Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hiya cupcake! Pull up a chair and tell me about yourself!

So the post last week asking for book recommendations really got me thinking. . .Who are the people who read my blog? I got some fabulous recommendations, plus a tiny bit of insight into some of you. Which left me wondering.

There are several people who comment regularly, and I feel like I know you, even if mostly it's through reading your blogs and your comments. And every once in a while I get an email from someone out of the blue, just to say hello and that they like LG. These absolutely delight me.

So far I've gotten no hate mail, and while I've heard that you're not "made" till someone hates you or something you're written, that's fine with me. Being a small-time happy blogger with no hate mail suits me very well.

I won't make the joke of "to the four of you who read my blog" - because I know there are more than four. I check my stats, because of course I'm curious!

So if you'll indulge me, and I hope some of you will, I'd love it if you'd tell me something about yourself. What I'd most like to know is if you're a man or a woman, and how you wound up here, and if you read regularly, what appeals to you.

Seriously, I'm not looking for "Oh, because you're just the most fabulous thing since peanut butter!" I mean, how awesome would that be? But I'm not soliciting compliments. I just want to know. I know why I keep reading the blogs of otherwise complete strangers, and I have different reasons for each one.

Like, maybe you're rooting for me to stop falling for the Dementors of the world and driving perfectly reasonable men away and actually settle down with a nice guy. Or maybe, like in The Office (or the British version, anyway), the cringe factor is high in many of these little posts and you find that quite compelling. Or maybe you want tips on fabric dyeing. Or my grammar impresses you. Or, as has been suggested by a couple men in my life, maybe you just like that sidebar picture. I dunno. But I'd like to.

And, since obviously I'm asking a favor of you, if you don't feel like saying the above, but rather are in the mood for supplying other information like, say - your favorite color, what you ate for breakfast, a pet peeve, your current mood - anything at all - go ahead. Clearly, whether you eat Cap'n Crunch for breakfast and drive a silver Honda doesn't tell me a whole lot about you, but you know I'll take it and run wild with it in my imagination.

Seriously, please indulge me.


  1. No comments yet?!I can't believe it?!R all your readers shy?Well, since I've taken an acting course, I guess I don't qualify as shy;-)
    Actually, I really like you, even though you have been ignoring me for a while,and usually I ignore people who ignore me.You are, believe it or not, the exception.But I'm sure you heard that one before.
    Also, I like to write about myself;-)That goes right along with the acting aspirations:)
    Let's see. I absolutely love cats, I have the sweetest tooth of everyone I know, I like Barack Obama(even thinking about working/volunteering in N.Y.C.),I always wanted to act(I know, not very original but true),but I got into journalism cause it was the second best thing,I'm one of two people of Serbian origin who don't eat meat, most of the people in my own country think I should not have been born there,... I'm terrified of death...
    Wow, r u scared? I am.
    And I would like to see you before I start my own ''Sex and the city.''

  2. As for whether I'm male or female, I'd imagine the 'Miss' in my screen name clears that up ;)

    As for why I continue to check in on your blog day after day?

    Simple, really: you crack me up. You're hilarious. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry - seriously.

    And even though I've never met you (wish DC and Boston were closer), I feel like I do through your posts. Your writing style is very honest and refreshing - like catching up with a good friend every day, in a virtual sense :)

    As for me - I'm an incurable romantic who absolutely loves teaching, lying on the beach, reading tons of books, taking tons of pictures, traveling, and rooting the Sox to victory over the Yankees!

  3. I started reading your blog because I like how you write and it clicked. I live in the Midwest, have 4 kids, work full time in a office and sell vegetables in the summer. Oh, we also have a very spoiled black lab, Skipper.

    What else? I have fallen love with Middle Eastern dance forms (bellydancing to most of us), usually eat lunch at my desk, would rather e-mail than talk to my co-workers and loving our new pool.

  4. Well I'll bite. As a blogger, I love to talk about myself.
    I read this blog because you're pretty positive and upbeat and you've written several fun posts that made me laugh.
    My favorite color is purple. This morning I had a glass of chocolate soy milk and half a chocolate pop tart before looking at the side of the box and seeing that each poptart has 200 calories. Thats 400 a package. Good lord. I threw it in the trash and felt like I was throwing away pennies. Like anon, I'm pro-Obama. I have a dog. He's pictured on my avator wearing a hat. I'm pretty content at the moment, if not a little bored.
    I like baby tigers, Animal Planet and South Park. I don't have cable at my house. I've run out of things to say.

  5. So, I found you via Almost. I read you pretty religiously and have commented for about two maybe three weeks now.

    I also blog, not sure if you read it, but I blog. mostly about men, and shoes, and running.

    I'm an interior designer, I live in the OC, and generally considered myself to be a snarky, well dressed chick.

    I also occasionally say the things that people think but never say, like the things about drowning kittens with Director's trashbags, and generally you could say that I lack sufficient tact or at the very least a filter for my mouth.

    Things I enjoy:
    -Red wine of all sorts
    -"Emergency shoes" and shoes of most sorts
    -Dark Chocolate
    -My Ipod / Running with my Ipod
    -Sleeping in
    -Reading your blog

    Things I dislike:
    -People who wear boat shoes while not actually on a boat.
    -People who use "summer" as a verb, unless of course said people want me to "summer" with them in the South of France.
    -Girls who wear uggs with miniskirts.
    -Guys who pop their collar.
    -Avocadoes, Fish and Mayonaise.

    That's it for now.

    I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress.

  6. Good Book: I Love You Beth Cooper.

    Me: Chik-fil-A addict, former Deadhead (though I don't think you can really be a former one, I just say that as the fatman has passed on...),lapsed non-smoker, UVa grad, not a tool (yes, that goes hand in hand with the wahoo thing), and a lover of all things raspberry and chocolate.

    oh yeah, I'm a dude.

  7. I stumbled upon LG after reading a comment you left on another blog. At that time, I was considering moving or at least visiting DC and since you live there, I thought - fun, perfect way to learn more about the area! Overtime I became a loyal reader because, well, loyalty is my nature but primarily you're a great writer - smart, willing to share emotion and oh so funny.
    The reason I started a blog was to take a break during the workday and escape from a career in Information Technology which is often unfulfilling and squashes my creative side. I really enjoy your creative posts but in general, have grown to trust you and enjoy reading whatever it is you have to say.
    I'm female, grew up in Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University and currently live in Austin. I have a large, very close family who get together for holidays like Presidents Day for an excuse to share a home-cooked meal. Photography is my passion but I’m too scared to quit my current, well-paying job to pursue a new career. My college sweetheart and husband of 3 years loves Tito's vodka and grew up in North Carolina where you went to college. Luke and I don't have children but spoil our Golden Retriever, Acie, like a child. Because we can and he’s the most adorable pup on Earth.

  8. Fun idea :)

    I found your blog by accident- maybe it was linked from another I read? I'm not entirely sure, to be honest, though I've just begun reading very recently.

    I'm in DC too, have been for three years now. I enjoy bloggers from the area, as it is refreshing to hear other opinions on the city.

    I love Eastern Market and cried when I heard about the fire. I skipped lunch today and went to Cake Love instead. I am thinking of adopting a puppy from the Arlington SPCA, but am not sure if it would be mean to have a puppy in my studio on Capitol Hill. I just became a Godmother two weeks ago and am flying home tonight to meet my new Godson.

    I suggested a book, because I spend far too much of my paychecks at Barnes and Noble and my mother is a librarian, hence my love of reading.

    Random? Yes, I think I am!

  9. I have a scar on the inside of my right wrist.

    That is all. :-)

  10. Baby I wanna Buttah yo bread

  11. Ooooh, I love this! I am so delighted to hear about about you all. Thank you so much for playing along!

    M - Scared? Never. You will be a fantastic journalist! You could also pursue acting in NY if you want to. And I love the volunteering for Obama idea. I just emailed you.

    Miss B - Thank you! What sweet things to say - I love hearing that! I know you are a great teacher and your class this fall will be lucky to have you! Happy summer beaching and reading!

    Anon - My parents are from ND and MN, so I've spent a lot of time in the midwest! Cool that you sell vegetables in the summer and that you're into middle eastern dance!

    MM - I'm glad to hear that. I love that cute dog! I didn't realize he was yours! Pop Tarts have no redeeming value. They're appalling, really. Much better to just eat cake for breakfast.

    SL - Yes, thank you for visiting and commenting! I have stopped in on your blog a couple times by clicking on commments here or on Almost's blog. I totally relate to your likes and dislikes except for fish and avocado, which I do love.

    GAC - Thanks for the book rec and for the fun details! I have no idea if you can be a former Deadhead. All things raspberry and chocolate - excellent.

    HKW - Thanks for sharing! I can relate to having a job that is occasionally dry and creativity squashing. It's a conundrum, having a passion for something creative that's risky in terms of income. I fully support you and Luke spoiling the tar out of Acie!

    Alexis - Ah, I was so sad about Eastern Market as well, although I live across town and didn't feel it as much. I delight in the fact that you skipped lunch and went to CakeLove! Books are good for the soul. Very cool that your mom is a librarian. I imagine that means she's extremely organized.

    VVK - Heh heh. OK.

    Anon - Ha! Yeah, I know. I also know where you sit 9-5, my friend...

  12. i'm trying to remember how i found you. i think there was a link from The Manolo? yes - the emergency shoes post.

    that was a fun post, and i saw you lived in DC, and i had recently moved here. and now i'm a regular reader! i read because you're a good writer, and those are hard to come by.

    and i totally just got caught by my boss writing this comment. whoops!

  13. I found your blog from Wonkette a couple of weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since! I'm from Austin, TX and so when I saw your reference to Tito's Vodka in the Lemon Gloria cocktail, I took it as a sign of kindred insights to come. We apparently share a totally inappropriate, random and um shall I say "earthy" sense of humor, being completely silly with your best girlfriends (usually helped along by copious amounts of wine/margaritas), klutziness in all it's glorious forms, an amazing talent for finding the wrong guys to be involved with, oh and your list of favorite books was scary because it essentially mirrors my own (although I would add The English Patient, A Prayer for Owen Meaney, The Cairo Trilogy, and The Last Song of Dusk-which you HAVE to read by the way. It's the first novel by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi and it is one of the most beautiful books I've ever read).

    I've never really been a fan of blogs before, and I've certainly never checked a stranger's site daily like I do with yours. But since moving to DC a few months ago I havn't found many people who share my enjoyment of being ridiculous.

    About me: I work on human rights issues in the Middle East for an Islamic nonprofit; though I'm not Muslim I'm in love with all things from the Middle East and I feel like Cairo is my second home. I also bartend three nights a week at Proof, a wine bar on G and 8th. I'm almost always homesick for my family, friends, live music, and mexican martinis back in Austin but I feel like DC will be a great experience too. I love to dance (especially in my kitchen and my car for some reason), I've been told that I laugh like a truck driver, I love to ride in anything that goes fast, I would travel anywhere at anytime, I have the biggest potty-mouth, I either wear high-heels or flip-flops (no in between), and witty guys with accents are my weakness. I can't stand egos, slow drivers, pantyhose (I absolutely refuse to ever wear it), malls, mean people, and cold weather.

    Keep the hilariousness coming and if you're ever in the neighborhood on Wed/Fri, come by Proof and visit!

  14. OOH - FUN! But now I have all these new blogs I need to check out (and so little time in the work day to do so...).

    I honestly cannot remember how I got here, but I remember feeling an immediate attachment to your writing. You acheive what I attempt - maintain an element of self-depracation but also give yourself credit for being the only version of you there is. I like that you write about the funny and the serious - it just seems like an outlet for your life, and that's the kind of writing I like!

    I know you read my blog, which is a pretty good representation of me - i've never been good at summing it all up in one paragraph, that's why I blog :) I have a new project coming up with another blog buddy that would take this post of yours to the next level - stay tuned!

  15. I would gladly eat cake for breakfast, and did at one point convince my mom that homemade apple pie was a perfectly reasonable breakfast food.

    You're one of those people who writes in a way that makes it easy to imagine what a conversation must be like. And that conversation would be damn funny, intentionally or no. I started reading, thru LMnT or someone like that, a little while before the Dad situation, and have been checking in pretty much daily since. My boss would be very cross if he knew that, of course, but I won't tell if you won't.

    I'm an engineer in business school, which should give you an idea just how much I've figured out about my life. My hobbies include looking forward to the end of grad school, and grad school (in roughly that order). And the occasional blog post here and there. I know, I know, and yes, it is that exciting; try to contain your envy. No really, try harder.

    Blue, oatmeal, humorless people, kind of hungry; and while it isn't critical, the sidebar picture certainly doesn't hurt. Imagine the spike in traffic if you posted the coconut bra pics. Just a thought, just putting it out there...

  16. So, I was hanging out in the quad, trying to impress a girl with witty small talk. She asked my favorite color, to which I instantly replied, "Blue."

    A circle of my (male) friends had gathered. One of them raised the flag. "Blue is not your favorite color."

    "How the hell would you know what my favorite color is or isn't?"

    "Because every time you see something maroon, you say, 'Hey, I really like this color. What is it?'"

    I'm color blind. And my favorite color is maroon. Or, at least, what other people call maroon. Hell if I know.


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  18. I'm not sure how I found this blog, but I love your writing! I know that I was instantly hooked when I saw that you had used a binder clip on your pants! I have done the same thing and I was caught, too. Although, I used a black one. Also, I just ate a mini coconut cream pie for dinner and I'm washing it down with a mojito. Nutrition at its best.

  19. I found your blog through Citizen of the Month. I was hooked by,
    "Because if nobody sees your dark side, they just think you're perky." Right next to that adorable perky photo of you.

    I used to be very perky, but much less so as I age. I'm older than most of your readers and your life is nothing like mine. But I identify with you anyway.

    I keep coming back because your writing is funny, sharp and unpretentious. You have such an interesting family and background.

    I don't like shoes, dresses, shopping or other "girly" stuff.

    I read your blog every day.

  20. You get 20 comments? I've never had 20 comments in my life!

    I'm so proud at the blogger you've become. :)

  21. I met you at a blogger's happy hour, found your link so that I could mention you in my happy hour recap, and became interested enough to start reading your blog on a regular basis. I've stuck around mainly because I'm pretty impressed that you can write as much as you do and keep up the quality of your writing.

  22. I'm a teacher and it's summer (but I'm not "summering" anywhere, except for my non-air-conditioned apartment in Minneapolis), and I keep a blog with my family about breakfast restaurants, because going out to breakfast is an obsession with us. Anyway, one day, while I was obsessing about the grammar in my latest post and wondering when someone would read our blog and decide we belonged in the Big Time already, I hit the "Next Blog" button, because did I mention it's summer and I'm a teacher? I read a post about a cute skirt except that made it look like you had an erection, and I thought, "Oh, yeah, we've all been there," and then you ended the post by proclaiming that if you had a penis, your erection would be much bigger than that, and I thought (as I laughed out loud), "OK, now I didn't expect her to say THAT." Those two feelings have kept me coming back. I come to hear you talk about the things that I experience all the time, and I come to hear your off-kilter and original take on them. I wish I lived in DC so I could go to your blogger happy hours. I feel like I know some of you DC bloggers from the links on the side of your blog. I haven't found any Minneapolis bloggers who do it for me.


    Oh, and one more reason I keep coming back. I'm just about the last single woman in my crowd, so I need to hear someone else's dating stories to keep mine from driving me insane.

  23. I came to your blog via the blog She Justs Walks Around With It, and have read pretty regularly for the last few months. I lead a very different life than you (married for 15 years with children) so the most appealing part of the blog is where you share the details of your life: I went here, ate that, drank this, wore wigs.

    I suppose that means blog reader equals voyeur . . . oh well.

  24. I read your blog because I found you through D Cup and I respect her so much and since you were on her roll I figured you must be good.

    Whe I started reading you I found out you were funny, honest, talented, and so damn cute that it makes my eyes hurt.

    I continue to read you read you because you offer me a glimpse into a world I will not ever know, the world of a woman. I find you to be entertaining and refreshing. I love your sense of humor and your style. If I ever get to DC and you and I meet, I'm buying you a drink but only if you take to me wig night at the wine bar.

  25. Wow! I am thrilled and amazed reading all of these! And I love this window into who you are!

    Kate - Ha ha! I was amazed at how much traffic that link to the emergency shoe post generated. Sorry your boss caught you. I'm so delighted you're a regular reader! And you read good books!

    Kristin - Ohhh, that's fantastic, and yes, it sounds like we have a lot of overlap. English Patient is my favorite film but didn't love the book - the ending really bugged me. I will check out Last Song of Dusk for sure. I'm so flattered that my blog is a daily read! I have a very dear friend who works at a non-profit focused on the Middle East...I wonder if it's the same one or if you know her. My friend Jen and I went to Proof last week and LOVED it. I will try to come by next week or the following!

    MI - Ahh, thank you! Yes, your blog does feel to me like it shows who you are, and I like it. And looking forward to the next project!

    WiB - I won't tell - promise. Thank you! I do try to write the way I speak, and from people who know me in person, they say it does sound like me. You are on a great path - an envious one, even. And thanks for the uh, very realistic suggestion.

    Justin - Oh, that's sweet! Although I'm trying to figure out why blue would impress more than maroon?

    D - Oh, that made me laugh. That binder clip thing was ridiculous. And you know I love your dinner.

    PJ - I'm so delighted to be a daily read, particularly since I do like all the girly things you don't. Thank you thank you!

    Steve - I feel all growed up now!

    AtR - Thank you. Some days are better than others, and lately I'm quite busy with other things, but I really like it and I do try!

    Alex - I haven't been to Minneapolis in years but need to one of these days, and will take some of your breakfast recommendations. My dad is from Duluth, but I haven't been to MN in years. Wow - I'm so excited that you got here so totally randomly and then liked it enough to stay! And yes, ugh, the dating thing.

    Karen - I'm so glad you come by! We're all voyeurs everywhere, and I totally realize that's part of it.

    Dr. MVM - Ahh, so many nice compliments! Thank you! And ha ha, yes, if you're up in DC on a Wednesday we can don wigs and have a drink at the wine bar.

  26. I have a very demanding and often stressful job filled some not-very-nice people. So periodically I like to "escape" to the internet. Although I've never met you, you come across as a witty, intelligent, interesting, genuinely nice person. You're also honest without going over the top. Any you're perky and cute without being annoying. That's all!

    P.S. My pet peeve is when a sales clerk is giving you your change, he/she puts the bills in your hand then put the coins on top. My other hand is probably full so I now have to figure out how to get to the coins first without tossing them all over the floor. Grrr.

  27. I like your butt...

    wait what?

  28. I found your blog when you did a post about Domku in Petworth. I've enjoyed following your adventures. Come back and visit Petworth again!

    I like tomatoes with lots of salt on them.

  29. Riley - Thank you! Those are lovely things to say, and I'm glad LG is one of your escapes. I am always fumbling when I walk away from a cash register - hard to try to put everything away and carry whatever you've bought without dropping something.

    VK - Well, honesty is always appreciated. I'm happy to know you drop by!

    PoP - Oooh, I love tomatoes with lots of salt. Yay for summer and tomato season! Petworth is great -I make it up there every once in a while, as I have a good friend who lives up there. I need to get back to Domku though - loved that place!

  30. I've met you so there's not much to say except... I'm really late to this party.

    Anyways, I started reading you via LMNT and got hooked once you started writing about your dad. I guess it connected. Then I realized you were also very funny, so I keep reading.

    I also blog, but you know that.

  31. Hi Jo! Thanks! I'm glad you visit LG. I certainly do, and I like your blog.

  32. LG: I try to read your stuff every day. Why? Because I am a dad, and my children are moving to DC in droves. So I want to know about life there for young adults. My older son is 24 and works on the hill. My younger son is 18, taking a gap year from school, and will work for Citiyear starting in August. So I want to know how others manage, what they think and do, so that I can compare when they talk to me about their day.

    For breakfast I had typical Texas diner fare, scrambled, bacon, toast and grits. But only once every two weeks. Keep on LG!!

  33. TD - Oh, that's so nice! I'm a lot older than your kids, and I am sure they look out for each other and you probably know other people here. But if not, and they need some help with something, you are welcome to have them get in touch. I might say and do a lot of stupid stuff when I'm drunk but most of the time I'm an incredibly responsible adult.

  34. As I would expect.

  35. I found you through a Wonkette link to your foot prostitution post. Since we've met and I've been reading LG since November or so, I feel like I know you.

    Reading your posts, written in your funny, unique style, I've laughed, cried and shouted "You have got to read this!" to The Honey.

    Your stories and writing style keep me coming back every day.

  36. For the pics, cuz yer like a hottie. ;)And you might be the only person who says and does more insane and humiliating stuff than I do when you're drinking.

  37. I might be repeating what was above (limited time here).
    I came accross your blog from LMNTal about 8-9 months ago.
    I'm female, living on the west coast, with an odd intrest in east-coast blogs.
    I like your blog because you have an effortless writing style. Generally easy breazy, and you have some interesting and honest stories- and a totally cool way of looking a the world. You seem to be at peace with your ego. And I don't think you're as cringeworthy as you think- I don't read some blogs because the whole cringyness/unlearniness factor screws up any empathy I have. No matter what I'm always confident you're a good person who will turn out alright.

  38. Hi Lisa,
    I read your blog to find out things about my wife that I didn't know. And for the swearing.

  39. DCup - Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that. You are always so lovely and supportive!

    INPY - Thanks and yikes! Don't say that! I've read some of your stories!

    Marywho - Thank you. I really appreciate that.

    Dan - Ohh, I have many, many Maude stories for you. And endless profanity.

  40. I'm catching up on my reading after being out of town. I'm female, live in NC, used to live in DC and love reading about what is happening there. I miss that version of city life, passing 3 Starbucks on your walk from the metro to work. We have a severe shortage of Starbucks here. I find your writing hysterical and at times gut wrenching and brave. I'm fascinated by blogs in general and people's willingness to share it all with the world. I found your blog through a blog (retired) of a friend/sorority sister Brunchbird or probably someone on her blogroll. It really is like 6 degrees of separation…or in this case maybe 3 degrees.

    I didn’t post on the book recommendations but I do have a few….the best book I read recently was All the Pretty Horses and also Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. I'm currently reading A Prayer for Owen Meany and Blue Like Jazz. I like to read in general and that’s probably why I like the bogs so much. Although I am frequently disappointed when a really great blog links to some that aren’t quite as good. I’m not sure if you are one of those offenders or not.

    Anwyay, please keep it up. Regular posts I'm sure are what retain loyal readers.


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