Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Maudie!

Today is my dear friend Maude's birthday. Happy happy birthday, Maudie!

She lives in a charming town in England, so way too far away for me to give her a big hug. But I'll be able to give her a belated birthday hug when I visit in August. Which I cannot wait to do.

We were born six weeks apart, in separate cities in India, to mothers who are very close friends. And so I have always said that we were born together. And Maude has always followed up on the raised eyebrows with, "Separate mothers."

Now, you can't exactly tell how pretty Maude she is here, because all the recent pictures I have of her she looks flat out exhausted. And the reason Maude looks so tired is that she had that cute little baby she is holding about six weeks ago.

There are, in their photos, a lot of pictures of them napping. I figure she and her husband will both be tired for at least the next year, if not the next 18.

But she also looks happy! I know they are both so incredibly happy.

I've looked through a ton of baby photos, all with really fun captions. Their son looks like Maude's husband in most of them.

Except these two. I chose these because they are pure Maude to me. That serious thinking but about to giggle look on his face, that glint in his eye.

And the ridiculousness of his grandmother's sunglasses is also very Maude. This is an aside, but a window into her personality. Maude owns both an extensive wig collection and a variety of sequined tube tops. That she occasionally wears together. Oh, with the rhinestone Jesus pin.

So I wish you a very happy birthday, Maudie! I can't wait to see you and to love on your new baby! And then to whisk you off to the neighborhood pub for congratulatory pints!

Big hug and lots of love,



  1. Happy birthday Maude!

    Congrat's on the litle'n. He's cute!

    Thanks for being a friend to our friend Lisa.

  2. Big Happy Birthday wishes to Maude!

    And oh my, what a cute baby. You'll have to spend some times smooching on those chubby baby cheeks.

    One thing I miss about my kds now that they've grown. No more cheeks to moosh.

  3. VVK - You are so sweet! What lovely birthday wishes!

    DCup - I cannot wait to get my hands on him! I don't categorically like children, and Maude knows this. But I am dying to hug and kiss on that little guy!


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