Monday, January 15, 2007

It really is the city of brotherly love!

I went up to Philly this weekend to visit my friend Jane and her husband and their very fun baby.

Nobody would ever categorically call me a kid person, but I love my nephew like crazy, and I adore their son. Admittedly, they are both very cute, happy, non-fussy babies. If they were cranky I might have an entirely different opinion of them. I'd like to suggest I'm a bigger person than that, but I might not be.

I walked in to their house on Saturday afternoon and Avery was rolling around on a blanket on the floor. He can't yet crawl, but boy, can that kid roll. So I plonked myself down next to him and said, "Hi! Hi! Hi!"

And I swear he said, "Hi!"

"Jane! Did you hear that? He said hi!"

"Yeah, we keep thinking he's talking, too. He does say 'mamammamama' and 'dadadada' but we don't think he connects them with us yet."

I kept thinking he was saying stuff, though. Honestly. His dad was eating a power bar and Avery took the wrapper, looked at it, stuck the corner in his mouth, and contemplated it. He has this very wise demeanor. He looks at things and furrows his brow, and you really feel like he's thinking deep thoughts.

Honestly, I think he said, "Mmm. Power bar!"

"Jane! He said 'power bar'! He's so amazing for a 7-month old!"

I kept hearing him say things. "Jane! He said, 'I love this song!' He totally did!" They thought I was exaggerating.

A friend just wrote and asked why I like Philly so much. What did we DO?

The fact is, we didn't DO much. We ate, we drank, we laughed.

Saturday we wandered around the Italian Market and bought stuff for dinner. Jane's husband cooked a really delicious and beautiful meal. Jane's childhood friend came over and the four of us ate and drank too much wine. We stayed up late and talked and told silly stories and laughed.

Sunday was lazy brunch and shopping day. Jane and I wandered around to cute boutiques. Philly has no sales tax! So that lovely pair of black boots, which were totally on sale, which admittedly I don't exactly need but sort of do, because they're boots that can be a staple, well, they were such a bargain. I had to get them. Particularly since they went perfectly with the black pencil skirt I'd just bought. Which was also on sale. But not quite as on sale as the black A-line skirt, which I can also wear with the boots. And which I totally needed for work. Or dates. Or just general life.

Last night her husband and I cracked open a couple beers while Jane put Avery to bed. It was so nice to get to talk to him one-on-one, because often you only know your friend's partner as just that - their partner. And you don't necessarily see them as a whole, separate person. And it's such a treat when you do connect with the person and realize that wow, you really like this person for who he is, and not just that he's so great to Jane (which of course you have always liked him for).

I know the details of my weekend are fairly prosaic, but sometimes it's just so nice to BE, even if you don't DO much.

How you pay your bills and how you keep yourself engaged in the world are important, but I think the most important things in life are the people you love and who love you. And it's such a luxury to have old friends and to reconnect in a deep, personal way every once in a while.

I can't end this post without mentioning this one exquisite detail. On my pillow in the guest room? Two Bacci, which are among my favorite chocolates in the world! How's that for making you feel welcomed and loved?

Thank you guys!


  1. such a cute little guy... i hear he likes to flirt with dinner guests

  2. Why, John, everyone should flirt with dinner guests!

  3. hmmm... i wasn't sure there was enough flirting :)

  4. He's only 7 months old. Give him time!

  5. oh... you're still talking about the baby.


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