Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Moderation Is Not My Strong Suit

I have always sucked at moderation.

I don't know if you know this about M&Ms, but if you buy them in the plastic pound bag they're crunchier than in the small paper ones. And so I always buy the pound bags. I mean, when I buy them. Which, usually, is almost never.

Because. Because if I'm going to eat M&Ms, I'm going to eat the entire bag. Even if it means putting it across the room and then getting up every 30 seconds to get another handful. Even when I feel completely ill. If there are still some left, I'll keep eating. Honestly, I've gotten up ten times so far while writing this.

At work I can give them to a coworker to hold. Someone who won't just give them back if I come ask in five minutes. But at home, I'm screwed.

I had a coworker who said her sister would eat one peanut M&M after lunch every day. ONE. What on earth might be the point? And can she crack walnuts with her sphincter?

This lack of moderation comes out in everything - relationships, food, alcohol, exercise, you name it.

My dad emailed me earlier to say that it sounded like I'd really drunk a lot in New York.

And it's true. I drank a lot. Three glasses of wine out with the Dementor Wednesday, two cocktails with him Thursday. Friday, thankfully, was a one-martini night. And then my Saturday, well, you heard about my Saturday. My date and I split two bottles of wine at the wine bar and dinner, and then had several more glasses at various locations. We drank our way through lower Manhattan, it turns out.

And so I feel like I need to add moderation to my list of 2007 resolutions. Because I am just so dramatically not good at it.


  1. Maybe you should do about 6 or 7 blog entries on it... or 10.... wait, no 15. (GRIN)

    Remember that you have to view your activities on a regular night different from those on travel. Two different worlds, my friend and it's tough to beat yourself up for not following the "school-night" rules.

  2. One M&M. Maybe if it fell on the floor yesterday and I found it today and it didn't have any dust or hair on it. But otherwise, I'm with you. They are meant to be eaten in mass quantities, even if you have to make several trips to the kitchen.

    I have to hide mine, but am nearly out of places where The Spawn don't find them. Next thing you know there'll be a bag of plain M&Ms buried under the palm tree in the bathroom.

    Drinking while on a business trip? Can there be too much? That's always been my strategy to get through the trip. Working with real estate professionals, it's practically a prerequisite for my job. I have to be the one still standing after a long night of alcohol.

    The problem for me is reigning it in when I get home. Because there's nothing there that would drive me to drink!

  3. Oh, Steve and DCup, thank you for the words of support! It's true that travel seems like a whole different world, like vacation, but with, um, lots of work. Last night I was really feeling like oh my god I have no control!


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