Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas and I love you

Dear Invisible Friends,

This year, this 2011, was going to be the year that Lisa Sends a Christmas Card.

Because I absolutely adore getting annual family pictures of friends and relatives. I know people who think it's cheesy; I eat it up. I love seeing kids change year to year. I love knowing what people are up to. If you have extras annually and do not know WHO might appreciate them, let me tell you: me.

Go ahead, make fun, it's fine. I love these cards.

So I thought, this year, I will be one of the organized people who sends them!

We had a number of attempts at Family Picture - all failures. And then, then at a Christmas party, where all of us were dressed up, someone took a very nice picture of all of us (except that I'm doing something weird with my face/jaw - but this is comparatively minor, let me tell you) and yay! Family Picture! Make a card, Lisa!

And then I...didn't. I tried, and I couldn't decide - Shutterfly? Tiny Prints? Snapfish? This design? That one? - Truly, I am best when I have like three options, tops. Too many and I just can't do it.

So I spent more time than I'd like to admit furtively comparing card designs at work (because home, home is too busy!) And then I didn't decide, and then, well, truth be told, I just...didn't.

And here we are, on Christmas Eve, and nary a Lisa and Family card has been sent. I'm considering sending a Happy 2012! card, but let's be frank: the odds are low.

But even though I cannot get my act together to get a picture on paper and paper in the mail, I love all my friends and I adore all of you. I hope you're all comfy and cozy and happy and surrounded by people you love for who love you right back.

Big hugs,

Lisa, Nick, Jordan and Betty


  1. What a lovely family photo! I LOVE getting cards like this.

    Know what? We can each print out a copy of the picture and put it on display, and it will be as though you'd sent out all those cards! So thank you for the card. Sorry I didn't send you one this year.

    [And who really sends anything through the mail any more anyway?]

  2. It is a great photo. You all look so cheery. Happy Christmas to you, Lisa!

  3. I love the Christmas pictures too! And I am filled with admiration for those who have their acts together enough to send them. Or even just a card with no family picture... I just think it's amazing, that these nice people do that, send cards, on top of everything else that has to happen this time of year.

    And what a wonderful picture! You have such a beautiful family!

    And a merry and a happy to you all!

  4. Merry Christmas to ALL of you too! What a great photo of the four of you! Love it. And for a bit of Christmas cheer: My daughter has called me daily since our reunion. I've seen that beautiful baby three times. She apologized over and over and said she'd go to counseling. Miracles do happen. A month ago I was convinced this would never ever heal. So picture my family happy today. Thanks for all of your great posts Lisa. You are one awesome lady and the very best of invisible friends. Glad Tidings to all of you and Cheers from North Dakota, Lynn

  5. Merry Christmas. Hope IRS filled with laughter and love.

    Gah stupid phone is auto correcting. But most of those words are right, so merry Christmas to us all.

  6. What a beautiful family. Seriously.

  7. OMG, you look EXACTLY like Betty!!
    Merry, Merry Christmas!
    Thanks for the card ;-)

  8. This was really better than most mailed cards =). And wow the women in your family age well!

  9. Yeah, don't feel guilty, because you and I are in the same boat. I finally just said screw it, and threw something together online then emailed it to people. Then I said screw it again, and posted it to Facebook. I'm not proud. But at least people got to see the picture of the kids!

  10. Cleaning out my dorm room desk back in April of '96, I discovered the Christmas cards I never handed out to friends the previous year. Instead of chucking them, my roommate and I wrote a Christmas letter (one of the better Christmas letters ever written, I must say) that was basically a recap of the previous year, printed them out on red and green paper, and then handed them out as everyone was going home for the summer.

    Basically, that's my long-winded way of saying it's never too late to send out holiday greetings. I think if you get them out by the second week of January no one will look at you funny. After that, might be a toss up.

  11. Much love to you all this Christmas Season and may 2012 bring you loads of Love, Luck and Laughter.
    Love from the Antipodes :)
    Go Betty :)

  12. Send them anyway! I love getting Xmas cards. I could care less if they are late.

    And, I finally get to see Betty! You two look exactly alike!

  13. That is a lovely photo. I hate all the options too - I give myself 10 minutes to pick one otherwise I get all twisted up. I totally have extras this year - want one? Email me your address!


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