Friday, December 30, 2011

Hopes and resolutions


Personal: A Healthy Baby
I haven't been told any stillborn stories lately, and I've managed to keep myself off the Internet in that regard, and so I've calmed down on the fretting. I know I'm lucky to be pregnant, particularly after the first IVF.

On a related note: that month, while waiting to see, people told me so many friend- or friend-of-a-friend stories about multiple (like, up to 12) failed IVF attempts. It was kind of like the stillborn thing. Then they'd say, "Oh! But I'm sure it will work out for YOU!"

And we'd look at each other awkwardly. And then it did.

I know, I know, how fortunate we are. And please god, let the rest of the pregnancy go well.

Global: World Peace
I don't expect it really ever, but if you don't hope for it, it definitely won't happen, you know?

Which of course makes it totally unlike true love and getting pregnant, where if you stop thinking about it and stop trying, it will just happen for you. (Ohh, hahaha! I just cracked myself up. It's actually shocking that I never facepunched anyone who said those things to me along the way.)

DC: The End of the Fucking Construction on 18th Street, Already
Who do you have to blow around here to get the construction crew to speed up their glacial pace and get to the top of goddamn 18th Street? Actually, forget I said that. I'm sure someone, and, uh, ew. I'm in favor of supporting our troops, but I'm not that into public service.

But I don't believe they're in any hurry, and I do believe someone is profiting, and it being DC, I'm sure that there's someone high up with an open palm. I mean, we tip the trash collectors quarterly. Yes, we feed the system, but trash pickup turns out to be critical. And people like to be appreciated for their work.


Write and send Thank You cards.
I have such good intentions. I am grateful. And yet, I suck at sending the cards. I owe years' worth of thanks. This year, I am going to write and send them. Instead of just feeling guilty about not doing so.

Be more patient. I'm giving myself until mid-year to start this one, though. Because with pregnancy and newborn, really, all bets are off.

Revamp LG. I should finally grow up, blog-wise, don't you think?

Potty train our son. This one I dread. But I want him out of diapers before the next poo-factory arrives. Plus, his man-poops now almost make me puke, even when I don't stick my head in the trash can. And we need his changing table; I'm not buying another one.

Get back in shape post-baby. Also to begin mid-year.

WRITE WRITE WRITE. No explanation needed.

And, because this is my favorite one ever and easy to succeed at, I am going to make it a resolution every year: Eat more bacon.

I hope your 2011 ends happily! Huge New Year's hugs to all of you!


  1. Happy New Year LG and Family. Nothing needs revamped here imo. I'm here for the realness, the writing, the laughs and the fact that you have the brains and balls to to put it all in to words and tell the effing truth! LG should be required reading.
    Don't laugh!
    OK laugh.
    But I love your blog, don't change it to much.

  2. I know you'll hear this tons of times, but it's true. Kids potty train when they are ready and not one minute before. [I learned this the hard way after trying to force Miss Princess to do it on my schedule!] I hope he's ready before the next one gets here, but you may be stuck with 2 sets of diapers for a while (regression is not uncommon after a sibling either).

    LOVE the Eat more bacon resolution. I think even I could keep that one!

    Lots of prayers and good thoughts that the rest of your pregnancy goes well and baby girl is healthy and happy when she arrives.


  3. Read about the three-day potty train. It worked for my sister and a dear friend of mine, but be prepared to do pretty much nothing other than potty training for three days.

  4. Lynn - You are always so lovely and supportive! What I'd like is a very simple, clean design. I'm not organized enough for bells and whistles anyway.

    Have a wonderful New Year's with your family and all the best in 2012!

    cla517 - I have heard that. But I've also heard that you can do a sort of boot camp to speed it along...I find the whole thing very daunting.

    Thank you so much for the good thoughts and prayers! Big hugs and eat more bacon!

    Miss Dallas - I do need to read up on potty training. I've read some articles on the 3-day hardcore approach, but need to look into this more.

  5. I agree with most of your resolutions: thank you cards have been eluding me for years, but if I manage to start writing them again I'll send you one thanking you for putting me back on the card wagon.
    Patience is a necessary skill when you have two small children.
    Post baby body... oh, right, that, well I'll get right on it now that my baby is 2.
    Not too keen on the revamping idea, quite like LG as it is.
    And if I may be so bold as to refer you to a post of mine, this is what I think of potty training:

  6. I completely adore your blog, so don't go changin' too much. And I'm totally with you on the WRITE WRITE WRITE. Also, since I don't eat pork (much), have you tried Baconnaise? Oh my lord, that stuff is addictive. Even your in-laws might eat their veggies when dipped in it, it's THAT good.

  7. I loved: "...before the next poo factory arrives."
    So many times you've made me smile. Or pulled my heart strings. Or gave me food for thought. I think Lynn said it best.

    I don't think you need to revamp, but if you do decide to, just because you feel like it, then I look forward to seeing what you have in mind.

    All the best to you and your wonderful, colorful family in 2012!

  8. so! a.) don't change a thing. i mean, unless you want to...:). 2) i am so not ready to potty train! so, how's about you read up on it, try it, succeed with Big J, and then tell me *exactly* what to do with D? sounds good, yes? and iii) Happy, Happy New Year to all of you. and a happy happy 'poo factory' as well!


  9. Happy New Year to all of you!

    P.S. Growing up is overrated.

  10. grow up blog-wise??? hell no way please dont. If there is one place we can be immature nd giggle at times why cant it be here where it amuses so many.
    Potty training, cant remember it really so it cant have been too traumatic.
    Happy new year you guys and I love the big blue lazy suit thing, if I were you I would claim it now it doesnt fit Nick and spend my weekends snuggly warm and watching star wars reruns :-D perfect for dvd days no?

  11. There is this really cool toilet that lights up, sings and dispenses stickers each time the child uses it. It even sings while the kid is sitting on it waiting to go. Seriously. It's a little weird at first but our little one LOVED it and continued to sing the potty song during her transition to the big kid toilet. This is a similar one:


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