Friday, December 02, 2011

Week 19: the 20 week sonogram. Yes sir, that's my baby!

So this morning we got to see our girl in all kinds of detail.

Like, she has a real face! It was easier to tell on the monitor than in this picture, but you guys, she has a little facey face! And little fingers and toes and, thank god, all her itty bitty organs as well. Oh, it just made me teary.Today was resident interview day at GW. We rode up in the elevator with a bunch of nervous-looking people being led by someone all official-y. I couldn't get Grey's Anatomy out of my mind. I swear that show has colored how I think about hospitals for life.

But the sonogram.

Much like Jordan looked like a naked boy sitting on a glass table, she was all girly bits to the camera when they turned on the sonogram.

Nick was all, "Hey! There's the girl!" and the woman doing the sonogram said "Oh yes, absolutely!"

I was all, "How can you tell? I can't tell any of it."

So Nick of course had to say, "Well, as someone with plenty of experience in this area..." And then I gave him a shut-uppy look.

I think because he's an extrovert, he just needs to interact so much of the time. Sometimes it's really helpful, because he asked a lot of intelligent questions and we learned a lot. And sometimes it's just too much. At which point I suggested that he sit back and enjoy his coffee.

But did you know that girls in utero have all the eggs they're ever going to have? They're already there! Isn't that insane to think about?

I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed with GW so far. You check in at a kiosk with your credit card or your name. They're pleasant. All of their equipment is so high tech. And today we had the head sonographer (which, I have to tell you, spell check wants to change to stenographer or pornographer - oh, do I have Damn You Auto Correct on my mind!), who was incredibly nice and patient and positive.

It would've been much more awkward and much less productive if she were a stenographer or pornographer.

In any case.

She explained everything about the organs and the amniotic fluid and the placenta and the cord. It all looks great with the baby. Not that I didn't expect it to...but it's such nice confirmation. And someone being so kind to you through the process makes the whole experience smoother and happier.

She was genuinely enthusiastic, so excited that everything was checking out healthy. Really. She said things like, "Oh! Look at your cute baby!"

When honestly, it's hard to see the cute even in the 4D pictures. But even so, I appreciated it.

Anyway, that's my good news. Happy weekend to all of you!


  1. Oh, Joy! She is beautiful!! And that sounds like the most fun sonogram ever.

    And omg, that Nick. The thing is, that is an ell oh ell moment if I ever heard one, but I'm not sure I would have been able to laugh either, not with Nice Lady Head Sonographer in the room...

    So happy for you!

    ~Laura (A.S.)

  2. Happy weekend! So glad you and Nick got to see your sweet baby girl and that all is well!

  3. yes, they tell you "see, there's her cheeseburger".....How terrible and offensive and hilarious to call our little baby girls privates a cheeseburger!

  4. Beautiful! I can see her face in the top one. It took me a minute, but there it is. I'm so happy for you guys.

  5. aw lisa i'm so happy for you!! what a relief to know she's looking good in there. p.s. you are living my dream... boy then girl, 2/3 years apart. that's for some reason just what's in my head when i imagine my ideal family.

  6. OOOh, Congratulations! How excited you must be. X

  7. Well YAY for baby girls then!

  8. Made me all teary for you. I am so pleased this has happened for you. She is going to be absolutely adorable. How's Jordan coping with the news now?


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