Friday, January 05, 2007

Psychedelic Furs, John Hughes, Molly Ringwald

One of these days I just know that Cosmo or Glamor will be on the streets of DC with their cameras, and I will wind up on the Fashion Don't page with a black bar over my eyes.

I got lovely Christmas presents from two of my knitting colleagues. One, a fantastic pink felted hat. My friend Kay knitted it and then felted it! It's beautiful and fun and shockingly pink! I love it!

And the other is this lovely, fuzzy, pink and orange supersoft scarf from my friend Marta. It feels delicious. I love them both.

I can look like a reasonably normal person wearing the scarf and the hat, just so you know, I can do it. I just don't always choose to.

I was told very sternly by Steve that I cannot wear the scarf and the hat together. And especially not both of them with my bubble-gum pink coat. And then, definitely, definitely not while I am carrying my pink and orange and red striped umbrella.

"Even if it's really grey and rainy and gross outside and people need some color to cheer up their day? Like right now, today?"

"Yes, even if it's really grey and rainy and gross outside.You absolutely cannot."

Oh, really?


  1. What a way to brighten up a gray winter day. I say, go for it.

  2. This could be a wonderful costume for next year's All Hallows' Eve. When people ask, "Who are you?", you can flip your hat into the air and declare, "I'm Mary Richards' Swedish twin on acid!"

    Of course, you'd need to carry copious quantities of lutefisk in your pockets to convey an authentic aura of realism. Perhaps a curling stone, as well. Maybe strap a piece of Ikea furniture to a limb or two. Drive up in a Saab. Claim members of the Swedish Bikini Team as blood relatives. Wow. Complicated costume. On second thought...

  3. Wow! Pink is definitely your signature color...Gorgeous!

  4. Oh, thank you! I think it's a pretty scary outfit, but it really amuses me!

    And anonymoous, if you read this, how do you know lutefisk???

  5. Lutefisk: some sort of rank fish food product -- cured or salted or some such -- popular among Nordic peeps and North Dakotans. That's my layperson's def and extent of my knowledge, accurate or not.

    Did I, by accident, psychically stumble upon insider info, like a schoolgirl prank ("Can you believe we put lutefisk in the teacher's coffee in 5th grade and she didn't even notice?") or running gag ("Always wear fresh lutefisk in case you get in an accident.") or romantic interlude ("Remember that special weekend in the Poconos?") or something? Apologies, if so. Just figured it was a common Swedish accessory. Like meatballs.

  6. Ha ha! No. My ancestry is Nordic and North Dakotan, and so lutefisk, unfortunately, is food of my peeps (although my family doesn't actually eat it because it's super disgusting). But outside of ND and MN, I've never heard anyone mention lutefisk!

  7. Somewhat akin to the taste sensation that must be lutefisk, I have, in the past, in a vicious peep-pressure situation fraught with tension, been forced to sample salmon jerky. I share this warning with you and all who here tread: it's not as good as it sounds. In good conscience, I can neither recommend it as à la carte offering nor as flavorful dessert topping. Word to your jerky.

  8. I think Steve should stick to repressing himself in the future. Do you have any idea how immeasurably a grey rainy day would be improved for me(or any day for that matter) if I stumbled across you in that outfit? Then again, we did spend a day in public dressed like assholes once. Still, this get-up screams joy not asshole.

  9. have you seen these umbrellas? the ones with the little pink elephants even go to breast cancer research, so you feel like you are helping save lives while you shop. :)


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