Monday, August 01, 2011

Houston, we have...bathtub

So the elevator, is it not quite totally hooked up. We are close, though. Close.

However. For all of you who were enthusiastic supporters, we do have claw foot bathtub! (For those of you who voted "trashy" - um, we still have bathtub.)

Australian Builder (AB) was finally able to convene four big, strong men to deal with the bathtub. The piece Nick kept referring to as "a widow-maker." He'd shake his head, "That thing's a widow-maker."

FYI, none of the men kicked it. And actually, Betty said they weren't as big as she expected, but they weren't accountants. And they were certainly strong.

AB said that they used the winch and lowered it through the elevator hole, thus avoiding stairs and so that they only had to carry it the length of one floor. He added that he was really nervous, though, because they were dangling this insanely heavy piece of cast iron through a hole over an incredibly expensive elevator.

When he put it that way, I was so glad I wasn't home.

Apparently these medium-sized strong men cursed the whole way down the hallway. Because our hallways, they are narrow. And so they had to lift it high up in the air to clear the railing.

Yikes. And yay for medium-sized, strong men!

So now I have to figure out what to put on the bottom of it. It needs a big pad of some sort, but I think it needs to fit pretty well so it's not slippy. AB suggested a "cot pad" would fit perfectly and I was all, um, maybe in Australia? Oval cot pad?

I was also thinking that maybe I could just get one of those big rubber non-slip pads for bathtubs, and then pile things on top of it. But it does seem like there needs to be a large foundation for all the pillows to sit on, because otherwise don't you think you'll constantly be sliding through to the cold cold bottom?

Or maybe that doesn't matter? I feel like it does, though.

Nick also thinks we need something around the rim so that Jordan doesn't crack his head on it. I think he's right, but not sure what.


  1. These strong medium-sized men.... are they cute and single? My only other criteria is smart and employed which they appear to meet.

    Cool a bathtub! Jordan is cool and lucky to grow up in a home w amazing parents, Betty, an elevator and a bathtub.

    I'd try a fabric store, they sell foam. You could make a cool cover for it.

  2. Cool! My brother told me about this thing the other night called the Moon Mat. They bought one and are using it when they are at concerts that don't have seats. You could cut it down to fit. It's the material salvaged when military grade ear plugs are made. Check it out here:
    Glad you were successful with the tub and the elevator is almost done. I think I like Michael's idea of taking the 20th ride! :)

  3. You could get that plastic foam tube-y stuff they wrap pipe in. and then cut a slit (if it doesn't come that way) and pop it around the edge. then it can come off easy too when it's not a laceration threat in a year or two. I think those parent/ tot catalogs that thrive off of parental fear and that have everything to wrap your house in foam and prevent any and all injuries make something that wraps around a fireplace edge or a coffee table and that might work too. probably more expensive although far less tacky... but maybe that's not a factor :) enjoy the tub fun! - Carrie

  4. And you finally got that dog!

  5. I think you definitely need to put something in the bottom, and have it cut to size. Love the puppy in the tub. Maybe your should get a Koala (for AB), and some spanish animal (for Hector Big Wood) to honor their labors in your house!

  6. I just found you today, so I don't know much about this remodeling that seems to be happening (elevator?, in a house?) but, I LOVE claw foot bathtubs, so if there was a vote at any point I say you made the right decision :) I plan on catching up

  7. HK - I have not seen them myself, but I'm going to guess no and no.

    I hadn't thought of that. The other times I've gotten foam I've ordered specific sizes, and it was expensive.

    Stacey - I think could be a great solution! And I love the orange! And if it doesn't work for the tub, we could put it out by the kiddie pool for padding.

    Carrie - That is exactly what we should do for the edges. I don't want to spend a lot on it, and I don't care if it looks odd for a while. We didn't wrap our house in that foam stuff - you are right, they make money on fear.

    Lynn - Yes! And no poop!

    That gentleman's lady - No water! It got taken out of the upstairs bathroom and it's now in Jordan's room. I plan to fill it with pillows and have it as a reading/hangout space.

    Cheryl - Hmm. I hadn't thought about getting either of them stuffed animals. Interesting thought.

    Siobhan - We have a very tall house and my mom is moving in, and so we need an elevator. And in remodeling her bathroom, there was this extra claw foot tub that nobody (but me) wanted.

  8. You could have someone custom sew a pad for the bottom if you like. I'm forever sewing something to pad something so that Chance doesn't crack his skull open on something. Seriously. It's amazing what a kid can smack against going full speed.

    I would suggest first that you get some of the stuff that you put under carpet to keep it from sliding around. It's fairly in expensive and can be cut to fit just about anywhere. (We've gotten it at Wal-Mart) AND you can probably wrap it around the edge to make it a little softer. :)


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