Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New York! Glam!

Except for the math, I can be just like Rain Man - I will be in mid-sentence and something will catch my eye and I'll immediately lose my train of thought and say "Pretty! Shiny! Sparkly!" I am a sucker for glamour.

I am going up to NYC next week. I have three days of work and then am going to stay for the weekend to play. I am inordinately excited about it. IN. OR. DIN. ATE. LY. I mean, like jump up and down excited. I haven't been to New York in years.

The way I'm behaving, you'd think I was raised on a farm and had never have been to a city before. It's kind of silly. I've been to plenty of cities. But this is not the point. The point is that I am going to be in New York! And I am totally excited about it!

Yes, I have to work. But there's even, for me, some fabulousness associated with that! We'll be in meetings with all these investment bankers, most of whom are, well, men. What could be better than a room full of really bright, Type A men in nice suits and Italian shoes and crisp shirts with french cuffs and cuff links? Nothing!

This, for me, is like being a pig in heaven. Or a hog in the cabbage patch? I always get those expressions wrong. I have been known to say "a bird in the bush is never going to jump into your hand" or "you can't make a sow's purse out of a rat's ass." Both of which may in fact be true but are not the adage.

But away from farm animals, particularly since I'm comparing myself to a pig, which is so not glam, and back to NY, which is!

I have a lot of day things I want to do, like go to MoMA, and the Guggenheim, and go shopping, and go to Rice to Riches, which is supposed to be just the best rice pudding ever, and just wander around and soak in the cityness of the city. And then for evenings I have a few intriguing, potentially fabulous plans starting to come together. . . Hopefully they will!

I really don't know New York, so if you have any suggestions for what to do in my play time, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Sounds fun. Maybe you can get one of these guys in suits to show you around!

  2. Oh, Neil, how delighted I would be by that!


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