Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Exercation 2011

It wasn't a goal, as such. It began with a scoop of deciding to give my body a break, covered in a sizable dollop of malaise.

It's so hot, after all. And it's summer. And it turns out I like to nap.

All this to say: I've been on exercise hiatus for the past month, and I have to admit that it is startlingly easy to...just not exercise.

I mean, I have an almost four-mile round-trip commute to work, and whenever I go anywhere I walk, so I actually do a decent amount of walking most days. But I haven't been doing much of anything beyond that, when typically I also lift weights, run, or do some kind of cardio.

And oddly, I haven't gained weight. Or rather, size. Because I do not weigh myself. But my clothes fit the same. My arms and derriere are getting a little, uh, softer than I like. But it's been fun while it lasted.

I'm not advocating sloth, but do you know how much more time you have to surf the Internet when you remove exercise from your life?

I had no idea.

In any case, my little exercation is coming to an end. But in the past month, I have read a number of books that I've really enjoyed. I've made a serious progress in clearing out my closet and dressers. I've napped every single weekend. I've almost caught up on email.

I'm not saying that you have to choose. I do. Lots of people seem to fit it all in. I am not among them.


  1. I can understand this post. I also walk about four/five miles a day round trip to work and walk as much as possible otherwise but most of the time that's it. I am going to need to make a conscious effort to get more exercise in, but it does cut into my busy "sitting around" time. I don't think the one pole dancing class i'm doing a week is going to cut the mustard in terms of enough exercise though...

  2. What is this "exercise" thing you speak of?

  3. First off - thanks for your kind comment on my blog today. I really appreciate your encouragement. I'll get back there soon.

    Odd coincidence - I reversed a 16 month long exercation starting last Monday. I've been a gym rat, I've been a bike commuter, and now I've been the person that does nothing at all to exercise for far too long. It feels good to be at it again, but it sure does take a time commitment! Glad you enjoyed your month off.

  4. I'm so glad you've taken a break. Breaks are good, naps even better. You're in amazing shape.

    I'm looking forward to reaching my goal for running and then ramping down. I mean, it's 105 degrees outside and I'm running 12 miles on Saturdays. Ridic. Of course when I finish, it will be Fall and lovely in Austin.

  5. P - The thing is, that's a lot more exercise than most Americans get at all. So really, you are doing quite well.

    Moomser - I know that in your busy busy life as a mom, plus living in Italy, you get more inadvertent exercise than you realize! :)

    Keenie Beanie - You will do what feels right. I definitely understand the feelings, though.

    When I've gained weight, I've gone through periods of overeating, but always exercised with them. This was my first solid exercise break in I don't know how long, and I could certainly keep it up for 16 months, I'm pretty sure. It's going to feel good to get back, though.

    HK - Thank you, sweetie! You've done an amazing thing with your running goals. I'm really impressed.

    I read your last sentence to mean that when you're done running 12 miles it will be fall...and then realized you meant all the Saturday 12-milers.

  6. I too have been on an extended exercation....really really extended. Mine has been about two years. And I can tell you this; you don't want to go that long cuz it ain't pretty. And the word sloth does come to mind when I look at myself. So don't beat yourself up too much for your month-long malaise. You probably needed it.

    I probably needed it too at the start, but I became overwhelmed with life circumstances and just gave up.

    Anyway, I hope to talk myself in to getting back at it and shedding the pounds that have accumulated. It's a mountain I don't look forward to.

    Cheers to all of us!

  7. All your farts have softened your butt cheeks

  8. Hahaha. I just ended my exercation (2 months) this morning. I guess this is better for me....

  9. My exercation will end next Monday when the dude comes to fix my treadmill. After that, I have no good excuse not to exercise. (God bless you for even considering running OUTSIDE. I just can't do it). I know I'll feel better once I get started again, but sloth is so EASY.

  10. Last September I did a metric century - a 100k ride - and then decided to take a week or two off to recover. Then it got cold, and then it got to be winter, and from October through February I can count the number of rides I did on my fingers.

    March was...painful. I'd had a fun winter, but I paid for it in March. I'm not going through that again. And while I'm not the demon my brother is, he's at 1,200 or 1,300 miles for the year (with a 600+ mile, eight-day ride schedule for next month), I'm pretty satisfied with the 800+ I've done so far. I've got the better part of five months left in 2011 and hope to hit 1,500 miles before New Years.

    We'll see.

  11. I've been on an Exercation since 2000.


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