clue what she's talking about

  13. I agree. The correct answer to "why did you do that?" is to look at the asker, look around to make certain she's talking to you, and say "Do what?" as though she's lost her mind.

  14. my older sister and I do this all the time. it's particularly awesome when our younger (bitchy) sister is present. the disapproval she feels melts her head.

  15. J - Ohhh, you are so much more daring than I will ever be. Hilarious.

    FreckledK - Then you are far, far stealthier than I will ever be! Ha!

    LiLu - I will laugh so hard.

    FoggyDew - Yah, but at that point I'm going to feel like a cow. Sigh.

    Lemmonex - My pleasure. I am delighted.

    Beach Bum - You raise a very good point, and one I'd never have thought of. But it's true - I've got a hell of a lot less to work with.

    notsojenny - Oh, don't be impressed. He was at a side angle, so only saw one.

    And yah, I should've.

    Cheryl - Agree. I just don't think fast enough.

    Hillary - That is excellent. I can absolutely see how this would be so much more satisfying with someone who disapproves.

  16. I just laughed out loud at work. People should do ridiculousness more often since I think it tends to make things a little more lighthearted, and people can always use more lighthearted!

  17. This was hilarious!!!

  18. I love this! I used to do a similar thing with the cars behind us, when on long road trips as a kid. back then I was just a little flat chested kid making myself laugh.

    I think I shall try and do it again.

    (I shared this post with several people today!)

  19. I hear crowded crowds can get really crowded.

  20. moosie - I am glad. :) I feel like the world needs more of this as well.

    reederscorner - Thank you! And hello!

    Jennifer - Oh, I bet you kept people entertained. And please, please let me know if you take this up. And thanks for sharing!

    surviving myself - Ha! Thank you for noticing!

  21. ha, what a good game. might need to bust this out over the weekend.


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