Tuesday, January 23, 2007


OK, so the conservation guy, who is also the recent third date guy, he says I can write about him but not by name. He suggested I use a nickname such as "Dr. Dreamy" (dropping the Mc, realizing we are not Grey's Anatomy characters) or "Mr. Fabulous" or some such thing. I asked if he could come up with anything cheesier, and he said he'd try.

He and I had a great time on Saturday. We were going to go to dinner and a movie, but we would up having a couple pints of Guinness at Biddy's, which for me meant I'd drunk too much to sit through a movie. So instead we went to Pizzeria Paradiso and had a fantastic pizza and a completely delicious bottle of wine. And then, since neither of us had had quite enough to drink(??), we went back to Biddy's on the way home, for one last pint.

I felt a little like hell the next morning, but it was definitely fun.

And get this - he knows someone who has had a Botfly! I am dying to meet this person.

I first heard about Botfly from this article in the Post several years ago. This woman came back from Costa Rica, and she had these painful sores on her legs. She kept going to doctors who couldn't figure out what it was. But they wouldn't heal, and they were open and oozing, particularly at night. She had to change the sheets every day! And at some point, she started feeling like things were wiggling around in there.

Wiggling. Inside these holes in her legs. The Botfly turns into a little worm kind of thing, and then into an actual bug! In a hole in your skin! When they pulled one of hers out, it was an inch long and a quarter inch wide!

And his friend had one on his back! Conservation guy saw it. He thinks the guy kept it preserved after he had it removed. Hell, I would.

So gross. So fascinating. If I ever meet this man, I want to hear all about it.


  1. OMG, Lisa, I think I'm going to have nightmares for a week after reading that Post article!! It's like a car accident: You know you shouldn't look but you can't tear your eyes away!

    At any rate, glad you found a kindred spirit to share your parasite passion with! :)

    Hey, I'm moving to a new blog b/c certain people were reading my old one and shouldn't have. Here's the link:

  2. This sounds very promising - any date that ends with another drink where you started is a good sign!


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