Sunday, January 21, 2007

The False Friendship of New Shoes

I just got these fabulous, black patent leather heels. New! Fun! When I get a new pair of shoes, I like to wear them around the apartment. Particularly if they're high. Because I'm only 5'3" and so wearing 4" heels, well, that gives me a whole new perspective on the world.

I can reach things in my cupboard that I otherwise can't! I can see the top of the fridge! If only I were always this tall!

I think I have already mentioned my propensity to forget that I'm not invisible when I go out running. So I think nothing of donning orange shorts and a red fleece and black and neon green running shoes and blue socks and bopping out the door with my iPod.

I just happily jog down the street looking like a complete ass, totally in my own world. Not realizing how ridiculous I look. Or, more importantly, forgetting that anyone can see me. And then I run into people I know, and sometimes, sometimes even someone I went on a date with or someone from work.

And I can read the look: "How did she look so put together the other day, and is she aware that she currently looks like she escaped from the Asylum for the Criminally Unable to Dress Themselves in Normal Society?"

One might wonder how these two things are related. So here you go.

I got this new pair of shoes, pictured above. I've been mincing about in them at home this evening. An old boyfriend's red flannel boxer shorts, a pink tank top, and a purple velour hoodie complete the ensemble. My hair is pulled up in a clip. I'm wearing my glasses. But for the shoes, I look like, well, like I'm hanging out at home on a Sunday night, winding down for the evening.

Which is precisely the case. I'm drinking a little wine, doing laundry, straightening up, taking out the trash, etc.

Let me just say in my defense that I almost never run into anyone in the hallway. And that the trash room is mere steps down the hall from my apartment.

I wasn't about to walk down the hall barefoot. And I already had shoes on. . .

You can see where this is going.

It turns out that I'm not invisible when I'm taking out the trash either.


  1. That's hot.

  2. Jeez... I think I just started having a foot fetish from this post.

  3. wow... so nice leather heels.... it is really fabulous... thanks for posting the photo here... i liked your blog ... i would surely love to visit again.... well u can too drop by My Blog sometimes... hope u will find it interesting...!!!

  4. Hi there,

    What are the brand/style of those shoes, they look great!

  5. Great shoes! You know, the only thing that would have completed the evening would have been if you'd been locked out of your apartment when you got back to your door. Wonder how many invisible people have done that?!

    In hotels I'll dash into the hall for ice wearing my jammies or something equally nonpublic. I prop my door because it would just be too much trouble to grab my key card. One of these days, the odds are gonna get me!

  6. Ha ha! Thank you all! P. Hilton -the whole outfit was truly hilariously the opposite of hot. Neil, if I quite my regular job and head for foot prostitution, maybe you could be my first client? Emmie, I will totally check out your blog - thanks for visiting! Chris, they're Charles David Exchange and I got them at DSW totally on sale last month. DCup, I sooo hope you don't get locked out. Particularly if you're in a ridiculous get-up!

  7. The thing about shoes is, who cares what you look like if your feet look fabulous?? And those shoes do it for you!! Love them!

  8. It's proably only because you weren't wearing your invisible bathrobe cloaking device!

  9. Baja Babe - thanks so much! I love them! Honeykbee - you are so right! I can't believe I forgot it!

  10. Those are some hot shoes.

    I seem to think I'm invisible when I'm going to the gym at 8 AM, with my hair up and wearing crappy workout pants, then cruising into Dunkin Donuts. And lo, it appears that people - people from High School nonetheless - can see me. Crazy.

  11. NICE shoes!

    Yeah, watch out for the door locking behind you.

    DCup - I never take that chance, but the chance I do take in hotels is opening the door to get the morning paper while stark naked.

  12. Sexy shoes! That whole foot fetish thing really comes into focus now!

  13. Sexy shoes dear..I like to see girls in heels...looks good..keep posting few more..I'll make sure to visit u soon...and ur blog design is pretty catchy...keep it up :)


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