Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kind of like if the Yeti were blue and worked in a law firm downtown. Plus a brief poll.

In Nick's office Santa Swap game, Nick wound up with a Forever Lazy bodysuit. Have you seen these things?

Naturally, he donned it immediately. One of his colleagues snapped this photo.

I had seen pictures but I'd never felt one all up close and personal. I certainly didn't know anyone who owned one, nor aspired to spend the day in something that doesn't even have to be lowered when you have to use the facilities.

Not to imply that I'm above this sort of thing, but, uh...

Then Nick gave me the socks (there are matching socks!), which are spectacularly soft and fuzzy and warm. They look like Grover feet. They're kind of like wearing little blue feetmice.

I imagine. Although I assure you I'd never actually thought about wearing mice.

Anyway, he said the whole suit is like that inside. Which, after the socks, so made me want to get all naked and put it on immediately. Seriously. Really kind of terrific.

Plus, he said it was so warm! Although he did have clothes on underneath. He wore it the other day while we watched Brideshead Revisited in our TV room, which is approximately as cold as my memories of ice skating at Christmas in North Dakota.

So I huddled under a fleece blanket up to my nose and he wore his fleecy suit and was plenty warm. And then eventually he stuck is legs under my blanket.

His ankles were cold.

Turns out the suit shrunk in the washing, and now it's a bit too small for him. The backflap for convenient bathroom use is nowhere near his bottom - rather inconvenient if your goal is to really and truly be lazy in your Grover outfit.

More importantly, however, it cleaves his manly nutsack in twain.

And thus the short shall inherit the earth. Or whatever the expression is.

So what do you think?

A. Horrifying. Should be given to Goodwill stat.
B. Comfort above all.
C. Keep it, but don't tell anyone.
D. Put it on immediately and take a picture for my amusement.

Warm fuzzy blue hugs to all!


  1. D! D! D! D! all the way baby! does this mean that you inherit it now that it doesn't fit him anymore? also, great use of twain....

  2. Do you really need to ask? D!

  3. OMG as if anyone would pick any other option! D D D D D!

  4. E. Wear it every day and feel no shame knowing that we all secretly want one too.

  5. BCD and E! And a perfect outfit for a short pregnant woman. Nothing much better than warm fuzzy blue hugs. Sending them right back at ya.

    Picture Please.

  6. D! Wear it to work! PLEASE!


    I say, wear it!

  8. Sounds like the perfect at-home maternity outfit! No binding elastic on the waist, comfy soft, and plenty of room for the bump!

    And yes, D!

  9. I think you're preaching to the choir a bit. D! Option C, really, you wouldn't tell US?!

    I was going to ask why the suit has a hood...clearly the answer is this suit is meant for any scenario.

  10. B. And D. And also, thank you for introducing me to this, as I did NOT get a leopard-print Snuggie for Christmas, and it is clearly because Fate wanted me to own one of these, which I will wash in cold water, as Nick and I are similarly vertically afflicted.

  11. B and D. After all the talk of itching, it's impossible to imagine not keeping a thing that gives such comfort. But wow, I never expected anyone I've come even into virtual contact with to own one! My mom and I watched the commercial with horror over and over during our Christmas movie-a-thons last week.

    Also, I love that you just used this phrase: "it cleaves his manly nutsack in twain." *hee*

  12. D. plus E.: Buy him a new one that fits. :)

  13. B and also D. i want an elmo suit, as opposed to a grover suit; does it come in red? this is the first i'm hearing of this fad- do i live under a rock, or is it not a well known, ummm, snuggie with benefits? pleaseandthankyou.

    and happy new year! (the short shall inherit; i'm 5'3..)

  14. D. Plus like someone else said, get him an Xtra big one that will withstand the shrinkage problem. Then when it's been through the wash/dry cycle once, take it to a tailor to have a trap door put in. (Could you imagine the tailor's reaction?)

  15. going solely on what you just wrote about it you HAVE TO keep it! you've even made me want to get one and go with option C

  16. P.S.: I see that aside from the "workaday blue" and "hanky panky fuschia" they have "asleep on the job grey" - that's the one I like.

  17. Haha! D, D, a thousand times D!

    Wish I had one of those while I was pregnant.
    And I agree, a super-XL one for Nick is in order.

  18. D!!! because I'm selfish that way. Otherwise, C. Awesome picture Nick! Very smurflike.

  19. Ha! When D saw the commercial about those things he said, "Forever lazy?! What kind of ridiculous marketing program is that? Buy this! It will make you lazy!"

    He then went into a 5 minute riff about how the upgrade model would come with an integrated beer hat and adult diaper so you could truly be lazy.

    I could have used that diaper as I nearly peed myself laughing.

  20. Definitely D! And I saw the ads for these and secretly wanted one, but NSA would TOTALLY give me shit forever...

  21. Sophie - Thanks! I enjoy the world twain. And yes, it is mine! I may try to shrink it a bit more (before posing in it).

    Hillary - I should know my invisible friends better than that, shouldn't I?

    Moosie - You make me laugh.

    K-Tee - I will don it with pride this weekend, then. :)

    Lynn - I will take a picture, for sure!

    North Star - Hahaha - I don't have the same freedom that Nick does. I'm just a low-level lackey in my office.

    cla517 - I will, I will!

    Luna - You make the best case for it. When you put it that way, I feel like, wow, I want an outfit designed like that that I can wear outside the house!

    HK - This really made me laugh: ".clearly the answer is this suit is meant for any scenario."

  22. Jessica - I think you are joking about the Snuggie...but there's a 50% chance you are not. :) And I do think you'd look glam in a leopard print one.

    amanda - The itching has improved dramatically with application of oil before I dry off from the shower. But the very hard to pass up. I wouldn't buy one of these, but you can't really look a gift lazysuit in the backflap, can you?

    lacochran - I think he has the largest size already. I have to look.

    itslikelyn - :)

    Tempest - Love it!

    Coleen - I have no idea - I never know anything new, so it's probably been around for a while.

    They don't seem to have red but the Hanky Pinky is pretty compelling...

    tamater sammich - I do think he has the largest size...but will check. And the tailor - that would be funny!

    Laura - Now I'm wondering how I didn't realize the magic of it for a pregnant woman right off the bat. Maybe this will become my weekend outfit until spring arrives!

    Kate - You are right! It is Smurflike!

    Keenie Beanie - THAT is really funny. There are a lot of lazy possibilities, aren't there?

    J - I LOVE that you secretly wanted one! That's great.

  23. D! We've had a great time mocking these things around our house, but I bet we'd all hypocritically don those Grover suits the minute we had one.


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