Monday, August 15, 2011

Augusty thoughts

It's August.

My birthday was on Saturday, and it was nice. Low key and nice.

I tend to like throwing a party for my birthday, but this year I didn't have the energy. I kind of wish I had, because while I got tons of lovely birthday wishes, and Nick took me out for a nice dinner, it just felt like any other day.

Is that super-narcissistic? I mean, of course for most people it is any other day. And I wasn't looking for presents or an orchestra. It was just a little too quiet.


Years ago my friend Pat told me to put a wish out to the universe on my birthday, because your birthday has magic in it.

This year I forgot to do so on my day. It's really been bothering me.


There was a full moon on the 13th, too. Jordan loves the moon, and he always reaches up towards me for me to pick him up, and says, "Touch it!"

I love that he thinks that with my help, he can reach as high as the moon.

One day he's going to be old enough to realize that I can't even reach the top shelves in our cupboards.


Jordan's birthday is coming up on Friday. And he is going to be TWO! Here I have to be all cliched and say time just goes so fast.

But it does. It does.

Except when he's screaming his head off. Then the seconds tick by like cold molasses.

I think we're just going to have a small family celebration. It's not like he understands presents yet. At least this year I know he's not going to be afraid of the cupcakes.


And speaking of molasses, that's about the pace of people moving on the sidewalk in DC right now. The air is just so warm and thick, and there's a mass of us, trudging molassesly forward.

I love summer, and I love August, but I've decided it's a trudgey kind of month. That said, I need another month before fall. I feel like this summer just started.


  1. i beg to differ on one point: declan loooved both the idea of and the unwrapping of presents! he knows that he's two, and that he had a "pawty", but the presents were the most identifiable! that said, small is probably advisable; we had 35 adults and 12 kids and it. was. chaos. the good kind, but still...

    also, i feel the same about my own bday- i want fanfare and general excitement, yet i hate to actually be fawned over and i detest opening gifts in front of the gift-giver. so, there's that. not sure what my point is, except that, if you throw a party, at least you can do the whole open-the-gifts-in-private-later thing. i would enjoy that..

    OOH! i have a solution! next year, you come to declan's party! two birds one stone and such! i am a genius!

  2. I'm glad you had a nice birthday celebration. I hope summer lingers for you!

    "I love that he thinks that with my help, he can reach as high as the moon." Melt your heart! Such a poignant view of the love between the two of you. The next sentence made me laugh :)

    I second That Gentleman's Lady's question...he was afraid of cupcakes?

  3. Happy belated birthday! Mine's tomorrow and I too like it to be a BIG DEAL, psshhhhh narcissism, we are Leos.

  4. I always want my birthdays to be low key. But then they are and I end up laying in bed at the end of the day feeling sad and sorry for myself.

    Happy Belated Birthday Lisa!

  5. Mostly my birthdays have always been low-key because I took it upon myself to be birthed on my parents wedding anniversary. Suffice to say, most of my years were spent sharing that day with them. The year they renewed their vows on that day really irritated me, but I was six and didn't really understand. :) I do now though.

    Hurray for being TWO! Chance (Le Bebe Munch) Will be two himself in September on the 25th. If the weather in Colorado holds we will have friends with kids his age over for a bbq. Nothing big -- but something where he can get messy and eat cuppy-cakes. He loves mini cuppy-cakes.

    Happy Birthday by the way.

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  7. Anonymous, you are anonymous because nobody wants to know you.

  8. Stores have started putting out their fall clothes. That makes me so very sad. Summer, don't go! By the way, happy belated birthday!

  9. Coleen - I'm glad you told me that. We were going to give him presents, of course, but I wasn't going to put a lot of effort into the packaging as I didn't think he'd get into it. Now I will.

    Me, I love the attention. But there isn't anything I need, and I'm on a big campaign to reduce the STUFF in my life. So I genuinely didn't want any presents.

    And thank you for the suggestion. :)

    That Gentleman's Lady - Uh, maybe afraid wasn't the right word. Freaked out and upset was more like it. I should dig up the pictures.

    HK - Thank you. I really do love that. It's so very sweet. And I suppose in his world, I'm quite tall. :)

    And no, more just upset.

    frugalveganmom - Yah, the Leo thing is kind of dominant, isn't it? Today is tomorrow and so it's your birthday! Yay!

    Lynn - That's kind of how it was with me. And I'm not usually like that. And thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Moue - Oh, as a child that would be a HUGE bummer! The day should be all about you! I'd have been bitter as well.

    And now I am thinking maybe we're cheating him by not having a party and some fanfare...I could throw a little party together. Hmm.

    Thank you!

    Lynn - You are lovely. I feel like mean cowards should just be deleted. So I did.

    Nicole - I can't look at them yet! Not ready!

    Thank you! :)

  10. Happy belated birthday!! I've had the birthday blah's here and there myself. I very wise woman recently told me that she has changed her attitude about her birthday. She has vanquished expectations. Instead, she either makes reservations for her favorite restaurant, or cooks her favorite meal the day before. When her husband asks what she wants for her birthday, she either tells him specifically or tells him she would like to shop for what she wants - depending on what it is.

    It sounds kind of "not fun" but she says she is never disappointed now and anything else her husband or kids do is icing. And she always has a good birthday with her family.

    I know it's not exactly what you mean Lisa but I think there is some pearsl of wisdom there.

  11. I mean, "are some pearls of wisdom there," lol.


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