Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lovin' an elevator

First, I owe you all a huge thanks for checking on us and being glad we're OK.

I know the Californians were making a lot of fun of those of us in DC who kind of lost our shit over the earthquake, because, yawn, it happens all the time out there. And theirs are so much bigger and scarier and oh, double yawn, DC wimps. To which I say, huh, well, I absolutely love this Penelope skit.


I'm not actually here to snark at the Californians. Because what I really want to show you is how the elevator works!

From the outside:

From the inside:

It's kind of cool, you guys.


  1. *slams car door*. i'll be there in two hours, give or take...;-)

  2. Aaaack! SO MUCH FUN! I'm *very* excited for you guys!

  3. I want one. I want one now! Daddy I want a goose that lays golden eggs!

    That's super cool. You win "coolest toy" for the rest of the year. (And, btw, the lyric is "Love in an elevator...)

  4. This is crazy cool! Except Jordan will always have to wonder if his friends like him for him or his elevator! And maybe you should put snacks and water in there until those pesky earthquakes go away.
    When I moved away from California my older brother told me to never tell people where I was from or they would hate me before I spoke. As opposed to after.

  5. Thrilling video! Reminds me of Star Trek for some reason. Enjoy the elevator :)

  6. Coleen - Come on over!

    Wendy - It really is neat. It's a little disconcerting at first because it's not totally smooth, and when it lands you can feel and hear it letting the air out (like, it goes stop...stop...stop) but I love being able to see everything go by.

    Jessica - Come over! Come over!

    FoggyDew - I feel like we do. It's crazy, really.

    And I know the lyrics, but I just felt like lovin' an elevator was more family friendly. What with the whole living it up as you're going down kind of thing.

    Lynn - Water and snacks! If not the earthquake, then the hurricane! I feel like at least if one of us got stuck in this one we could see what was going on around us, you know? Also, if power goes out, the default is to go to the bottom floor. Such a relief.

    Your brother is a funny guy. :)

  7. HK - I take that as a huge compliment! :)

  8. You officially have the coolest house on the internet now.

  9. Hours of fun for Jordan, I bet!!

  10. For some reason the video from inside the elevator gave me a horror movie type vibe, like, what's coming? is the killer going to be up there?

  11. Sabine will be there in 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES, JORDAN!

  12. If I was Jordan or one of his playmates, I would be losing my sh*t. There's a freaking ELEVATOR in HIS HOUSE.

  13. That elevator is the coolest home appliance ever!!! I have this thing about the elevators in our office building. Some, like our own floor, open directly into the suite of offices and are therefore secured and unreachable without a key fob. Whenever we stop on one of those floors, it's like a little glimpse into another universe because they are all decorated differently and have their own personality. I got that same little thrill watching your rooms go by in the second video. Does that make me weird? I think that does make me a little weird.

  14. Wonder how many times it'll take before Jordan doesnt want to get in there again

  15. and tonight i'll be offering unmentionable acts to convince my husband to let me put an elevator in

  16. eric peterson8/25/2011 7:14 PM

    Not sure why I feel strange commenting inappropriately on YOUR blog of all places...but how cool would it be to go up or down the elevator in the buff with your honey waiting on the other end???

  17. Yeah! and Thanks--I've been waiting for pictures of the elevator in motion. You now have major bragging rights--a useful thing in Washington. Martha

  18. So, it's totally going to be Jordan's hidey hole when he is like 8.

  19. So cool! So fun! You lucky ducks! :) And the second video made me think of the Simpsons -- when they pan up like that and we get glimpses of what's hidden between the floors of their house. Pirate treasure, skeletons, stuff like that.

  20. Ginger - Coolest - I'll take it! Thanks!

    Susan H - It will be, I am sure.

    Moomser - I can totally see what you're saying. I think because the light is dim, and the elevator does make that weird pneumatic sound. Before we got the elevator, I'd have said whooshing or sucking or airy sound, but now, now I use pneumatic and feel all technical.

    Brunch Bird - Come on over! Seriously, though, let's make a plan for sometime soon. Would love to see you guys.

    Kate Bee - None of his pals have been over since it got installed. But I think when he's a little older, it's going to be huge with the friends.

    Keenie Beanie - I don't know if it makes you weird, because I totally understand what you're saying. I love glimpses into other people's lives - which is why I love personal blogs. So I totally understand this. Right now, the three rooms it goes through are pretty much empty because of construction, waiting to move my mom's furniture, etc etc. They'll be much more interesting once there's stuff in there.

    That gentleman's lady - I think he's going to be really into it when he's tall enough to push the call button, open the door and get in, and push one of the floor buttons. I remember LOVING elevators as a kid.

    jen - That's funny, really funny.

    eric - Oh, this made me laugh. Commenting inappropriately and feeling awkward here. So, the elevator nudity hadn't occurred to me, maybe because my mother lives with us. Although I suppose we could pretend we were in high school? I wasn't naked a lot but certainly up to all kinds of sneaking around.

    Martha - We are going to have an elevator party sometime this fall. Hopefully you guys will be in town!

    Kate - Probably. Except that since it's clear, we'll be able to find him. I wonder if he'll realize?

    Laura - That's pretty funny. What I've learned having the elevator is that our floors are incredibly thick. But so far nothing interesting between the floors. You'd think, with a house this old, no?

  21. That is way cool! How much fun is that? Also, has great mooning potential.

  22. That is just too cool for words. Can I come play at your house?


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